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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
30-Oct15:00Ashford (Middlesex) 4ByeAshford (Middx) Hockey Club
16:00Barnes AccidentalsCheam 3Dukes Meadow pitch
12:30Merton BoarsOld Kingstonian 3Blenheim High School
14:30Old Cranleighan WarriorsSurbiton MongoosesOaken Lane
10:15Teddington 6NPL 2Teddington School - Pitch 2
06-NovByeCheam 3
ByeTeddington 6
ByeBarnes Accidentals
11:00NPL 2Old Cranleighan WarriorsSt Mary's University (Broom Rd)
12:00Old Kingstonian 3Ashford (Middlesex) 4Tiffin Girls School
Surbiton MongoosesMerton Boars
13-Nov13:30Ashford (Middlesex) 4Surbiton MongoosesAshford (Middx) Hockey Club
Barnes AccidentalsBye
14:30Cheam 3Old Kingstonian 3Nonsuch High School For Girls
11:00Merton BoarsNPL 2Blenheim High School
14:30Old Cranleighan WarriorsByeOaken Lane
Teddington 6Bye
20-NovByeMerton Boars
ByeOld Cranleighan Warriors
12:30NPL 2Ashford (Middlesex) 4St Mary's University (Broom Rd)
13:30Old Kingstonian 3ByeTiffin Girls School
Surbiton MongoosesCheam 3
14:30Teddington 6Barnes AccidentalsSt Mary's University (Broom Rd)
27-Nov15:00Ashford (Middlesex) 4ByeAshford (Middx) Hockey Club
16:00Barnes AccidentalsOld Kingstonian 3Dukes Meadow pitch
ByeSurbiton Mongooses
14:30Cheam 3NPL 2Nonsuch High School For Girls
Merton BoarsBye
16:00Old Cranleighan WarriorsTeddington 6Old Cranleighan Sports Club
04-DecByeCheam 3
ByeAshford (Middlesex) 4
NPL 2Bye
14:30Old Cranleighan WarriorsBarnes AccidentalsOld Cranleighan Sports Club
Surbiton MongoosesOld Kingstonian 3
10:00Teddington 6Merton BoarsTeddington School - Pitch 1
11-Dec15:00Ashford (Middlesex) 4Teddington 6Ashford (Middx) Hockey Club
13:00Barnes AccidentalsSurbiton MongoosesDukes Meadow pitch
Cheam 3Bye
12:30Merton BoarsOld Cranleighan WarriorsSt Mark's Academy
13:30Old Kingstonian 3NPL 2Kingston GS - Ditton Fields - Pitch 1
22-Jan15:00Ashford (Middlesex) 4Old Cranleighan WarriorsAshford (Middx) Hockey Club
14:30Barnes AccidentalsMerton BoarsDukes Meadow pitch
14:30Cheam 3Teddington 6Nonsuch High School For Girls
Old Kingstonian 3Bye
Surbiton MongoosesNPL 2
29-JanByeSurbiton Mongooses
ByeOld Kingstonian 3
Merton BoarsAshford (Middlesex) 4
NPL 2Barnes Accidentals
Old Cranleighan WarriorsCheam 3
Teddington 6Bye
05-Feb15:30Ashford (Middlesex) 4Barnes AccidentalsAshford (Middx) Hockey Club
ByeOld Cranleighan Warriors
13:00Cheam 3Merton BoarsNonsuch High School For Girls
NPL 2Bye
Old Kingstonian 3Teddington 6
Surbiton MongoosesBye
12-Feb15:00Ashford (Middlesex) 4Cheam 3Ashford (Middx) Hockey Club
16:30Barnes AccidentalsByeDukes Meadow pitch
ByeNPL 2
Merton BoarsBye
Old Cranleighan WarriorsOld Kingstonian 3
10:00Teddington 6Surbiton MongoosesTeddington School - Pitch 1
26-FebByeAshford (Middlesex) 4
13:00Cheam 3Barnes AccidentalsNonsuch High School For Girls
12:30NPL 2Teddington 6St Mary's University (Broom Rd)
