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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
23-OctSurbiton 5Barnes 4
13:45Teddington 4Richmond DeerstalkersTeddington School - Pitch 2
30-Oct12:00Bank Of England 2Surbiton 6AELTC Community Sports Centre
11:30Cheam 2Ashford (Middlesex) 3Nonsuch High School For Girls
Epsom 3Bye
10:30Richmond DeerstalkersBarnes 4Quintin Hogg Memorial Ground - Pitch 1
Surbiton 5Richmond 4
12:00Teddington 4Old Cranleighan 5Teddington School - Pitch 2
06-Nov15:00Ashford (Middlesex) 3Surbiton 5Ashford (Middx) Hockey Club
ByeTeddington 4
11:30Cheam 2Richmond DeerstalkersNonsuch High School For Girls
13:00Old Cranleighan 5Bank Of England 2Oaken Lane
14:45Richmond 4Epsom 3Quintin Hogg Memorial Ground - Pitch 2
Surbiton 6Barnes 4
13-Nov10:30Bank Of England 2ByeAELTC Community Sports Centre
16:00Barnes 4Old Cranleighan 5Dukes Meadow pitch
11:15Epsom 3Ashford (Middlesex) 3Epsom HC - Old Schools Lane
15:45Richmond DeerstalkersSurbiton 6Quintin Hogg Memorial Ground - Pitch 1
Surbiton 5Cheam 2
13:45Teddington 4Richmond 4Teddington School - Pitch 2
20-Nov15:30Ashford (Middlesex) 3Teddington 4Ashford (Middx) Hockey Club
ByeBarnes 4
11:30Cheam 2Epsom 3Nonsuch High School For Girls
Old Cranleighan 5Surbiton 6
15:00Richmond 4Bank Of England 2Quintin Hogg Memorial Ground - Pitch 2
Surbiton 5Richmond Deerstalkers
27-Nov12:00Bank Of England 2Ashford (Middlesex) 3AELTC Community Sports Centre
14:30Barnes 4Richmond 4Dukes Meadow pitch
11:30Epsom 3Surbiton 5Epsom College - Crosbie
13:30Richmond DeerstalkersOld Cranleighan 5Quintin Hogg Memorial Ground - Pitch 2
Surbiton 6Bye
13:45Teddington 4Cheam 2Teddington School - Pitch 2
04-Dec15:00Ashford (Middlesex) 3Barnes 4Ashford (Middx) Hockey Club
ByeOld Cranleighan 5
11:30Cheam 2Bank Of England 2Nonsuch High School For Girls
13:00Epsom 3Richmond DeerstalkersEpsom HC - Old Schools Lane
10:30Richmond 4Surbiton 6Quintin Hogg Memorial Ground - Pitch 1
Surbiton 5Teddington 4
11-Dec10:30Bank Of England 2Surbiton 5AELTC Community Sports Centre
12:00Barnes 4Cheam 2Richmond Park Academy
11:30Old Cranleighan 5Richmond 4Old Cranleighan Sports Club
Richmond DeerstalkersBye
Surbiton 6Ashford (Middlesex) 3
11:45Teddington 4Epsom 3Teddington School - Pitch 1
22-JanBank Of England 2Epsom 3
16:00Barnes 4Surbiton 5Dukes Meadow pitch
ByeRichmond 4
Old Cranleighan 5Ashford (Middlesex) 3
Richmond DeerstalkersTeddington 4
Surbiton 6Cheam 2
29-Jan15:30Ashford (Middlesex) 3ByeAshford (Middx) Hockey Club
13:00Cheam 2Old Cranleighan 5Nonsuch High School For Girls
Epsom 3Barnes 4
Richmond 4Richmond Deerstalkers
Surbiton 5Surbiton 6
13:45Teddington 4Bank Of England 2Teddington School - Pitch 2
05-FebBank Of England 2Richmond Deerstalkers
14:30Barnes 4Teddington 4Dukes Meadow pitch
ByeCheam 2
Old Cranleighan 5Surbiton 5
Richmond 4Ashford (Middlesex) 3
Surbiton 6Epsom 3
12-FebBank Of England 2Barnes 4
11:30Cheam 2Richmond 4Nonsuch High School For Girls
Epsom 3Old Cranleighan 5
Richmond DeerstalkersAshford (Middlesex) 3
Surbiton 5Bye
13:45Teddington 4Surbiton 6Teddington School - Pitch 2
