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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
30-OctByeRichmond Redoubtables
ByeMerton 2
11:00NPL 1Epsom MustangsSt Mary's University (Broom Rd)
15:00Old Kingstonian 2Teddington OaksKingston GS - Ditton Fields - Pitch 1
17:10Surbiton CobrasBarnes BeaversSurbiton HC - Pitch 2
11:45Wimbledon 6Surbiton SparticansRicards Lodge High School
06-Nov13:30Barnes BeaversOld Kingstonian 2Richmond Park Academy
15:30Epsom MustangsWimbledon 6Therfield School
12:30Merton 2Surbiton CobrasBlenheim High School
12:40Surbiton SparticansRichmond RedoubtablesSurbiton HC - Pitch 2
11:45Teddington OaksNPL 1Teddington School - Pitch 1
13-NovByeSurbiton Sparticans
11:00NPL 1Barnes BeaversSt Mary's University (Broom Rd)
13:30Old Kingstonian 2Merton 2Surbiton High School
14:15Richmond RedoubtablesEpsom MustangsQuintin Hogg Memorial Ground - Pitch 1
Surbiton CobrasBye
11:45Wimbledon 6Teddington OaksRicards Lodge High School
20-Nov13:30Barnes BeaversWimbledon 6Richmond Park Academy
ByeOld Kingstonian 2
16:15Epsom MustangsSurbiton SparticansEpsom HC - Old Schools Lane
11:00Merton 2NPL 1Blenheim High School
Surbiton CobrasBye
15:15Teddington OaksRichmond RedoubtablesTeddington School - Pitch 1
27-NovByeEpsom Mustangs
11:00NPL 1ByeSt Mary's University (Broom Rd)
13:30Old Kingstonian 2Surbiton CobrasKingston GS - Ditton Fields - Pitch 2
12:00Richmond RedoubtablesBarnes BeaversQuintin Hogg Memorial Ground - Pitch 2
13:10Surbiton SparticansTeddington OaksSurbiton HC - Pitch 2
11:45Wimbledon 6Merton 2Ricards Lodge High School
04-Dec12:00Barnes BeaversSurbiton SparticansRichmond Park Academy
ByeWimbledon 6
11:00Merton 2Richmond RedoubtablesBlenheim High School
12:00Old Kingstonian 2ByeTiffin Girls School
Surbiton CobrasNPL 1
10:15Teddington OaksEpsom MustangsTeddington School - Pitch 2
11-DecByeTeddington Oaks
16:15Epsom MustangsBarnes BeaversEpsom HC - Old Schools Lane
11:00NPL 1Old Kingstonian 2St Mary's University (Broom Rd)
Richmond RedoubtablesBye
10:00Surbiton SparticansMerton 2Surbiton HC - Pitch 1
15:45Wimbledon 6Surbiton CobrasRaynes Park High School
22-JanByeNPL 1
Epsom MustangsMerton 2
Richmond RedoubtablesSurbiton Cobras
Surbiton SparticansBye
13:30Teddington OaksBarnes BeaversTeddington School - Pitch 1
Wimbledon 6Old Kingstonian 2
29-JanBarnes BeaversBye
ByeEpsom Mustangs
Merton 2Teddington Oaks
11:00NPL 1Wimbledon 6St Mary's University (Broom Rd)
Old Kingstonian 2Richmond Redoubtables
Surbiton CobrasSurbiton Sparticans
05-Feb16:00Barnes BeaversMerton 2Dukes Meadow pitch
Epsom MustangsSurbiton Cobras
Richmond RedoubtablesNPL 1
Surbiton SparticansOld Kingstonian 2
15:15Teddington OaksByeTeddington School - Pitch 1
Wimbledon 6Bye
12-FebByeMerton 2
ByeBarnes Beavers
11:00NPL 1Surbiton SparticansSt Mary's University (Broom Rd)
Old Kingstonian 2Epsom Mustangs
Surbiton CobrasTeddington Oaks
Wimbledon 6Richmond Redoubtables
26-Feb13:30Barnes BeaversSurbiton CobrasRichmond Park Academy
