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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
23-OctBangor University 1Bebington 3
30-Oct13:30Birkenhead 2Chester 5
15:30Chester 4Oxton 3Abbey Gate College
13:30Denbigh 1Neston 6
11:30Neston 5Bangor University 1Neston Cricket Club
14:00Northop Hall 1Bebington 3Hawarden High School
15:00Oxton 4Rhyl & District 1Caldy Pitch
06-Nov14:30Bangor University 1Denbigh 1
12:00Bebington 3Chester 4The Oval
Chester 5Rhyl & District 1
11:30Neston 6Birkenhead 2Neston High School
14:00Northop Hall 1Oxton 4Hawarden High School
12:00Oxton 3Neston 5West Kirby Grammar School
13-Nov13:30Birkenhead 2Bangor University 1
Chester 4Northop Hall 1
13:30Denbigh 1Oxton 3
13:00Neston 5Bebington 3Neston High School
12:00Oxton 4Chester 5Caldy Pitch
13:30Rhyl & District 1Neston 6Rhyl High School
20-Nov14:30Bangor University 1Rhyl & District 1
12:00Bebington 3Denbigh 1The Oval
Chester 4Oxton 4
16:30Neston 6Chester 5Neston Cricket Club
14:00Northop Hall 1Neston 5Hawarden High School
13:30Oxton 3Birkenhead 2Caldy Pitch
27-Nov13:30Birkenhead 2Bebington 3
Chester 5Bangor University 1
13:30Denbigh 1Northop Hall 1
13:00Neston 5Chester 4Neston High School
12:00Oxton 4Neston 6Caldy Pitch
13:30Rhyl & District 1Oxton 3Rhyl High School
04-DecBangor University 1Neston 6
12:00Bebington 3Rhyl & District 1The Oval
Chester 4Denbigh 1
11:30Neston 5Oxton 4Neston Cricket Club
14:00Northop Hall 1Birkenhead 2Hawarden High School
13:30Oxton 3Chester 5Caldy Pitch
11-Dec13:30Birkenhead 2Chester 4
Chester 5Bebington 3
13:30Denbigh 1Neston 5
16:30Neston 6Oxton 3Neston Cricket Club
15:00Oxton 4Bangor University 1Caldy Pitch
13:30Rhyl & District 1Northop Hall 1Rhyl High School
15-Jan14:30Bangor University 1Oxton 3
Birkenhead 2Neston 5
Chester 5Northop Hall 1
13:00Neston 6Bebington 3Neston High School
Oxton 4Denbigh 1
13:30Rhyl & District 1Chester 4Rhyl High School
22-Jan12:00Bebington 3Bangor University 1The Oval
Chester 4Chester 5
13:30Denbigh 1Birkenhead 2
15:00Neston 5Rhyl & District 1Neston Cricket Club
14:00Northop Hall 1Neston 6Hawarden High School
Oxton 3Oxton 4
29-Jan14:30Bangor University 1Northop Hall 1
Birkenhead 2Oxton 4
Chester 5Neston 5
15:00Neston 6Chester 4Neston Cricket Club
Oxton 3Bebington 3
13:30Rhyl & District 1Denbigh 1Rhyl High School
05-FebBirkenhead 2Rhyl & District 1
Chester 4Bangor University 1
13:30Denbigh 1Chester 5
16:30Neston 5Neston 6Neston Cricket Club
14:00Northop Hall 1Oxton 3Hawarden High School
Oxton 4Bebington 3
12-Feb14:30Bangor University 1Neston 5
12:00Bebington 3Northop Hall 1The Oval
Chester 5Birkenhead 2
15:00Neston 6Denbigh 1Neston Cricket Club
Oxton 3Chester 4
13:30Rhyl & District 1Oxton 4Rhyl High School
26-FebBirkenhead 2Neston 6
Chester 4Bebington 3
13:30Denbigh 1Bangor University 1
13:00Neston 5Oxton 3Neston High School
Oxton 4Northop Hall 1
13:30Rhyl & District 1Chester 5Rhyl High School
05-Mar14:30Bangor University 1Birkenhead 2
12:00Bebington 3Neston 5The Oval
Chester 5Oxton 4
13:00Neston 6Rhyl & District 1Neston High School
14:00Northop Hall 1Chester 4Hawarden High School
Oxton 3Denbigh 1
12-MarBirkenhead 2Oxton 3
Chester 5Neston 6
13:30Denbigh 1Bebington 3
13:00Neston 5Northop Hall 1Neston High School
Oxton 4Chester 4
13:30Rhyl & District 1Bangor University 1Rhyl High School
19-Mar14:30Bangor University 1Chester 5
12:00Bebington 3Birkenhead 2The Oval
Chester 4Neston 5
16:00Neston 6Oxton 4Neston High School
14:00Northop Hall 1Denbigh 1Hawarden High School
Oxton 3Rhyl & District 1
26-MarBirkenhead 2Northop Hall 1
Chester 5Oxton 3
13:30Denbigh 1Chester 4
11:30Neston 6Bangor University 1Neston Cricket Club
Oxton 4Neston 5
13:30Rhyl & District 1Bebington 3Rhyl High School
02-Apr14:30Bangor University 1Oxton 4
12:00Bebington 3Chester 5The Oval
Chester 4Birkenhead 2
13:00Neston 5Denbigh 1Neston Cricket Club
14:00Northop Hall 1Rhyl & District 1Hawarden High School
Oxton 3Neston 6
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
25-Sep12:00Bebington 360Neston 6The Oval
14:00Chester 420Rhyl & District 1University Of Chester
13:30Denbigh 132Oxton 4
13:00Neston 562Birkenhead 2Neston High School
14:00Northop Hall 170Chester 5Hawarden High School
12:30Oxton 312Bangor University 1West Kirby Grammar School
02-OctBirkenhead 216Denbigh 1
15:30Chester 502Chester 4Abbey Gate College
11:30Neston 604Northop Hall 1Neston High School
12:00Oxton 4110Oxton 3Caldy Pitch
13:30Rhyl & District 124Neston 5Rhyl High School
09-Oct13:30Bebington 316Oxton 3The Oval
12:30Chester 460Neston 6Abbey Gate College
13:30Denbigh 142Rhyl & District 1
11:30Neston 550Chester 5Neston Cricket Club
14:00Northop Hall 123Bangor University 1Hawarden High School
12:00Oxton 423Birkenhead 2West Kirby Grammar School
16-OctBangor University 101Chester 4
12:00Bebington 341Oxton 4The Oval
12:00Chester 521Denbigh 1University Of Chester
16:30Neston 6Neston 5Neston Cricket Club
13:30Oxton 328Northop Hall 1Caldy Pitch
13:30Rhyl & District 1Birkenhead 2Rhyl High School
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Chester 444001101112W W W W
Northop Hall 14301215169W W L W
Neston 53300154119W W W
Denbigh 1430114779W W W L
Oxton 34202191276L W W L
Bebington 3320111746W L W
Bangor University 132015416W W L
Birkenhead 23102614-83L L W
Chester 54103215-133L L L W
Rhyl & District 13003410-60L L L
Oxton 44004620-140L L L L
Neston 63003016-160L L L