26-Feb15:30Ashford (Middlesex) 3Cheam 2Ashford (Middx) Hockey Club
16:45Barnes 4Richmond DeerstalkersDukes Meadow pitch
ByeEpsom 3
Old Cranleighan 5Teddington 4
Richmond 4Surbiton 5
Surbiton 6Bank Of England 2
05-MarBank Of England 2Old Cranleighan 5
16:15Barnes 4Surbiton 6Dukes Meadow pitch
Epsom 3Richmond 4
Richmond DeerstalkersCheam 2
Surbiton 5Ashford (Middlesex) 3
13:45Teddington 4ByeTeddington School - Pitch 2
12-Mar15:30Ashford (Middlesex) 3Epsom 3Ashford (Middx) Hockey Club
ByeBank Of England 2
10:00Cheam 2Surbiton 5Nonsuch High School For Girls
Old Cranleighan 5Barnes 4
Richmond 4Teddington 4
Surbiton 6Richmond Deerstalkers
19-MarBank Of England 2Richmond 4
Barnes 4Bye
Epsom 3Cheam 2
Richmond DeerstalkersSurbiton 5
Surbiton 6Old Cranleighan 5
15:15Teddington 4Ashford (Middlesex) 3Teddington School - Pitch 1
26-Mar15:30Ashford (Middlesex) 3Bank Of England 2Ashford (Middx) Hockey Club
ByeSurbiton 6
11:30Cheam 2Teddington 4Nonsuch High School For Girls
Old Cranleighan 5Richmond Deerstalkers
Richmond 4Barnes 4
Surbiton 5Epsom 3
02-AprBank Of England 2Cheam 2
12:00Barnes 4Ashford (Middlesex) 3Richmond Park Academy
Old Cranleighan 5Bye
Richmond DeerstalkersEpsom 3
Surbiton 6Richmond 4
13:45Teddington 4Surbiton 5Teddington School - Pitch 2
09-Apr15:30Ashford (Middlesex) 3Surbiton 6Ashford (Middx) Hockey Club
ByeRichmond Deerstalkers
10:00Cheam 2Barnes 4Nonsuch High School For Girls
Epsom 3Teddington 4
Richmond 4Old Cranleighan 5
Surbiton 5Bank Of England 2
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
25-Sep15:30Ashford (Middlesex) 305Old Cranleighan 5Ashford (Middx) Hockey Club
09:00Cheam 207Surbiton 6Oaken Lane
16:15Epsom 321Bank Of England 2Epsom HC - Old Schools Lane
Richmond 4 (HWO)50Bye
02-Oct10:30Bank Of England 226Teddington 4AELTC Community Sports Centre
16:00Barnes 405Epsom 3Dukes Meadow pitch
ByeAshford (Middlesex) 3
16:00Old Cranleighan 514Cheam 2Old Cranleighan Sports Club
16:15Richmond Deerstalkers122Richmond 4Quintin Hogg Memorial Ground - Pitch 1
15:10Surbiton 671Surbiton 5Surbiton HC - Pitch 1
09-Oct15:00Ashford (Middlesex) 332Richmond 4Ashford (Middx) Hockey Club
Cheam 2Bye
15:30Epsom 306Surbiton 6Therfield School
12:45Richmond Deerstalkers40Bank Of England 2Quintin Hogg Memorial Ground - Pitch 2
16:40Surbiton 531Old Cranleighan 5Surbiton HC - Pitch 1
13:45Teddington 4 (HWO)50Barnes 4Teddington School - Pitch 2
16-Oct15:30Ashford (Middlesex) 3Richmond DeerstalkersAshford (Middx) Hockey Club
10:00Barnes 4Bank Of England 2Dukes Meadow pitch
ByeSurbiton 5
13:00Old Cranleighan 512Epsom 3Old Cranleighan Sports Club
13:30Richmond 4Cheam 2Quintin Hogg Memorial Ground - Pitch 2
10:00Surbiton 6Teddington 4Surbiton HC - Pitch 1
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Surbiton 63300201199W W W
Epsom 343019819W W L W
Richmond Deerstalkers2200162146W W
Teddington 4220011296W W
Old Cranleighan 5410389-13W L L L
Surbiton 5210148-43L W
Cheam 2210148-43L W
Ashford (Middlesex) 3210137-43L W
Richmond 43102915-63W L L
Bank Of England 23003312-90L L L
Barnes 42002010-100L L