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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
23-Oct13:00East London 5King's & Alleyn's 3Mile End Stadium
14:00Spencer SpitfiresSpencer 6Spencer Hockey Club
30-OctByeKing's & Alleyn's 3
15:30London Academicals 2East London 5St Dunstans College
10:00Spencer SpitfiresLondon Edwardians 4Spencer Hockey Club
12:30Tulse Hill & Dulwich 3London Wayfarers OutlawsDulwich College - Pitch 1
16:30Wanderers 3Spencer 6Battersea Park - Pitch 1
15:30Wapping 8Wanderers 4John Orwell Sports Centre
06-Nov13:00East London 5Wanderers 3Mile End Stadium
16:30King's & Alleyn's 3Wapping 8King's Sports Ground Pitch 1
15:30London Academicals 2Spencer SpitfiresSt Dunstans College
London Wayfarers OutlawsBye
15:15Spencer 6Tulse Hill & Dulwich 3AELTC Community Sports Centre
12:30Wanderers 4London Edwardians 4Streatham & Clapham High School
13-NovByeSpencer 6
17:00London Edwardians 4King's & Alleyn's 3King's Sports Ground Pitch 1
10:15Spencer SpitfiresWanderers 4Harris Academy (Merton)
14:00Tulse Hill & Dulwich 3East London 5Dulwich College - Pitch 1
16:30Wanderers 3London Academicals 2Battersea Park - Pitch 1
15:30Wapping 8London Wayfarers OutlawsJohn Orwell Sports Centre
20-NovEast London 5Bye
13:30King's & Alleyn's 3Wanderers 4King's Sports Ground Pitch 1
London Academicals 2Tulse Hill & Dulwich 3
11:30Spencer 6Wapping 8Spencer Hockey Club
13:30Wanderers 3Spencer SpitfiresBattersea Park - Pitch 2
27-NovByeLondon Academicals 2
15:00London Edwardians 4Spencer 6King's Sports Ground Pitch 2
16:30Spencer SpitfiresKing's & Alleyn's 3Spencer Hockey Club
11:00Tulse Hill & Dulwich 3Wanderers 3J A G S Sports Club
16:30Wanderers 4London Wayfarers OutlawsBattersea Park - Pitch 1
16:00Wapping 8East London 5Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre - Pitch 2
04-Dec11:30East London 5London Edwardians 4Mile End Stadium
London Academicals 2Wapping 8
10:30London Wayfarers OutlawsKing's & Alleyn's 3Battersea Park - Pitch 1
15:15Spencer 6Wanderers 4Battersea Park - Pitch 1
11:00Tulse Hill & Dulwich 3Spencer SpitfiresJ A G S Sports Club
Wanderers 3Bye
11-DecByeTulse Hill & Dulwich 3
15:00King's & Alleyn's 3Spencer 6King's Sports Ground Pitch 1
12:00London Edwardians 4London Academicals 2Battersea Park - Pitch 2
15:15Spencer SpitfiresLondon Wayfarers OutlawsBattersea Park - Pitch 1
13:30Wanderers 4East London 5Battersea Park - Pitch 2
15:30Wapping 8Wanderers 3John Orwell Sports Centre
15-Jan10:30London Wayfarers OutlawsLondon Edwardians 4Battersea Park - Pitch 1
22-JanKing's & Alleyn's 3East London 5
London Edwardians 4Wanderers 3
10:30London Wayfarers OutlawsSpencer 6Battersea Park - Pitch 1
Spencer SpitfiresBye
15:00Wanderers 4London Academicals 2AELTC Community Sports Centre
Wapping 8Tulse Hill & Dulwich 3
29-JanByeWapping 8
10:00East London 5London Wayfarers OutlawsMile End Stadium
London Academicals 2King's & Alleyn's 3
Spencer 6Spencer Spitfires
Tulse Hill & Dulwich 3London Edwardians 4
14:00Wanderers 3Wanderers 4Streatham & Clapham High School
05-FebKing's & Alleyn's 3Wanderers 3
London Edwardians 4Bye
14:00London Wayfarers OutlawsLondon Academicals 2Wimbledon High School Pitch
Spencer 6East London 5
11:00Wanderers 4Tulse Hill & Dulwich 3Streatham & Clapham High School
Wapping 8Spencer Spitfires
12-FebByeWanderers 4
London Academicals 2Spencer 6
Spencer SpitfiresEast London 5
Tulse Hill & Dulwich 3King's & Alleyn's 3
11:00Wanderers 3London Wayfarers OutlawsStreatham & Clapham High School