Epsom MustangsNPL 1
Merton 2Bye
Richmond RedoubtablesBye
Surbiton SparticansWimbledon 6
13:30Teddington OaksOld Kingstonian 2Teddington School - Pitch 1
11:00NPL 1Teddington OaksSt Mary's University (Broom Rd)
Old Kingstonian 2Barnes Beavers
Richmond RedoubtablesSurbiton Sparticans
Surbiton CobrasMerton 2
Wimbledon 6Epsom Mustangs
12-Mar15:15Barnes BeaversNPL 1Dukes Meadow pitch
ByeSurbiton Cobras
Epsom MustangsRichmond Redoubtables
Merton 2Old Kingstonian 2
Surbiton SparticansBye
15:15Teddington OaksWimbledon 6Teddington School - Pitch 1
19-MarByeSurbiton Cobras
11:00NPL 1Merton 2St Mary's University (Broom Rd)
Old Kingstonian 2Bye
Richmond RedoubtablesTeddington Oaks
Surbiton SparticansEpsom Mustangs
Wimbledon 6Barnes Beavers
26-Mar12:00Barnes BeaversRichmond RedoubtablesRichmond Park Academy
ByeNPL 1
Epsom MustangsBye
Merton 2Wimbledon 6
Surbiton CobrasOld Kingstonian 2
15:15Teddington OaksSurbiton SparticansTeddington School - Pitch 1
02-AprByeOld Kingstonian 2
Epsom MustangsTeddington Oaks
11:00NPL 1Surbiton CobrasSt Mary's University (Broom Rd)
Richmond RedoubtablesMerton 2
Surbiton SparticansBarnes Beavers
Wimbledon 6Bye
09-Apr13:00Barnes BeaversEpsom MustangsDukes Meadow pitch
ByeRichmond Redoubtables
Merton 2Surbiton Sparticans
Old Kingstonian 2NPL 1
Surbiton CobrasWimbledon 6
15:15Teddington OaksByeTeddington School - Pitch 1
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
25-Sep16:45Barnes Beavers02Teddington OaksDukes Meadow pitch
ByeSurbiton Sparticans
11:00Merton 206Epsom MustangsBlenheim High School
NPL 1Bye
15:00Old Kingstonian 215Wimbledon 6Kingston GS - Ditton Fields - Pitch 1
16:40Surbiton Cobras11Richmond RedoubtablesSurbiton HC - Pitch 1
02-OctByeBarnes Beavers
Epsom MustangsBye
14:30Richmond Redoubtables32Old Kingstonian 2Quintin Hogg Memorial Ground - Pitch 2
15:40Surbiton Sparticans20Surbiton CobrasSurbiton HC - Pitch 2
15:15Teddington Oaks31Merton 2Teddington School - Pitch 1
11:30Wimbledon 662NPL 1Ricards Lodge High School
09-OctByeWimbledon 6
ByeTeddington Oaks
11:00Merton 232Barnes BeaversBlenheim High School
11:00NPL 122Richmond RedoubtablesSt Mary's University (Broom Rd)
13:30Old Kingstonian 214Surbiton SparticansKingston GS - Ditton Fields - Pitch 2
15:10Surbiton Cobras52Epsom MustangsOaken Lane
16-OctBarnes BeaversBye
10:30Epsom Mustangs23Old Kingstonian 2Therfield School
Merton 2Bye
12:00Richmond Redoubtables40Wimbledon 6Quintin Hogg Memorial Ground - Pitch 2
11:00Surbiton Sparticans60NPL 1Surbiton HC - Pitch 2
13:30Teddington Oaks12Surbiton CobrasTeddington School - Pitch 1
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Surbiton Sparticans3300121119W W W
Richmond Redoubtables422010558D W D W
Surbiton Cobras42118627D L W W
Wimbledon 6320111746W W L
Teddington Oaks32016336W W L
Epsom Mustangs310210823W L L
Old Kingstonian 24103714-73L L L W
Merton 23102411-73L L W
NPL 13012414-101L D L
Barnes Beavers200225-30L L