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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
23-Oct12:00Formby 4Southport 2Formby HC
30-Oct13:30Mossley Hill 3Formby 4Archbishop Blanch School
15:00Neston 4Oxton 4Neston Cricket Club
13:30Oxton 3Mossley Hill 2Caldy Pitch
15:00Southport 2Liverpool Sefton 5Greenbank High School
06-Nov15:20Liverpool Sefton 5Oxton 3Liverpool College
10:30Mossley Hill 2Neston 4Archbishop Blanch School
13:30Oxton 4Formby 4Caldy Pitch
12:00Southport 2Mossley Hill 3Greenbank High School
13-Nov10:30Formby 4Mossley Hill 2Formby HC
10:30Mossley Hill 3Oxton 4Archbishop Blanch School
16:00Neston 4Liverpool Sefton 5Neston High School
15:00Oxton 3Southport 2Caldy Pitch
20-Nov15:20Liverpool Sefton 5Formby 4Liverpool College
10:30Mossley Hill 2Oxton 4Archbishop Blanch School
12:00Oxton 3Mossley Hill 3West Kirby Grammar School
12:00Southport 2Neston 4Greenbank High School
27-Nov10:30Formby 4Southport 2Formby HC
10:30Mossley Hill 3Mossley Hill 2Archbishop Blanch School
13:00Neston 4Oxton 3Neston Cricket Club
15:00Oxton 4Liverpool Sefton 5Caldy Pitch
04-Dec15:20Liverpool Sefton 5Mossley Hill 2Liverpool College
13:30Mossley Hill 3Neston 4Archbishop Blanch School
12:30Oxton 3Formby 4West Kirby Grammar School
12:00Southport 2Oxton 4Greenbank High School
15-Jan10:30Formby 4Liverpool Sefton 5Formby HC
10:30Mossley Hill 3Oxton 3Archbishop Blanch School
11:30Neston 4Southport 2Neston High School
Oxton 4Mossley Hill 2
22-JanLiverpool Sefton 5Oxton 4
13:30Mossley Hill 2Mossley Hill 3Archbishop Blanch School
Oxton 3Neston 4
15:00Southport 2Formby 4Greenbank High School
29-Jan10:30Formby 4Oxton 3Formby HC
10:30Mossley Hill 2Liverpool Sefton 5Archbishop Blanch School
16:30Neston 4Mossley Hill 3Neston Cricket Club
Oxton 4Southport 2
05-Feb10:30Mossley Hill 3Liverpool Sefton 5Archbishop Blanch School
Neston 4Formby 4
Oxton 3Oxton 4
15:00Southport 2Mossley Hill 2Greenbank High School
12-Feb10:30Formby 4Mossley Hill 3Formby HC
Liverpool Sefton 5Southport 2
10:30Mossley Hill 2Oxton 3Archbishop Blanch School
Oxton 4Neston 4
26-Feb10:30Formby 4Oxton 4Formby HC
10:30Mossley Hill 3Southport 2Archbishop Blanch School
11:30Neston 4Mossley Hill 2Neston High School
Oxton 3Liverpool Sefton 5
05-MarLiverpool Sefton 5Neston 4
10:30Mossley Hill 2Formby 4Archbishop Blanch School
Oxton 4Mossley Hill 3
12:00Southport 2Oxton 3Greenbank High School
12-Mar10:30Formby 4Neston 4Formby HC
Liverpool Sefton 5Mossley Hill 3
10:30Mossley Hill 2Southport 2Archbishop Blanch School
Oxton 4Oxton 3
19-Mar10:30Mossley Hill 3Formby 4Archbishop Blanch School
13:00Neston 4Oxton 4Neston High School
Oxton 3Mossley Hill 2
12:00Southport 2Liverpool Sefton 5Greenbank High School
26-MarLiverpool Sefton 5Oxton 3
13:30Mossley Hill 2Neston 4Archbishop Blanch School
Oxton 4Formby 4
15:00Southport 2Mossley Hill 3Greenbank High School
02-Apr10:30Formby 4Mossley Hill 2Formby HC
13:30Mossley Hill 3Oxton 4Archbishop Blanch School
16:30Neston 4Liverpool Sefton 5Neston Cricket Club
Oxton 3Southport 2
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
25-Sep10:35Liverpool Sefton 5 (HWO)50Formby 4Liverpool College
10:30Mossley Hill 2 (HWO)50Oxton 4Archbishop Blanch School
13:30Oxton 325Mossley Hill 3Caldy Pitch
15:00Southport 271Neston 4Greenbank High School
02-Oct10:30Mossley Hill 351Mossley Hill 2Archbishop Blanch School
16:30Neston 414Oxton 3Birkenhead High School
14:00Oxton 405Liverpool Sefton 5 (AWO)West Kirby Grammar School
09-Oct16:20Liverpool Sefton 532Mossley Hill 2Liverpool College
10:30Mossley Hill 331Neston 4Archbishop Blanch School
13:30Oxton 321Formby 4Caldy Pitch
15:00Southport 2 (HWO)50Oxton 4Greenbank High School
16-Oct10:30Formby 401Neston 4
10:35Liverpool Sefton 5Mossley Hill 3Liverpool College
10:30Mossley Hill 2Southport 2Archbishop Blanch School
12:30Oxton 4Oxton 3West Kirby Grammar School
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Liverpool Sefton 53300132119W W W
Mossley Hill 3330013499W W W
Southport 22200121116W W
Oxton 332018716L W W
Mossley Hill 231028803W L L
Neston 44103414-103L L L W
Formby 4300318-70L L L
Oxton 43003015-150L L L