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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
23-Oct12:15RichmondBromley & BeckenhamQuintin Hogg Memorial Ground - Pitch 1Dougal Perfitt, James Freeman
16:00SpencerHampstead & Westminster 2Spencer Hockey ClubAlexander Nelson
13:30WappingLondon WayfarersLee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre - Pitch 1Peter Mackintosh, James Rollins
24-Oct14:00Indian GymkhanaLondon EdwardiansIndian GymkhanaJulian Warburton, Steve Cronin
14:30Old Loughtonians Men's 1West Herts 1Old Loughtonians HC - Pitch 1Neil Tallentire, Tim Martin
30-Oct14:00Hampstead & Westminster 2WappingPaddington Recreation Ground
17:30London EdwardiansSpencerKing's Sports Ground Pitch 1
14:30London WayfarersRichmondKing's House Sports Ground
31-Oct14:00Indian GymkhanaOld Loughtonians Men's 1Indian Gymkhana
13:30West Herts 1Bromley & BeckenhamWatford Grammar School For Boys
06-Nov16:30Old Loughtonians Men's 1London EdwardiansOld Loughtonians HC - Pitch 1
13:30RichmondHampstead & Westminster 2Quintin Hogg Memorial Ground - Pitch 1
07-Nov14:00Bromley & BeckenhamWappingLangley Park School For Girls
13:30SpencerIndian GymkhanaSpencer Hockey Club
13:30West Herts 1London WayfarersWatford Grammar School For Boys
13-Nov15:30London EdwardiansHampstead & Westminster 2King's Sports Ground Pitch 1
14:30London WayfarersBromley & BeckenhamKing's House Sports Ground
13:30SpencerOld Loughtonians Men's 1
18:00WappingWest Herts 1Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre - Pitch 1
14-Nov14:00Indian GymkhanaRichmondIndian Gymkhana
20-Nov14:30Hampstead & Westminster 2London WayfarersMill Hill School
12:00RichmondLondon EdwardiansQuintin Hogg Memorial Ground - Pitch 1
18:00WappingOld Loughtonians Men's 1Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre - Pitch 2
21-Nov14:00Bromley & BeckenhamSpencerLangley Park School For Girls
13:30West Herts 1Indian GymkhanaWatford Grammar School For Boys
05-Feb14:30Hampstead & Westminster 2Bromley & BeckenhamMill Hill School
London EdwardiansWapping
14:30Old Loughtonians Men's 1RichmondOld Loughtonians HC - Pitch 1
06-Feb14:00Indian GymkhanaLondon WayfarersIndian Gymkhana
13:30SpencerWest Herts 1Spencer Hockey Club
11-FebBromley & BeckenhamLondon Edwardians
12-Feb14:30London WayfarersOld Loughtonians Men's 1King's House Sports Ground
13-FebWappingIndian Gymkhana
13:30West Herts 1Hampstead & Westminster 2Watford Grammar School For Boys
19-FebHampstead & Westminster 2Indian Gymkhana
London EdwardiansLondon Wayfarers
16:30Old Loughtonians Men's 1Bromley & BeckenhamOld Loughtonians HC - Pitch 1
13:30SpencerWappingSpencer Hockey Club
20-FebRichmondWest Herts 1
26-Feb14:30London WayfarersSpencerKing's House Sports Ground
16:30Old Loughtonians Men's 1Hampstead & Westminster 2Old Loughtonians HC - Pitch 1
18:00WappingRichmondLee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre - Pitch 1
27-Feb14:00Indian GymkhanaBromley & BeckenhamIndian Gymkhana
13:30West Herts 1London EdwardiansWatford Grammar School For Boys
05-MarBromley & BeckenhamRichmond
14:30London WayfarersWappingKing's House Sports Ground
06-MarHampstead & Westminster 2Spencer
London EdwardiansIndian Gymkhana
13:30West Herts 1Old Loughtonians Men's 1Watford Grammar School For Boys
12-MarRichmondLondon Wayfarers
13:30SpencerLondon EdwardiansSpencer Hockey Club
18:00WappingHampstead & Westminster 2Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre - Pitch 1
13-MarBromley & BeckenhamWest Herts 1
14:30Old Loughtonians Men's 1Indian GymkhanaOld Loughtonians HC - Pitch 1
19-Mar14:30Hampstead & Westminster 2RichmondMill Hill School
London EdwardiansOld Loughtonians Men's 1
18:00WappingBromley & BeckenhamLee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre - Pitch 1
20-Mar14:00Indian GymkhanaSpencerIndian Gymkhana
12:30London WayfarersWest Herts 1King's House Sports Ground
25-MarBromley & BeckenhamLondon Wayfarers
26-Mar12:30Hampstead & Westminster 2London EdwardiansPaddington Recreation Ground
16:30Old Loughtonians Men's 1SpencerOld Loughtonians HC - Pitch 1
27-MarRichmondIndian Gymkhana
13:30West Herts 1WappingWatford Grammar School For Boys
03-Apr14:00Indian GymkhanaWest Herts 1Indian Gymkhana
London EdwardiansRichmond
14:00London WayfarersHampstead & Westminster 2King's House Sports Ground
14:00Old Loughtonians Men's 1WappingOld Loughtonians HC - Pitch 1
14:00SpencerBromley & BeckenhamSpencer Hockey Club
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
25-Sep14:00Bromley & Beckenham30Hampstead & Westminster 2Langley Park School For Girls
14:00Richmond56Old Loughtonians Men's 1Quintin Hogg Memorial Ground - Pitch 1
18:00Wapping03London EdwardiansLee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre - Pitch 1
26-Sep12:30London Wayfarers42Indian GymkhanaKing's House Sports Ground
13:30West Herts 114SpencerWatford Grammar School For Boys
02-Oct17:15London Edwardians31Bromley & BeckenhamKing's Sports Ground Pitch 1
16:30Old Loughtonians Men's 131London WayfarersOld Loughtonians HC - Pitch 1
03-Oct14:30Hampstead & Westminster 224West Herts 1Paddington Recreation Ground
14:00Indian Gymkhana54WappingIndian Gymkhana
09-Oct14:00Bromley & Beckenham33Old Loughtonians Men's 1Langley Park School For Girls
14:30London Wayfarers54London EdwardiansKing's House Sports Ground
18:00Wapping20SpencerLee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre - Pitch 1
10-Oct14:00Indian Gymkhana02Hampstead & Westminster 2Indian Gymkhana
13:30West Herts 134RichmondWatford Grammar School For Boys
16-Oct14:00Hampstead & Westminster 203Old Loughtonians Men's 1Paddington Recreation Ground
12:15Richmond32WappingQuintin Hogg Memorial Ground - Pitch 1
13:30Spencer25London WayfarersSpencer Hockey Club
17-Oct14:00Bromley & BeckenhamIndian GymkhanaLangley Park School For Girls
14:15London EdwardiansWest Herts 1King's Sports Ground Pitch 1
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Old Loughtonians Mens 14310159610W W D W
Richmond4301181449L W W W
London Wayfarers4301151149W L W W
London Edwardians320110646W W L
Bromley & Beckenham31117614W L D
West Herts 13102810-23L W L
Wapping4103811-33L L W L
Indian Gymkhana3102710-33L W L
Spencer4103914-53W L L L
Hampstead & Westminster 24103410-63L L W L