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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
30-Oct14:00Bowdon 7Oldham 3Altrincham Grammar for Girls - Pitch 1
10:45Didsbury Northern 7Horwich 1Parrswood High School
13:30Manchester Moss Park 3Bowdon 6St Bedes College Sportsground
14:30Wigan 2Sale 3Wigan Cricket Club
31-Oct12:00City of Manchester 3Bolton 3Armitage - Pitch 3
06-Nov15:30Bowdon 6City of Manchester 3Altrincham Grammar School For Boys
17:15Didsbury Northern 7Bowdon 7Armitage - Pitch 2
15:30Sale 3Oldham 3William Hulmes Grammar School
07-Nov16:00Bolton 3Wigan 2Leverhulme Pavilion
12:30Horwich 1Manchester Moss Park 3Wigan Cricket Club
13-Nov15:30Bowdon 7Sale 3Altrincham Grammar School For Boys
10:30Oldham 3Bolton 3Newman RC College
14:30Wigan 2Bowdon 6Wigan Cricket Club
14-Nov12:00City of Manchester 3Horwich 1Armitage - Pitch 3
11:30Manchester Moss Park 3Didsbury Northern 7St Bedes College Sportsground
20-Nov14:00Bowdon 6Oldham 3Altrincham Grammar for Girls - Pitch 1
10:15Didsbury Northern 7City of Manchester 3Armitage - Pitch 2
12:30Horwich 1Wigan 2Wigan Cricket Club
17:30Manchester Moss Park 3Bowdon 7St Bedes College Sportsground
21-Nov16:00Bolton 3Sale 3Leverhulme Pavilion
27-Nov14:00Bowdon 7Bolton 3Altrincham Grammar School For Boys
15:30Sale 3Bowdon 6William Hulmes Grammar School
14:30Wigan 2Didsbury Northern 7Wigan Cricket Club
28-Nov12:00City of Manchester 3Manchester Moss Park 3Armitage - Pitch 3
12:30Oldham 3Horwich 1Newman RC College
15-Jan16:00Bolton 3Bowdon 6Leverhulme Pavilion
Bowdon 7City of Manchester 3
Oldham 3Didsbury Northern 7
15:30Sale 3Horwich 1William Hulmes Grammar School
14:30Wigan 2Manchester Moss Park 3Wigan Cricket Club
22-JanBowdon 6Bowdon 7
Didsbury Northern 7Sale 3
14:00Horwich 1Bolton 3Wigan Cricket Club
23-Jan12:00City of Manchester 3Wigan 2Armitage - Pitch 3
11:30Manchester Moss Park 3Oldham 3St Bedes College Sportsground
29-JanBowdon 6Horwich 1
Oldham 3City of Manchester 3
15:30Sale 3Manchester Moss Park 3William Hulmes Grammar School
14:30Wigan 2Bowdon 7Wigan Cricket Club
30-Jan16:00Bolton 3Didsbury Northern 7Leverhulme Pavilion
05-FebBowdon 7Horwich 1
15:30City of Manchester 3Sale 3Armitage - Pitch 1
Didsbury Northern 7Bowdon 6
14:30Wigan 2Oldham 3Wigan Cricket Club
06-Feb11:30Manchester Moss Park 3Bolton 3St Bedes College Sportsground
12-Feb16:00Bolton 3City of Manchester 3Leverhulme Pavilion
Bowdon 6Manchester Moss Park 3
12:30Horwich 1Didsbury Northern 7Wigan Cricket Club
Oldham 3Bowdon 7
15:30Sale 3Wigan 2William Hulmes Grammar School
26-FebBowdon 7Didsbury Northern 7
14:00City of Manchester 3Bowdon 6Armitage - Pitch 3
Oldham 3Sale 3
14:30Wigan 2Bolton 3Wigan Cricket Club
27-Feb11:30Manchester Moss Park 3Horwich 1St Bedes College Sportsground
05-MarBowdon 6Wigan 2
Didsbury Northern 7Manchester Moss Park 3
15:30Sale 3Bowdon 7William Hulmes Grammar School
06-Mar16:00Bolton 3Oldham 3Leverhulme Pavilion
14:00Horwich 1City of Manchester 3Wigan Cricket Club
12-MarBowdon 7Manchester Moss Park 3
Oldham 3Bowdon 6
15:30Sale 3Bolton 3William Hulmes Grammar School
14:30Wigan 2Horwich 1Wigan Cricket Club
13-Mar12:00City of Manchester 3Didsbury Northern 7Armitage - Pitch 3
19-Mar16:00Bolton 3Bowdon 7Leverhulme Pavilion
Bowdon 6Sale 3
Didsbury Northern 7Wigan 2
20-Mar12:30Horwich 1Oldham 3Wigan Cricket Club
11:30Manchester Moss Park 3City of Manchester 3St Bedes College Sportsground
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
25-Sep14:00Bowdon 632Bolton 3Altrincham Grammar School For Boys
14:00City of Manchester 304Bowdon 7Armitage - Pitch 3
11:30Manchester Moss Park 335Wigan 2St Bedes College Sportsground
26-Sep10:45Didsbury Northern 731Oldham 3Armitage - Pitch 2
12:30Horwich 150Sale 3Wigan Cricket Club
02-Oct14:00Bowdon 704Bowdon 6Altrincham Grammar for Girls - Pitch 1
15:30Sale 351Didsbury Northern 7William Hulmes Grammar School
14:30Wigan 250City of Manchester 3Wigan Cricket Club
03-Oct16:00Bolton 3013Horwich 1Leverhulme Pavilion
10:30Oldham 381Manchester Moss Park 3Newman RC College
09-Oct15:30Bowdon 723Wigan 2Altrincham Grammar School For Boys
15:30Horwich 103Bowdon 6Wigan Cricket Club
10-Oct12:00City of Manchester 322Oldham 3Armitage - Pitch 3
10:45Didsbury Northern 712Bolton 3Armitage - Pitch 2
11:30Manchester Moss Park 331Sale 3St Bedes College Sportsground
16-Oct15:30Bowdon 660Didsbury Northern 7Altrincham Grammar School For Boys
15:30Horwich 160Bowdon 7Wigan Cricket Club
15:30Sale 312City of Manchester 3William Hulmes Grammar School
17-Oct16:00Bolton 344Manchester Moss Park 3Leverhulme Pavilion
12:30Oldham 3Wigan 2Newman RC College
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Bowdon 644001621412W W W W
Horwich 14301243219W W L W
Wigan 2330013589W W W
Oldham 3311111654L W D
Manchester Moss Park 341121118-74L L W D
City of Manchester 34112412-84L L D W
Bolton 34112821-134L L W D
Sale 34103711-43L W L L
Bowdon 74103613-73W L L L
Didsbury Northern 74103514-93W L L L