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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
23-Oct12:30Chelmsford EvergreensSurbiton VintageChelmsford HC - Chelmer Park - Pitch 1
11:30Hampstead & Westminster GrandmastersReading RusticsPaddington Recreation Ground
12:30Spencer GrandmastersEastcote Past MastersSpencer Hockey Club
30-Oct13:45Amersham & Chalfont GrandmastersChelmsford EvergreensBeaconsfield High School
15:30Eastcote Past MastersBromley & Beckenham O60Brunel University
13:00Reading RusticsIndian Gymkhana GrandmastersReading HC - Pitch 1 - Sonning Lane Water
10:30Southgate MagnumsHampstead & Westminster GrandmastersSouthgate Hockey Centre - Pitch 2
15:00St Albans CenturionsSpencer GrandmastersOaklands - Pitch 2
06-Nov13:45Bromley & Beckenham O60Hampstead & Westminster GrandmastersLangley Park School for Boys
14:00Chelmsford EvergreensReading RusticsChelmsford HC - Chelmer Park - Pitch 2
13:00Indian Gymkhana GrandmastersSt Albans CenturionsIndian Gymkhana
Surbiton VintageSouthgate Magnums
13-Nov16:00Amersham & Chalfont GrandmastersSurbiton VintageAmersham & Chalfont HC
16:30Eastcote Past MastersIndian Gymkhana GrandmastersEastcote HC
Hampstead & Westminster GrandmastersSpencer Grandmasters
13:30Southgate MagnumsBromley & Beckenham O60Southgate Hockey Centre - Pitch 1
13:30St Albans CenturionsChelmsford EvergreensBeaumont School
20-Nov14:30Amersham & Chalfont GrandmastersSouthgate MagnumsDr Challoners Grammar School
15:30Chelmsford EvergreensEastcote Past MastersChelmsford HC - Chelmer Park - Pitch 2
14:30Indian Gymkhana GrandmastersHampstead & Westminster GrandmastersIndian Gymkhana
15:15Spencer GrandmastersBromley & Beckenham O60Battersea Park - Pitch 1
Surbiton VintageReading Rustics
27-Nov15:00Bromley & Beckenham O60Indian Gymkhana GrandmastersLangley Park School For Girls
Hampstead & Westminster GrandmastersChelmsford Evergreens
13:00Reading RusticsAmersham & Chalfont GrandmastersReading HC - Pitch 2 - Sonning Lane Sand
15:00Southgate MagnumsSpencer GrandmastersSouthgate Hockey Centre - Pitch 2
14:00St Albans CenturionsSurbiton VintageOaklands - Pitch 2
04-Dec14:30Amersham & Chalfont GrandmastersSt Albans CenturionsDr Challoners Grammar School
15:45Chelmsford EvergreensBromley & Beckenham O60Chelmsford HC - Chelmer Park - Pitch 1
14:30Indian Gymkhana GrandmastersSpencer GrandmastersIndian Gymkhana
11:30Reading RusticsSouthgate MagnumsReading HC - Pitch 1 - Sonning Lane Water
Surbiton VintageEastcote Past Masters
11-Dec16:30Eastcote Past MastersAmersham & Chalfont GrandmastersEastcote HC
Hampstead & Westminster GrandmastersSurbiton Vintage
15:00Southgate MagnumsIndian Gymkhana GrandmastersSouthgate Hockey Centre - Pitch 1
15:00Spencer GrandmastersChelmsford EvergreensSpencer Hockey Club
14:00St Albans CenturionsReading RusticsOaklands - Pitch 2
18-DecSurbiton VintageIndian Gymkhana Grandmasters
08-Jan11:30Reading RusticsEastcote Past Masters
15-Jan13:30Bromley & Beckenham O60St Albans CenturionsLangley Park School For Girls
15:15Spencer GrandmastersSurbiton VintageBattersea Park - Pitch 1
22-JanBromley & Beckenham O60Surbiton Vintage
14:00Eastcote Past MastersReading RusticsBrunel University
Hampstead & Westminster GrandmastersAmersham & Chalfont Grandmasters
Indian Gymkhana GrandmastersChelmsford Evergreens
12:00Southgate MagnumsSt Albans CenturionsSouthgate Hockey Centre - Pitch 2
29-Jan13:15Amersham & Chalfont GrandmastersBromley & Beckenham O60Beaconsfield High School
15:30Chelmsford EvergreensSouthgate MagnumsChelmsford HC - Chelmer Park - Pitch 2
14:30Reading RusticsHampstead & Westminster GrandmastersReading HC - Pitch 2 - Sonning Lane Sand
St Albans CenturionsEastcote Past Masters
Surbiton VintageSpencer Grandmasters
05-FebBromley & Beckenham O60Reading Rustics
15:00Eastcote Past MastersSouthgate MagnumsEastcote HC
Hampstead & Westminster GrandmastersSt Albans Centurions
Indian Gymkhana GrandmastersSurbiton Vintage
Spencer GrandmastersAmersham & Chalfont Grandmasters
12-Feb14:30Amersham & Chalfont GrandmastersIndian Gymkhana GrandmastersDr Challoners Grammar School
