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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
30-Oct11:00Lichfield 6Leek 4Lichfield -Whittington Barracks
11:00Shrewsbury 2Lichfield 5Shrewsbury - Roman Road Sports Centre
10:00Stafford 3Bloxwich 3Beacon Sport & Fitness
13:00Stone 3ByeStone Hockey Club
11:00Wolverhampton & Tettenhall 4Keele University Women's 1Aldersley Leisure Village - Pitch 2
06-Nov10:30Bloxwich 3Shrewsbury 2Bloxwich - Sneyd Academy
ByeLeek 4
12:00Keele University Women's 1Stone 3Newcastle-under-Lyme - University Of Keele
11:00Lichfield 5Wolverhampton & Tettenhall 4Lichfield -Whittington Barracks
14:30Stafford 3Lichfield 6Beacon Sport & Fitness
13-Nov10:00Leek 4Keele University Women's 1Leek High School
11:00Lichfield 6ByeLichfield -Whittington Barracks
11:00Shrewsbury 2Stafford 3Shrewsbury - Roman Road Sports Centre
13:00Stone 3Lichfield 5Stone Hockey Club
14:00Wolverhampton & Tettenhall 4Bloxwich 3Aldersley Leisure Village - Pitch 2
20-Nov10:30Bloxwich 3Stone 3Bloxwich - Sneyd Academy
12:00Keele University Women's 1ByeNewcastle-under-Lyme - University Of Keele
14:45Lichfield 5Leek 4Lichfield Sports Club
11:00Shrewsbury 2Lichfield 6Shrewsbury - Roman Road Sports Centre
14:30Stafford 3Wolverhampton & Tettenhall 4Beacon Sport & Fitness
27-NovByeLichfield 5
10:00Leek 4Bloxwich 3Leek High School
11:00Lichfield 6Keele University Women's 1Lichfield -Whittington Barracks
12:30Stone 3Stafford 3Stone Hockey Club
11:00Wolverhampton & Tettenhall 4Shrewsbury 2Aldersley Leisure Village - Pitch 1
15-JanByeBloxwich 3
12:00Keele University Women's 1Lichfield 5Newcastle-under-Lyme - University Of Keele
11:30Leek 4Stafford 3Leek High School
11:30Lichfield 6Wolverhampton & Tettenhall 4Lichfield Sports Club
12:30Stone 3Shrewsbury 2Stone Hockey Club
22-Jan10:30Bloxwich 3Keele University Women's 1Bloxwich - Sneyd Academy
16:30Lichfield 5Lichfield 6Lichfield Sports Club
11:00Shrewsbury 2Leek 4Shrewsbury - Roman Road Sports Centre
14:30Stafford 3ByeBeacon Sport & Fitness
Wolverhampton & Tettenhall 4Stone 3
29-JanByeShrewsbury 2
12:00Keele University Women's 1Stafford 3Newcastle-under-Lyme - University Of Keele
13:00Leek 4Wolverhampton & Tettenhall 4Leek High School
10:00Lichfield 5Bloxwich 3Lichfield Sports Club
12:30Stone 3Lichfield 6Stone Hockey Club
05-Feb11:00Lichfield 6Bloxwich 3Lichfield -Whittington Barracks
11:00Shrewsbury 2Keele University Women's 1Shrewsbury - Roman Road Sports Centre
10:00Stafford 3Lichfield 5
13:00Stone 3Leek 4Stone Hockey Club
Wolverhampton & Tettenhall 4Bye
12-Feb10:30Bloxwich 3Stafford 3Bloxwich - Sneyd Academy
ByeStone 3
12:00Keele University Women's 1Wolverhampton & Tettenhall 4Newcastle-under-Lyme - University Of Keele
10:00Leek 4Lichfield 6Leek High School
11:00Lichfield 5Shrewsbury 2Lichfield -Whittington Barracks
26-Feb11:30Leek 4ByeLeek High School
11:00Lichfield 6Stafford 3Lichfield -Whittington Barracks
11:00Shrewsbury 2Bloxwich 3Shrewsbury - Roman Road Sports Centre
13:00Stone 3Keele University Women's 1Stone Hockey Club
Wolverhampton & Tettenhall 4Lichfield 5
05-Mar10:30Bloxwich 3Wolverhampton & Tettenhall 4Bloxwich - Sneyd Academy
ByeLichfield 6
Keele University Women's 1Leek 4Newcastle-under-Lyme - University Of Keele
12:30Lichfield 5Stone 3Lichfield -Whittington Barracks
14:30Stafford 3Shrewsbury 2Beacon Sport & Fitness
12-MarByeKeele University Women's 1
10:00Leek 4Lichfield 5Leek High School
12:30Lichfield 6Shrewsbury 2Lichfield -Whittington Barracks
13:00Stone 3Bloxwich 3Stone Hockey Club
Wolverhampton & Tettenhall 4Stafford 3
19-Mar10:30Bloxwich 3Leek 4Bloxwich - Sneyd Academy
Keele University Women's 1Lichfield 6Newcastle-under-Lyme - University Of Keele
11:00Lichfield 5ByeLichfield -Whittington Barracks
11:00Shrewsbury 2Wolverhampton & Tettenhall 4Shrewsbury - Roman Road Sports Centre
14:30Stafford 3Stone 3Beacon Sport & Fitness
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
25-Sep10:30Bloxwich 3ByeBloxwich - Sneyd Academy
11:30Lichfield 5 (HWO)50Keele University Women's 1Lichfield Sports Club
11:00Shrewsbury 211Stone 3Shrewsbury - Roman Road Sports Centre
14:30Stafford 360Leek 4Beacon Sport & Fitness
11:00Wolverhampton & Tettenhall 4011Lichfield 6Aldersley Leisure Village - Pitch 1
02-OctByeStafford 3
12:00Keele University Women's 136Bloxwich 3Newcastle-under-Lyme - University Of Keele
13:00Leek 404Shrewsbury 2Leek High School
12:30Lichfield 622Lichfield 5Lichfield -Whittington Barracks
12:30Stone 3 (HWO)50Wolverhampton & Tettenhall 4Stone Hockey Club
09-Oct10:30Bloxwich 342Lichfield 5Bloxwich - Sneyd Academy
14:45Lichfield 631Stone 3Lichfield Sports Club
11:00Shrewsbury 2ByeShrewsbury - Roman Road Sports Centre
13:00Stafford 3210Keele University Women's 1Beacon Sport & Fitness
12:30Wolverhampton & Tettenhall 4 (HWO)50Leek 4Aldersley Leisure Village - Pitch 1
16-Oct10:30Bloxwich 301Lichfield 6Bloxwich - Sneyd Academy
ByeWolverhampton & Tettenhall 4
12:00Keele University Women's 180Shrewsbury 2Newcastle-under-Lyme - University Of Keele
11:00Leek 440Stone 3Uttoxeter - Abbotsholme School
12:30Lichfield 521Stafford 3Lichfield -Whittington Barracks
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Lichfield 643101731410W D W W
Lichfield 5421111747W D L W
Keele University Womens 14202211386L L W W
Bloxwich 3320110646W W L
Stone 3411278-14D W L L
Shrewsbury 2311159-44D W L
Stafford 33102912-33W L L
Wolverhampton & Tettenhall 43102516-113L L W
Leek 44103415-113L L L W