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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
30-Oct15:30Bowdon 3Macclesfield 1Bowdon Club (Cricket Hockey & Squash)
10:30City of Manchester 1Prescot 1Armitage - Pitch 4
12:10Liverpool Sefton 3Sale 1Liverpool College
12:00Stockport Bramhall 1Oxton 1Bramhall Recreation Centre
11:00Urmston 1Bolton 1Wellacre Academy
12:00Wrexham Glyndwr 1Lymm 2Glyndwr University
06-Nov13:00Bolton 1City of Manchester 1Leverhulme Pavilion
15:30Lymm 2Macclesfield 1Lymm High School
15:00Oxton 1Liverpool Sefton 3Caldy Pitch
12:45Prescot 1Wrexham Glyndwr 1
14:00Sale 1Urmston 1William Hulmes Grammar School
12:00Stockport Bramhall 1Bowdon 3Bramhall Recreation Centre
13-Nov15:30Bowdon 3Lymm 2Bowdon Club (Cricket Hockey & Squash)
10:30City of Manchester 1Sale 1Armitage - Pitch 4
15:20Liverpool Sefton 3Stockport Bramhall 1Liverpool College
15:00Macclesfield 1Prescot 1Kings School (Macclesfield)
11:00Urmston 1Oxton 1Wellacre Academy
15:00Wrexham Glyndwr 1Bolton 1Buckley Elfed Sports Centre
20-Nov14:30Bolton 1Macclesfield 1Leverhulme Pavilion
12:10Liverpool Sefton 3Bowdon 3Liverpool College
15:00Oxton 1City of Manchester 1Caldy Pitch
12:45Prescot 1Lymm 2
12:30Sale 1Wrexham Glyndwr 1William Hulmes Grammar School
12:00Stockport Bramhall 1Urmston 1Bramhall Recreation Centre
27-Nov15:00Bowdon 3Prescot 1Bowdon Club (Cricket Hockey & Squash)
14:00City of Manchester 1Stockport Bramhall 1Armitage - Pitch 3
11:00Lymm 2Bolton 1Lymm High School
15:00Macclesfield 1Sale 1Kings School (Macclesfield)
11:00Urmston 1Liverpool Sefton 3Wellacre Academy
12:00Wrexham Glyndwr 1Oxton 1Glyndwr University
04-Dec13:00Bolton 1Prescot 1Leverhulme Pavilion
13:45Liverpool Sefton 3City of Manchester 1Liverpool College
15:00Oxton 1Macclesfield 1Caldy Pitch
12:30Sale 1Lymm 2William Hulmes Grammar School
12:00Stockport Bramhall 1Wrexham Glyndwr 1Bramhall Recreation Centre
11:00Urmston 1Bowdon 3Wellacre Academy
11-Dec15:00Bowdon 3Bolton 1Bowdon Club (Cricket Hockey & Squash)
10:30City of Manchester 1Urmston 1Armitage - Pitch 4
12:30Lymm 2Oxton 1Lymm High School
13:30Macclesfield 1Stockport Bramhall 1Kings School (Macclesfield)
12:45Prescot 1Sale 1
12:00Wrexham Glyndwr 1Liverpool Sefton 3Glyndwr University
15-Jan13:00Bolton 1Sale 1Leverhulme Pavilion
Bowdon 3City of Manchester 1
Lymm 2Stockport Bramhall 1
Macclesfield 1Liverpool Sefton 3
12:45Prescot 1Oxton 1
12:00Wrexham Glyndwr 1Urmston 1Glyndwr University
22-Jan14:00City of Manchester 1Wrexham Glyndwr 1Armitage - Pitch 3
Liverpool Sefton 3Lymm 2
15:00Oxton 1Bolton 1Caldy Pitch
Sale 1Bowdon 3
13:30Stockport Bramhall 1Prescot 1Bramhall Recreation Centre
11:00Urmston 1Macclesfield 1Wellacre Academy
29-Jan13:00Bolton 1Stockport Bramhall 1Leverhulme Pavilion
Lymm 2Urmston 1
Macclesfield 1City of Manchester 1
12:45Prescot 1Liverpool Sefton 3
Sale 1Oxton 1
12:00Wrexham Glyndwr 1Bowdon 3Glyndwr University
05-FebBowdon 3Oxton 1
14:00City of Manchester 1Lymm 2Armitage - Pitch 3
Liverpool Sefton 3Bolton 1
12:00Stockport Bramhall 1Sale 1Bramhall Recreation Centre
11:00Urmston 1Prescot 1Wellacre Academy
12:00Wrexham Glyndwr 1Macclesfield 1Glyndwr University
12-Feb13:00Bolton 1Urmston 1Leverhulme Pavilion
Lymm 2Wrexham Glyndwr 1
