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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
23-Oct12:30Tulse Hill & Dulwich 5London Wayfarers FoxesDulwich College - Pitch 1
30-Oct11:30Clapham Common 2Tulse Hill & Dulwich 6Harris Academy (Merton)
10:00East London 8EUHC Gamblers 2Mile End Stadium
12:30London Academicals 2London Edwardians 4St Dunstans College
11:00Tulse Hill & Dulwich 5East London 7J A G S Sports Club
12:30Wanderers 7Remnants 1Streatham & Clapham High School
11:10Wapping 7London Wayfarers FoxesJohn Orwell Sports Centre
04-Nov19:00Tulse Hill & Dulwich 6Tulse Hill & Dulwich 5Dulwich College - Pitch 1
06-Nov14:30East London 7Wanderers 7Mile End Stadium
14:00London Academicals 2East London 8St Dunstans College
11:30London Edwardians 4Tulse Hill & Dulwich 5King's Sports Ground Pitch 2
14:00London Wayfarers FoxesClapham Common 2Streatham & Clapham High School
13:00Remnants 1Wapping 7Colfes
12:30Tulse Hill & Dulwich 6EUHC Gamblers 2J A G S Sports Club
13-Nov14:30East London 8Tulse Hill & Dulwich 6Mile End Stadium
10:30EUHC Gamblers 2London Wayfarers FoxesCrystal Palace National Sports Centre
13:00Remnants 1Clapham Common 2Colfes
14:00Tulse Hill & Dulwich 5London Academicals 2Alleyns School
11:00Wanderers 7London Edwardians 4Streatham & Clapham High School
11:10Wapping 7East London 7
20-Nov16:00East London 7Clapham Common 2Mile End Stadium
14:00London Academicals 2Wanderers 7St Dunstans College
12:00London Edwardians 4Wapping 7Battersea Park - Pitch 2
14:00London Wayfarers FoxesTulse Hill & Dulwich 6Wimbledon High School Pitch
13:00Remnants 1EUHC Gamblers 2Colfes
12:30Tulse Hill & Dulwich 5East London 8Dulwich College - Pitch 1
27-Nov11:30Clapham Common 2London Edwardians 4Harris Academy (Merton)
10:00East London 8London Wayfarers FoxesMile End Stadium
10:30EUHC Gamblers 2East London 7Crystal Palace National Sports Centre
15:30Tulse Hill & Dulwich 6Remnants 1Dulwich College - Pitch 1
12:30Wanderers 7Tulse Hill & Dulwich 5Streatham & Clapham High School
15:30Wapping 7London Academicals 2John Orwell Sports Centre
04-Dec13:00East London 7Tulse Hill & Dulwich 6Redbridge Sports Centre - Pitch 1
12:30London Academicals 2Clapham Common 2St Dunstans College
12:00London Edwardians 4EUHC Gamblers 2Battersea Park - Pitch 2
13:00Remnants 1London Wayfarers FoxesColfes
14:30Tulse Hill & Dulwich 5Wapping 7Dulwich College - Pitch 1
14:00Wanderers 7East London 8Streatham & Clapham High School
11-Dec14:00Clapham Common 2Tulse Hill & Dulwich 5Streatham & Clapham High School
13:00East London 8Remnants 1Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre - Pitch 2
10:30EUHC Gamblers 2London Academicals 2Crystal Palace National Sports Centre
10:30London Wayfarers FoxesEast London 7Battersea Park - Pitch 1
11:00Tulse Hill & Dulwich 6London Edwardians 4J A G S Sports Club
11:10Wapping 7Wanderers 7John Orwell Sports Centre
15-Jan10:30Wanderers 7Clapham Common 2Battersea Park - Pitch 1
22-JanClapham Common 2Wanderers 7
13:00East London 8Wapping 7Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre - Pitch 2
EUHC Gamblers 2Tulse Hill & Dulwich 5
15:00London Wayfarers FoxesLondon Edwardians 4Battersea Park - Pitch 1
13:00Remnants 1East London 7Colfes
Tulse Hill & Dulwich 6London Academicals 2
29-Jan14:30East London 7East London 8Mile End Stadium
London Academicals 2London Wayfarers Foxes
London Edwardians 4Remnants 1
Tulse Hill & Dulwich 5Tulse Hill & Dulwich 6
14:00Wanderers 7EUHC Gamblers 2Streatham & Clapham High School
Wapping 7Clapham Common 2
05-FebClapham Common 2East London 8
16:00East London 7London Edwardians 4Mile End Stadium
EUHC Gamblers 2Wapping 7
10:30London Wayfarers FoxesTulse Hill & Dulwich 5Battersea Park - Pitch 1
13:00Remnants 1London Academicals 2Colfes
Tulse Hill & Dulwich 6Wanderers 7
12-FebClapham Common 2EUHC Gamblers 2
