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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
30-Oct12:00Alderley Edge 3Buxton 1The Edge
11:45Bury 1Bolton 1Astley Sports Village
12:00Deeside Ramblers 3Wilmslow 2Gardenhurst Estate Whitchurch Road
13:45Didsbury Northern 3Neston 3Armitage - Pitch 3
11:30Macclesfield 1Mossley Hill 1Tytherington School
13:30Stockport Bramhall 1Wigan 1Bramhall Recreation Centre
06-Nov14:30Bolton 1Deeside Ramblers 3Leverhulme Pavilion
15:30Bury 1Alderley Edge 3Astley Sports Village
13:30Mossley Hill 1Stockport Bramhall 1Archbishop Blanch School
15:00Neston 3Buxton 1Neston Cricket Club
12:30Wigan 1Didsbury Northern 3Wigan Cricket Club
14:30Wilmslow 2Macclesfield 1Wilmslow Phoenix Sports Club
13-Nov12:00Alderley Edge 3Neston 3The Edge
13:00Buxton 1Wigan 1Buxton Community School (V)
12:00Deeside Ramblers 3Bury 1Gardenhurst Estate Whitchurch Road
15:15Didsbury Northern 3Mossley Hill 1Armitage - Pitch 2
12:00Macclesfield 1Bolton 1Kings School (Macclesfield)
12:00Stockport Bramhall 1Wilmslow 2Bramhall Recreation Centre
20-Nov13:00Bolton 1Stockport Bramhall 1Leverhulme Pavilion
13:30Bury 1Macclesfield 1Astley Sports Village
12:00Deeside Ramblers 3Alderley Edge 3Bishop Heber High School
12:00Mossley Hill 1Buxton 1Archbishop Blanch School
12:30Wigan 1Neston 3Wigan Cricket Club
14:30Wilmslow 2Didsbury Northern 3Wilmslow Phoenix Sports Club
27-Nov12:00Alderley Edge 3Wigan 1The Edge
11:30Buxton 1Wilmslow 2Buxton Community School (V)
14:45Didsbury Northern 3Bolton 1Armitage - Pitch 2
11:30Macclesfield 1Deeside Ramblers 3Tytherington School
11:30Neston 3Mossley Hill 1Neston Cricket Club
13:30Stockport Bramhall 1Bury 1Bramhall Recreation Centre
04-Dec14:30Bolton 1Buxton 1Leverhulme Pavilion
11:45Bury 1Didsbury Northern 3Astley Sports Village
12:00Deeside Ramblers 3Stockport Bramhall 1Bishop Heber High School
12:00Macclesfield 1Alderley Edge 3Kings School (Macclesfield)
12:00Mossley Hill 1Wigan 1Archbishop Blanch School
14:30Wilmslow 2Neston 3Wilmslow Phoenix Sports Club
11-Dec12:00Alderley Edge 3Mossley Hill 1The Edge
12:00Bury 1Buxton 1
14:45Didsbury Northern 3Deeside Ramblers 3Armitage - Pitch 2
13:00Neston 3Bolton 1Neston Cricket Club
13:30Stockport Bramhall 1Macclesfield 1Bramhall Recreation Centre
12:30Wigan 1Wilmslow 2Wigan Cricket Club
15-JanAlderley Edge 3Stockport Bramhall 1
11:30Buxton 1Deeside Ramblers 3Buxton Community School (V)
Didsbury Northern 3Macclesfield 1
12:00Mossley Hill 1Wilmslow 2Archbishop Blanch School
15:00Neston 3Bury 1Neston Cricket Club
12:30Wigan 1Bolton 1Wigan Cricket Club
22-Jan13:00Bolton 1Mossley Hill 1Leverhulme Pavilion
13:30Bury 1Wigan 1Astley Sports Village
12:00Deeside Ramblers 3Neston 3Gardenhurst Estate Whitchurch Road
Macclesfield 1Buxton 1
12:00Stockport Bramhall 1Didsbury Northern 3Bramhall Recreation Centre
14:30Wilmslow 2Alderley Edge 3Cheadle Hulme School
29-Jan11:30Buxton 1Stockport Bramhall 1Buxton Community School (V)
Didsbury Northern 3Alderley Edge 3
12:00Mossley Hill 1Bury 1Archbishop Blanch School
13:00Neston 3Macclesfield 1Neston High School
12:30Wigan 1Deeside Ramblers 3Wigan Cricket Club
14:30Wilmslow 2Bolton 1Wilmslow Phoenix Sports Club
05-FebAlderley Edge 3Bolton 1
13:30Bury 1Wilmslow 2Astley Sports Village
12:00Deeside Ramblers 3Mossley Hill 1Gardenhurst Estate Whitchurch Road
Didsbury Northern 3Buxton 1
Macclesfield 1Wigan 1
13:30Stockport Bramhall 1Neston 3Bramhall Recreation Centre
12-Feb14:30Bolton 1Bury 1Leverhulme Pavilion
13:00Buxton 1Alderley Edge 3Buxton Community School (V)
13:30Mossley Hill 1Macclesfield 1Archbishop Blanch School
11:30Neston 3Didsbury Northern 3Neston Cricket Club