Wapping 8London Edwardians 4
26-Feb16:00East London 5London Academicals 2Mile End Stadium
King's & Alleyn's 3Bye
London Edwardians 4Spencer Spitfires
10:30London Wayfarers OutlawsTulse Hill & Dulwich 3Battersea Park - Pitch 1
Spencer 6Wanderers 3
14:00Wanderers 4Wapping 8Streatham & Clapham High School
05-MarByeLondon Wayfarers Outlaws
London Edwardians 4Wanderers 4
Spencer SpitfiresLondon Academicals 2
Tulse Hill & Dulwich 3Spencer 6
13:30Wanderers 3East London 5Battersea Park - Pitch 2
Wapping 8King's & Alleyn's 3
12-Mar13:00East London 5Tulse Hill & Dulwich 3Mile End Stadium
King's & Alleyn's 3London Edwardians 4
London Academicals 2Wanderers 3
12:00London Wayfarers OutlawsWapping 8King's House Sports Ground
Spencer 6Bye
15:00Wanderers 4Spencer SpitfiresAELTC Community Sports Centre
19-MarByeEast London 5
London Edwardians 4London Wayfarers Outlaws
Spencer SpitfiresWanderers 3
Tulse Hill & Dulwich 3London Academicals 2
14:00Wanderers 4King's & Alleyn's 3Streatham & Clapham High School
Wapping 8Spencer 6
26-Mar13:00East London 5Wapping 8Mile End Stadium
King's & Alleyn's 3Spencer Spitfires
London Academicals 2Bye
13:30London Wayfarers OutlawsWanderers 4King's House Sports Ground
Spencer 6London Edwardians 4
16:30Wanderers 3Tulse Hill & Dulwich 3Battersea Park - Pitch 1
02-AprByeWanderers 3
King's & Alleyn's 3London Wayfarers Outlaws
London Edwardians 4East London 5
Spencer SpitfiresTulse Hill & Dulwich 3
16:30Wanderers 4Spencer 6Battersea Park - Pitch 1
Wapping 8London Academicals 2
09-Apr10:00East London 5Wanderers 4Mile End Stadium
London Academicals 2London Edwardians 4
10:30London Wayfarers OutlawsSpencer SpitfiresKing's House Sports Ground
Spencer 6King's & Alleyn's 3
Tulse Hill & Dulwich 3Bye
12:30Wanderers 3Wapping 8Streatham & Clapham High School
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
25-SepByeSpencer Spitfires
15:30London Academicals 201Wanderers 4St Dunstans College
13:45Spencer 614London Wayfarers OutlawsBattersea Park - Pitch 1
12:30Tulse Hill & Dulwich 320Wapping 8Dulwich College - Pitch 1
13:30Wanderers 321London Edwardians 4AELTC Community Sports Centre
02-Oct10:30King's & Alleyn's 303London Academicals 2King's Sports Ground Pitch 1
12:00London Edwardians 441Tulse Hill & Dulwich 3King's Sports Ground Pitch 2
15:00London Wayfarers Outlaws40East London 5King's House Sports Ground
14:00Wanderers 402Wanderers 3Streatham & Clapham High School
Wapping 8Bye
09-OctBye00London Edwardians 4
14:30East London 514Spencer 6Mile End Stadium
14:00London Academicals 222London Wayfarers OutlawsSt Dunstans College
13:45Spencer Spitfires31Wapping 8Battersea Park - Pitch 1
14:00Tulse Hill & Dulwich 322Wanderers 4Dulwich College - Pitch 1
10:30Wanderers 3100King's & Alleyn's 3Battersea Park - Pitch 1
16-Oct11:30East London 521Spencer SpitfiresMile End Stadium
10:30King's & Alleyn's 316Tulse Hill & Dulwich 3King's Sports Ground Pitch 1
12:00London Edwardians 470Wapping 8King's Sports Ground Pitch 2
14:00London Wayfarers OutlawsWanderers 3Wimbledon High School Pitch
13:45Spencer 6London Academicals 2Battersea Park - Pitch 1
Wanderers 4Bye
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Wanderers 33300141139W W W
London Edwardians 4421112397L W D W
London Wayfarers Outlaws321010377W W D
Tulse Hill & Dulwich 3421111747W L D W
London Academicals 231115324L W D
Wanderers 4311134-14W L D
Spencer Spitfires21014313W L
Spencer 621015503L W
East London 5310239-63L L W
Wapping 83003112-110L L L
Kings & Alleyns 33003119-180L L L