14:30East London 8London Edwardians 4Mile End Stadium
London Academicals 2East London 7
Tulse Hill & Dulwich 5Remnants 1
13:30Wanderers 7London Wayfarers FoxesAELTC Community Sports Centre
Wapping 7Tulse Hill & Dulwich 6
26-Feb10:00East London 7Tulse Hill & Dulwich 5Mile End Stadium
EUHC Gamblers 2East London 8
London Edwardians 4London Academicals 2
15:00London Wayfarers FoxesWapping 7Battersea Park - Pitch 1
13:00Remnants 1Wanderers 7Colfes
Tulse Hill & Dulwich 6Clapham Common 2
05-MarClapham Common 2London Wayfarers Foxes
10:00East London 8London Academicals 2Mile End Stadium
EUHC Gamblers 2Tulse Hill & Dulwich 6
Tulse Hill & Dulwich 5London Edwardians 4
14:00Wanderers 7East London 7Streatham & Clapham High School
Wapping 7Remnants 1
12-MarClapham Common 2Remnants 1
10:00East London 7Wapping 7Ive Farm Sports Ground
London Academicals 2Tulse Hill & Dulwich 5
London Edwardians 4Wanderers 7
10:30London Wayfarers FoxesEUHC Gamblers 2Battersea Park - Pitch 1
Tulse Hill & Dulwich 6East London 8
19-MarClapham Common 2East London 7
13:00East London 8Tulse Hill & Dulwich 5Mile End Stadium
EUHC Gamblers 2Remnants 1
Tulse Hill & Dulwich 6London Wayfarers Foxes
16:30Wanderers 7London Academicals 2Battersea Park - Pitch 1
Wapping 7London Edwardians 4
26-Mar10:00East London 7EUHC Gamblers 2Ive Farm Sports Ground
London Academicals 2Wapping 7
London Edwardians 4Clapham Common 2
15:00London Wayfarers FoxesEast London 8Battersea Park - Pitch 1
13:00Remnants 1Tulse Hill & Dulwich 6Colfes
Tulse Hill & Dulwich 5Wanderers 7
02-AprClapham Common 2London Academicals 2
11:30East London 8Wanderers 7Mile End Stadium
EUHC Gamblers 2London Edwardians 4
10:30London Wayfarers FoxesRemnants 1King's House Sports Ground
Tulse Hill & Dulwich 6East London 7
Wapping 7Tulse Hill & Dulwich 5
09-Apr14:30East London 7London Wayfarers FoxesMile End Stadium
London Academicals 2EUHC Gamblers 2
London Edwardians 4Tulse Hill & Dulwich 6
13:00Remnants 1East London 8Colfes
Tulse Hill & Dulwich 5Clapham Common 2
14:00Wanderers 7Wapping 7Streatham & Clapham High School
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
25-Sep14:30East London 751Remnants 1Mile End Stadium
12:30London Academicals 210Tulse Hill & Dulwich 6St Dunstans College
13:00London Edwardians 4110London Wayfarers FoxesKing's Sports Ground Pitch 2
15:30Tulse Hill & Dulwich 501EUHC Gamblers 2J A G S Sports Club
12:30Wapping 732East London 8John Orwell Sports Centre
02-Oct16:00Clapham Common 271Wapping 7Alleyns School
13:00East London 808East London 7Mile End Stadium
10:30EUHC Gamblers 220Wanderers 7Crystal Palace National Sports Centre
14:00London Wayfarers Foxes08London Academicals 2Wimbledon High School Pitch
13:00Remnants 107London Edwardians 4Colfes
09-Oct16:00East London 809Clapham Common 2Mile End Stadium
12:30London Academicals 2110Remnants 1St Dunstans College
13:00London Edwardians 471East London 7King's Sports Ground Pitch 2
11:00Wanderers 730Tulse Hill & Dulwich 6Streatham & Clapham High School
11:10Wapping 722EUHC Gamblers 2John Orwell Sports Centre
16-Oct13:00East London 703London Academicals 2Mile End Stadium
12:00EUHC Gamblers 229Clapham Common 2Crystal Palace National Sports Centre
13:30London Edwardians 490East London 8King's Sports Ground Pitch 2
10:30London Wayfarers Foxes11Wanderers 7Battersea Park - Pitch 1
13:00Remnants 105Tulse Hill & Dulwich 5 (AWO)Colfes
14:00Tulse Hill & Dulwich 681Wapping 7Alleyns School
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
London Edwardians 444003413312W W W W
London Academicals 244002302312W W W W
Clapham Common 23300253229W W W
EUHC Gamblers 24211711-47W W D L
East London 74202141136W W L L
Wanderers 731114314L W D
Wapping 74112719-124W L D L
Tulse Hill & Dulwich 521015143L W
Tulse Hill & Dulwich 631028533L L W
London Wayfarers Foxes3012120-191L L D
East London 84004229-270L L L L
Remnants 14004128-270L L L L