Old Kingstonian 3Merton Boars
Surbiton MongoosesOld Cranleighan Warriors
05-Mar15:00Ashford (Middlesex) 4Old Kingstonian 3Ashford (Middx) Hockey Club
Barnes AccidentalsBye
Cheam 3Bye
Merton BoarsSurbiton Mongooses
Old Cranleighan WarriorsNPL 2
13:45Teddington 6ByeTeddington School - Pitch 2
12-MarByeBarnes Accidentals
ByeOld Cranleighan Warriors
ByeTeddington 6
11:00NPL 2Merton BoarsSt Mary's University (Broom Rd)
Old Kingstonian 3Cheam 3
Surbiton MongoosesAshford (Middlesex) 4
19-Mar16:30Ashford (Middlesex) 4NPL 2Ashford (Middx) Hockey Club
14:30Barnes AccidentalsTeddington 6Dukes Meadow pitch
ByeOld Kingstonian 3
13:00Cheam 3Surbiton MongoosesNonsuch High School For Girls
Merton BoarsBye
Old Cranleighan WarriorsBye
26-MarByeAshford (Middlesex) 4
ByeMerton Boars
12:30NPL 2Cheam 3St Mary's University (Broom Rd)
Old Kingstonian 3Barnes Accidentals
Surbiton MongoosesBye
10:00Teddington 6Old Cranleighan WarriorsTeddington School - Pitch 1
02-Apr15:00Ashford (Middlesex) 4ByeAshford (Middx) Hockey Club
13:00Barnes AccidentalsOld Cranleighan WarriorsDukes Meadow pitch
ByeNPL 2
13:00Cheam 3ByeNonsuch High School For Girls
Merton BoarsTeddington 6
Old Kingstonian 3Surbiton Mongooses
ByeCheam 3
11:00NPL 2Old Kingstonian 3St Mary's University (Broom Rd)
Old Cranleighan WarriorsMerton Boars
Surbiton MongoosesBarnes Accidentals
10:00Teddington 6Ashford (Middlesex) 4Teddington School - Pitch 1
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
25-SepByeOld Kingstonian 3
11:45Merton Boars08Barnes AccidentalsHarris Academy Morden
11:00NPL 231Surbiton MongoosesSt Mary's University (Broom Rd)
16:00Old Cranleighan Warriors60Ashford (Middlesex) 4Old Cranleighan Sports Club
13:30Teddington 640Cheam 3Teddington School - Pitch 1
02-Oct15:00Ashford (Middlesex) 450Merton BoarsAshford (Middx) Hockey Club
14:30Barnes Accidentals20NPL 2Dukes Meadow pitch
ByeTeddington 6
13:00Cheam 301Old Cranleighan WarriorsNonsuch High School For Girls
15:00Old Kingstonian 3ByeTiffin Girls School
12:40Surbiton MongoosesByeSurbiton HC - Pitch 2
09-Oct16:45Barnes Accidentals10Ashford (Middlesex) 4Dukes Meadow pitch
ByeNPL 2
ByeSurbiton Mongooses
11:45Merton Boars04Cheam 3Harris Academy Morden
Old Cranleighan WarriorsBye
10:15Teddington 620Old Kingstonian 3Teddington School - Pitch 2
16-OctByeMerton Boars
ByeBarnes Accidentals
13:00Cheam 3Ashford (Middlesex) 4Nonsuch High School For Girls
NPL 2Bye
15:00Old Kingstonian 3Old Cranleighan WarriorsKingston GS - Ditton Fields - Pitch 2
11:40Surbiton MongoosesTeddington 6Surbiton HC - Pitch 1
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Barnes Accidentals3300110119W W W
Old Cranleighan Warriors22007076W W
Teddington 622006066W W
NPL 221013303W L
Cheam 3310245-13L L W
Ashford (Middlesex) 4310257-23L W L
Surbiton Mongooses100113-20L
Old Kingstonian 3200207-70L L
Merton Boars3003017-170L L L