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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
30-Oct10:00Barnes 5Wimbledon 6Dukes Meadow pitch
ByeMeopham 2
11:00Merton 1Surbiton 7Blenheim High School
10:00Old Cranleighan 3Old Kingstonian 2Old Cranleighan Sports Club
10:15Spencer 6Teddington 5Harris Academy (Merton)
15:40Surbiton 6Barnes 4Surbiton HC - Pitch 2
06-Nov13:30Barnes 4Spencer 6Dukes Meadow pitch
14:30Old Cranleighan 3Barnes 5Oaken Lane
13:30Old Kingstonian 2Surbiton 6Tiffin Girls School
16:00Sunbury & Walton Hawks 2Merton 1St Paul's Catholic College
10:00Surbiton 7Wimbledon 6Surbiton HC - Pitch 1
Teddington 5Bye
13-Nov10:00Barnes 5Surbiton 7Dukes Meadow pitch
ByeBarnes 4
12:30Merton 1Teddington 5St Mark's Academy
16:45Spencer 6Old Kingstonian 2Spencer Hockey Club
10:00Surbiton 6Old Cranleighan 3Surbiton HC - Pitch 1
13:15Wimbledon 6Sunbury & Walton Hawks 2Ricards Lodge High School
20-Nov15:15Barnes 4Merton 1Dukes Meadow pitch
11:30Old Cranleighan 3Spencer 6Old Cranleighan Sports Club
Old Kingstonian 2Bye
14:30Sunbury & Walton Hawks 2Surbiton 7St Paul's Catholic College
Surbiton 6Barnes 5
11:45Teddington 5Wimbledon 6Teddington School - Pitch 1
27-Nov10:00Barnes 5Sunbury & Walton Hawks 2Dukes Meadow pitch
ByeOld Cranleighan 3
11:00Merton 1Old Kingstonian 2Blenheim High School
15:00Spencer 6Surbiton 6Spencer Hockey Club
Surbiton 7Teddington 5
13:15Wimbledon 6Barnes 4Ricards Lodge High School
04-Dec16:15Barnes 4Surbiton 7Dukes Meadow pitch
11:30Old Cranleighan 3Merton 1Old Cranleighan Sports Club
13:30Old Kingstonian 2Wimbledon 6Kingston GS - Ditton Fields - Pitch 1
15:15Spencer 6Barnes 5AELTC Community Sports Centre
Surbiton 6Bye
14:30Teddington 5Sunbury & Walton Hawks 2St Mary's University (Broom Rd)
11-Dec11:30Barnes 5Teddington 5Dukes Meadow pitch
ByeSpencer 6
14:00Merton 1Surbiton 6St Mark's Academy
10:00Sunbury & Walton Hawks 2Barnes 4St Paul's Catholic College
Surbiton 7Old Kingstonian 2
13:15Wimbledon 6Old Cranleighan 3Ricards Lodge High School
22-JanBarnes 5Bye
Merton 1Spencer 6
Sunbury & Walton Hawks 2Old Kingstonian 2
Surbiton 7Old Cranleighan 3
10:00Teddington 5Barnes 4Teddington School - Pitch 1
Wimbledon 6Surbiton 6
29-Jan10:00Barnes 4Barnes 5Dukes Meadow pitch
ByeMerton 1
Old Cranleighan 3Sunbury & Walton Hawks 2
Old Kingstonian 2Teddington 5
Spencer 6Wimbledon 6
Surbiton 6Surbiton 7
05-Feb11:30Barnes 4Old Kingstonian 2Dukes Meadow pitch
Merton 1Barnes 5
Sunbury & Walton Hawks 2Surbiton 6
Surbiton 7Spencer 6
11:45Teddington 5Old Cranleighan 3Teddington School - Pitch 1
Wimbledon 6Bye
12-Feb12:00Barnes 5Old Kingstonian 2Richmond Park Academy
ByeSurbiton 7
Merton 1Wimbledon 6
Old Cranleighan 3Barnes 4
Spencer 6Sunbury & Walton Hawks 2
Surbiton 6Teddington 5
26-Feb12:00Barnes 4Surbiton 6Richmond Park Academy
Meopham 2Bye
Old Kingstonian 2Old Cranleighan 3