16:30Eastcote Past MastersHampstead & Westminster GrandmastersEastcote HC
St Albans CenturionsBromley & Beckenham O60
Surbiton VintageChelmsford Evergreens
19-Feb11:30Reading RusticsSpencer GrandmastersReading HC - Pitch 1 - Sonning Lane Water
26-FebBromley & Beckenham O60Eastcote Past Masters
15:30Chelmsford EvergreensAmersham & Chalfont GrandmastersChelmsford HC - Chelmer Park - Pitch 2
Hampstead & Westminster GrandmastersSouthgate Magnums
Indian Gymkhana GrandmastersReading Rustics
Spencer GrandmastersSt Albans Centurions
05-Mar12:30Eastcote Past MastersSpencer GrandmastersBrunel University
Hampstead & Westminster GrandmastersBromley & Beckenham O60
14:30Reading RusticsChelmsford EvergreensReading HC - Pitch 1 - Sonning Lane Water
16:30Southgate MagnumsSurbiton VintageSouthgate Hockey Centre - Pitch 1
St Albans CenturionsIndian Gymkhana Grandmasters
12-MarBromley & Beckenham O60Southgate Magnums
15:30Chelmsford EvergreensSt Albans CenturionsChelmsford HC - Chelmer Park - Pitch 2
Indian Gymkhana GrandmastersEastcote Past Masters
Spencer GrandmastersHampstead & Westminster Grandmasters
Surbiton VintageAmersham & Chalfont Grandmasters
19-MarBromley & Beckenham O60Spencer Grandmasters
15:00Eastcote Past MastersChelmsford EvergreensEastcote HC
Hampstead & Westminster GrandmastersIndian Gymkhana Grandmasters
11:30Reading RusticsSurbiton VintageReading HC - Pitch 2 - Sonning Lane Sand
13:30Southgate MagnumsAmersham & Chalfont GrandmastersSouthgate Hockey Centre - Pitch 2
26-Mar16:00Amersham & Chalfont GrandmastersReading RusticsAmersham & Chalfont HC
15:30Chelmsford EvergreensHampstead & Westminster GrandmastersChelmsford HC - Chelmer Park - Pitch 2
Indian Gymkhana GrandmastersBromley & Beckenham O60
Spencer GrandmastersSouthgate Magnums
Surbiton VintageSt Albans Centurions
02-AprBromley & Beckenham O60Chelmsford Evergreens
15:30Eastcote Past MastersSurbiton VintageEastcote HC
13:30Southgate MagnumsReading RusticsSouthgate Hockey Centre - Pitch 2
Spencer GrandmastersIndian Gymkhana Grandmasters
St Albans CenturionsAmersham & Chalfont Grandmasters
09-Apr14:30Amersham & Chalfont GrandmastersEastcote Past MastersAmersham & Chalfont HC
Chelmsford EvergreensSpencer Grandmasters
Indian Gymkhana GrandmastersSouthgate Magnums
11:30Reading RusticsSt Albans CenturionsReading HC - Pitch 1 - Sonning Lane Water
Surbiton VintageHampstead & Westminster Grandmasters
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
25-Sep14:30Amersham & Chalfont Grandmasters13Hampstead & Westminster GrandmastersDr Challoners Grammar School
16:00Chelmsford Evergreens37Indian Gymkhana GrandmastersChelmsford HC - Chelmer Park - Pitch 2
15:00St Albans Centurions14Southgate MagnumsBeaumont School
12:40Surbiton Vintage08Bromley & Beckenham O60Surbiton HC - Pitch 2
02-Oct13:45Bromley & Beckenham O6070Amersham & Chalfont GrandmastersLangley Park School for Boys
16:30Eastcote Past Masters32St Albans CenturionsEastcote HC
12:00Southgate Magnums12Chelmsford EvergreensSouthgate Hockey Centre - Pitch 2
09-Oct12:15Amersham & Chalfont Grandmasters13Spencer GrandmastersBeaconsfield High School
15:00Reading Rustics01Bromley & Beckenham O60Reading HC - Pitch 1 - Sonning Lane Water
12:00Southgate Magnums53Eastcote Past MastersSouthgate Hockey Centre - Pitch 1
12:15St Albans Centurions11Hampstead & Westminster GrandmastersOaklands - Pitch 2
16-OctHampstead & Westminster Grandmasters23Eastcote Past Masters
13:00Indian Gymkhana Grandmasters82Amersham & Chalfont GrandmastersIndian Gymkhana
15:00Spencer GrandmastersReading RusticsSpencer Hockey Club
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Bromley & Beckenham O603300160169W W W
Indian Gymkhana Grandmasters2200155106W W
Southgate Magnums320110646W L W
Eastcote Past Masters32019906W L W
Hampstead & Westminster Grandmasters31116514W D L
Spencer Grandmasters11003123W
Chelmsford Evergreens210158-33L W
St Albans Centurions301248-41L L D
Reading Rustics100101-10L
Surbiton Vintage100108-80L
Amersham & Chalfont Grandmasters4004421-170L L L L