Macclesfield 1Bowdon 3
15:00Oxton 1Stockport Bramhall 1Caldy Pitch
12:45Prescot 1City of Manchester 1
Sale 1Liverpool Sefton 3
26-FebBowdon 3Stockport Bramhall 1
10:30City of Manchester 1Bolton 1Armitage - Pitch 4
Liverpool Sefton 3Oxton 1
Macclesfield 1Lymm 2
11:00Urmston 1Sale 1Wellacre Academy
12:00Wrexham Glyndwr 1Prescot 1Glyndwr University
05-Mar13:00Bolton 1Wrexham Glyndwr 1Leverhulme Pavilion
Lymm 2Bowdon 3
15:00Oxton 1Urmston 1Caldy Pitch
12:45Prescot 1Macclesfield 1
Sale 1City of Manchester 1
12:00Stockport Bramhall 1Liverpool Sefton 3Bramhall Recreation Centre
12-MarBowdon 3Liverpool Sefton 3
14:00City of Manchester 1Oxton 1Armitage - Pitch 3
Lymm 2Prescot 1
Macclesfield 1Bolton 1
11:00Urmston 1Stockport Bramhall 1Wellacre Academy
12:00Wrexham Glyndwr 1Sale 1Glyndwr University
19-Mar14:30Bolton 1Lymm 2Leverhulme Pavilion
Liverpool Sefton 3Urmston 1
15:00Oxton 1Wrexham Glyndwr 1Caldy Pitch
12:45Prescot 1Bowdon 3Elton Head Rd
Sale 1Macclesfield 1
12:00Stockport Bramhall 1City of Manchester 1Bramhall Recreation Centre
26-MarBowdon 3Urmston 1
10:30City of Manchester 1Liverpool Sefton 3Armitage - Pitch 4
Lymm 2Sale 1
Macclesfield 1Oxton 1
12:45Prescot 1Bolton 1Elton Head Rd
12:00Wrexham Glyndwr 1Stockport Bramhall 1Glyndwr University
02-Apr14:30Bolton 1Bowdon 3Leverhulme Pavilion
Liverpool Sefton 3Wrexham Glyndwr 1
15:00Oxton 1Lymm 2Caldy Pitch
Sale 1Prescot 1
12:00Stockport Bramhall 1Macclesfield 1Bramhall Recreation Centre
11:00Urmston 1City of Manchester 1Wellacre Academy
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
18-Sep11:00Urmston 140Wrexham Glyndwr 1Wellacre Academy
25-Sep10:30City of Manchester 101Bowdon 3Armitage - Pitch 4
15:20Liverpool Sefton 312Macclesfield 1Liverpool College
15:00Oxton 101Prescot 1Caldy Pitch
12:30Sale 112Bolton 1William Hulmes Grammar School
13:30Stockport Bramhall 105Lymm 2Bramhall Recreation Centre
02-Oct13:00Bolton 160Oxton 1Leverhulme Pavilion
15:30Bowdon 320Sale 1Bowdon Club (Cricket Hockey & Squash)
14:00Lymm 2121Liverpool Sefton 3Lymm High School
15:00Macclesfield 100Urmston 1Kings School (Macclesfield)
12:45Prescot 120Stockport Bramhall 1Elton Head Rd
12:00Wrexham Glyndwr 130City of Manchester 1Glyndwr University
09-Oct15:30Bowdon 340Wrexham Glyndwr 1Bowdon Club (Cricket Hockey & Squash)
10:30City of Manchester 124Macclesfield 1Armitage - Pitch 4
15:45Liverpool Sefton 304Prescot 1St Edwards College
15:00Oxton 125Sale 1Caldy Pitch
13:30Stockport Bramhall 112Bolton 1Bramhall Recreation Centre
11:00Urmston 131Lymm 2Wellacre Academy
16-Oct14:30Bolton 140Liverpool Sefton 3Leverhulme Pavilion
12:30Lymm 252City of Manchester 1Lymm High School
15:00Macclesfield 161Wrexham Glyndwr 1Kings School (Macclesfield)
15:00Oxton 133Bowdon 3Caldy Pitch
12:45Prescot 100Urmston 1
12:30Sale 101Stockport Bramhall 1William Hulmes Grammar School
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Bolton 144001421212W W W W
Macclesfield 14310124810W D W W
Bowdon 34310103710W W W D
Prescot 1431070710W W W D
Lymm 24301236179W W L W
Urmston 142207168W D W D
Sale 1410367-13L L W L
Stockport Bramhall 1410329-73L L L W
Wrexham Glyndwr 14103414-103L W L L
Oxton 14013515-101L L L D
City of Manchester 14004413-90L L L L
Liverpool Sefton 34004222-200L L L L