Surbiton 7Merton 1
10:00Teddington 5Spencer 6Teddington School - Pitch 1
Wimbledon 6Barnes 5
05-Mar11:30Barnes 5Old Cranleighan 3Dukes Meadow pitch
ByeTeddington 5
Merton 1Sunbury & Walton Hawks 2
Spencer 6Barnes 4
Surbiton 6Old Kingstonian 2
Wimbledon 6Surbiton 7
12-MarBarnes 4Bye
Old Cranleighan 3Surbiton 6
Old Kingstonian 2Spencer 6
Sunbury & Walton Hawks 2Wimbledon 6
Surbiton 7Barnes 5
11:45Teddington 5Merton 1Teddington School - Pitch 1
19-Mar16:00Barnes 5Surbiton 6Dukes Meadow pitch
ByeOld Kingstonian 2
Merton 1Barnes 4
Spencer 6Old Cranleighan 3
Surbiton 7Sunbury & Walton Hawks 2
Wimbledon 6Teddington 5
26-Mar15:15Barnes 4Wimbledon 6Dukes Meadow pitch
Old Cranleighan 3Bye
Old Kingstonian 2Merton 1
Sunbury & Walton Hawks 2Barnes 5
Surbiton 6Spencer 6
13:30Teddington 5Surbiton 7Teddington School - Pitch 1
02-Apr11:30Barnes 5Spencer 6Dukes Meadow pitch
ByeSurbiton 6
Merton 1Old Cranleighan 3
Sunbury & Walton Hawks 2Teddington 5
Surbiton 7Barnes 4
Wimbledon 6Old Kingstonian 2
09-Apr11:30Barnes 4Sunbury & Walton Hawks 2Dukes Meadow pitch
Old Cranleighan 3Wimbledon 6
Old Kingstonian 2Surbiton 7
Spencer 6Bye
Surbiton 6Merton 1
11:45Teddington 5Barnes 5Teddington School - Pitch 1
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
25-Sep15:15Barnes 441Teddington 5Dukes Meadow pitch
ByeBarnes 5
15:30Old Cranleighan 300Surbiton 7Oaken Lane
13:30Old Kingstonian 201Sunbury & Walton Hawks 2Kingston GS - Ditton Fields - Pitch 2
12:15Spencer 643Merton 1Battersea Park - Pitch 1
11:10Surbiton 630Wimbledon 6Surbiton HC - Pitch 2
02-Oct10:00Barnes 519Barnes 4Dukes Meadow pitch
Merton 1Bye
14:30Sunbury & Walton Hawks 223Old Cranleighan 3St Paul's Catholic College
16:40Surbiton 702Surbiton 6Surbiton HC - Pitch 1
10:00Teddington 531Old Kingstonian 2Teddington School - Pitch 1
13:00Wimbledon 622Spencer 6Ricards Lodge High School
09-Oct12:00Barnes 512Merton 1Richmond Park Academy
ByeWimbledon 6
11:30Old Cranleighan 362Teddington 5Old Cranleighan Sports Club
13:30Old Kingstonian 221Barnes 4Kingston GS - Ditton Fields - Pitch 1
10:00Spencer 640Surbiton 7Spencer Hockey Club
13:40Surbiton 631Sunbury & Walton Hawks 2Oaken Lane
16-Oct16:15Barnes 430Old Cranleighan 3Dukes Meadow pitch
13:30Old Kingstonian 220Barnes 5Kingston GS - Ditton Fields - Pitch 2
16:00Sunbury & Walton Hawks 201Spencer 6St Paul's Catholic College
Surbiton 7Bye
10:00Teddington 513Surbiton 6Teddington School - Pitch 1
13:15Wimbledon 625Merton 1Ricards Lodge High School
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Surbiton 64400112912W W W W
Spencer 64310115610W D W W
Barnes 44301174139W W L W
Old Cranleighan 342119727D W W L
Merton 1320110736L W W
Old Kingstonian 242025506L L W W
Sunbury & Walton Hawks 2410347-33W L L L
Teddington 54103714-73L W L L
Wimbledon 63012410-61L D L
Surbiton 7301206-61D L L
Barnes 53003213-110L L L