12:30Wigan 1Stockport Bramhall 1Wigan Cricket Club
16:30Wilmslow 2Deeside Ramblers 3Wilmslow Phoenix Sports Club
26-FebAlderley Edge 3Bury 1
11:30Buxton 1Neston 3Buxton Community School (V)
12:00Deeside Ramblers 3Bolton 1Gardenhurst Estate Whitchurch Road
Didsbury Northern 3Wigan 1
Macclesfield 1Wilmslow 2
12:00Stockport Bramhall 1Mossley Hill 1
05-Mar14:30Bolton 1Macclesfield 1Leverhulme Pavilion
15:30Bury 1Deeside Ramblers 3Astley Sports Village
12:00Mossley Hill 1Didsbury Northern 3Archbishop Blanch School
14:30Neston 3Alderley Edge 3Neston High School
12:30Wigan 1Buxton 1Wigan Cricket Club
14:30Wilmslow 2Stockport Bramhall 1Wilmslow Phoenix Sports Club
12-MarAlderley Edge 3Deeside Ramblers 3
13:00Buxton 1Mossley Hill 1Buxton Community School (V)
Didsbury Northern 3Wilmslow 2
Macclesfield 1Bury 1
16:30Neston 3Wigan 1Neston Cricket Club
13:30Stockport Bramhall 1Bolton 1Bramhall Recreation Centre
19-Mar13:00Bolton 1Didsbury Northern 3Leverhulme Pavilion
13:30Bury 1Stockport Bramhall 1Astley Sports Village
12:00Deeside Ramblers 3Macclesfield 1Gardenhurst Estate Whitchurch Road
12:00Mossley Hill 1Neston 3Archbishop Blanch School
12:30Wigan 1Alderley Edge 3Wigan Cricket Club
14:30Wilmslow 2Buxton 1Wilmslow Phoenix Sports Club
26-MarAlderley Edge 3Macclesfield 1
13:00Buxton 1Bolton 1Buxton Community School (V)
Didsbury Northern 3Bury 1
14:30Neston 3Wilmslow 2Neston High School
13:30Stockport Bramhall 1Deeside Ramblers 3Bramhall Recreation Centre
12:30Wigan 1Mossley Hill 1Wigan Cricket Club
02-Apr13:00Bolton 1Neston 3Leverhulme Pavilion
13:00Buxton 1Bury 1Buxton Community School (V)
12:00Deeside Ramblers 3Didsbury Northern 3Gardenhurst Estate Whitchurch Road
Macclesfield 1Stockport Bramhall 1
12:00Mossley Hill 1Alderley Edge 3Archbishop Blanch School
14:30Wilmslow 2Wigan 1Wilmslow Phoenix Sports Club
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
25-Sep13:00Bolton 153Wigan 1Leverhulme Pavilion
11:45Bury 101Neston 3Astley Sports Village
13:30Deeside Ramblers 313Buxton 1Gardenhurst Estate Whitchurch Road
12:00Stockport Bramhall 132Alderley Edge 3Bramhall Recreation Centre
15:00Wilmslow 271Mossley Hill 1Cheadle Hulme School
26-Sep14:00Macclesfield 122Didsbury Northern 3Kings School (Macclesfield)
02-Oct12:00Alderley Edge 302Wilmslow 2The Edge
11:30Buxton 142Macclesfield 1Chapel Leisure Centre
15:15Didsbury Northern 310Stockport Bramhall 1Armitage - Pitch 2
12:00Mossley Hill 151Bolton 1Archbishop Blanch School
13:00Neston 321Deeside Ramblers 3Neston High School
10:30Wigan 160Bury 1Wigan Cricket Club
09-Oct12:00Alderley Edge 326Didsbury Northern 3The Edge
14:30Bolton 123Wilmslow 2Leverhulme Pavilion
13:30Bury 143Mossley Hill 1Astley Sports Village
12:00Deeside Ramblers 336Wigan 1Gardenhurst Estate Whitchurch Road
13:30Macclesfield 112Neston 3Kings School (Macclesfield)
12:00Stockport Bramhall 116Buxton 1Bramhall Recreation Centre
16-Oct13:00Bolton 151Alderley Edge 3Leverhulme Pavilion
13:00Buxton 122Didsbury Northern 3Chapel Leisure Centre
12:00Mossley Hill 121Deeside Ramblers 3Archbishop Blanch School
13:00Neston 312Stockport Bramhall 1Neston High School
14:30Wilmslow 270Bury 1Wilmslow Phoenix Sports Club
23-Oct12:30Wigan 1310Macclesfield 1Wigan Cricket Club
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Wilmslow 244001931612W W W W
Buxton 14310156910W W W D
Neston 343016429W W W L
Didsbury Northern 3422011658D W W D
Bolton 14202131216W L L W
Wigan 14202181806L W W L
Mossley Hill 142021113-26L W L W
Stockport Bramhall 14202610-46W L L W
Macclesfield 14112151144D L L W
Bury 14103417-133L L W L
Deeside Ramblers 34004613-70L L L L
Alderley Edge 34004516-110L L L L