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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
23-OctWakefieldAlderley EdgeSteve Smith, Darran Illidge
24-Oct14:00Didsbury Northern 1Belper Men's 1Armitage - Pitch 2Caroline Frye, Mark Watts
13:00Durham University 2PrestonUniversity Of Durham - Pitch 1Mark Davidson, Sam Williams
14:30LeedsBeeston 2Weetwood - Top PitchGraham Morrison, Neil McInnes
14:00TimperleyDoncasterTimperley HC - Pitch 1Matthew Gough, James Wakeland
30-Oct16:30Alderley EdgeLeedsThe Edge
18:00TimperleyDurham University 2Timperley HC - Pitch 1
31-Oct14:00Beeston 2WakefieldNottingham Hockey Centre - Pitch 1
12:15Belper Men's 1PrestonBelper Meadows Sports Club
14:00DoncasterDidsbury Northern 1Doncaster Town Cricket Club
06-Nov16:30Alderley EdgeBeeston 2The Edge
07-Nov14:00Didsbury Northern 1Durham University 2Armitage - Pitch 2
14:00DoncasterLeedsDoncaster Town Cricket Club
13:30PrestonTimperleyPreston Sports Club
14:00WakefieldBelper Men's 1
13-Nov14:00Durham University 2Alderley EdgeUniversity Of Durham - Pitch 1
14:00PrestonWakefieldPreston Sports Club
14-Nov14:00Beeston 2Didsbury Northern 1Nottingham Hockey Centre - Pitch 1
12:15Belper Men's 1DoncasterBelper Meadows Sports Club
21-Nov14:30Alderley EdgeBelper Men's 1The Edge
14:00Didsbury Northern 1PrestonArmitage - Pitch 2
14:00DoncasterDurham University 2Doncaster Town Cricket Club
14:00TimperleyBeeston 2Timperley HC - Pitch 1
05-Feb16:30Alderley EdgeTimperleyThe Edge
06-Feb14:00Beeston 2Durham University 2Nottingham Hockey Centre - Pitch 5
12:15Belper Men's 1LeedsBelper Meadows Sports Club
13:30PrestonDoncasterPreston Sports Club
WakefieldDidsbury Northern 1
13-FebDidsbury Northern 1Alderley Edge
14:00DoncasterBeeston 2Doncaster Town Cricket Club
13:00Durham University 2Belper Men's 1University Of Durham - Pitch 1
19-Feb14:00Durham University 2LeedsUniversity Of Durham - Pitch 1
14:00PrestonAlderley EdgePreston Sports Club
20-Feb12:15Belper Men's 1Beeston 2Belper Meadows Sports Club
Didsbury Northern 1Timperley
14:00DoncasterWakefieldDoncaster Town Cricket Club
26-FebWakefieldDurham University 2
27-Feb14:30Alderley EdgeDoncasterThe Edge
14:00Beeston 2PrestonNottingham Hockey Centre - Pitch 1
LeedsDidsbury Northern 1
TimperleyBelper Men's 1
05-Mar16:30Alderley EdgeWakefieldThe Edge
06-Mar14:00Beeston 2LeedsNottingham Hockey Centre - Pitch 1
12:15Belper Men's 1Didsbury Northern 1Belper Meadows Sports Club
14:00DoncasterTimperleyDoncaster Town Cricket Club
13:30PrestonDurham University 2Preston Sports Club
12-MarLeedsAlderley Edge
WakefieldBeeston 2
13-MarDidsbury Northern 1Doncaster
14:00Durham University 2TimperleyUniversity Of Durham - Pitch 1
PrestonBelper Men's 1
20-Mar14:00Beeston 2Alderley EdgeNottingham Hockey Centre - Pitch 5
12:15Belper Men's 1WakefieldBelper Meadows Sports Club
13:00Durham University 2Didsbury Northern 1University Of Durham - Pitch 1
26-Mar16:30Alderley EdgeDurham University 2The Edge
27-MarDidsbury Northern 1Beeston 2
14:00DoncasterBelper Men's 1Doncaster Town Cricket Club
03-Apr14:00Beeston 2TimperleyNottingham Hockey Centre - Pitch 5
12:15Belper Men's 1Alderley EdgeBelper Meadows Sports Club
13:00Durham University 2DoncasterUniversity Of Durham - Pitch 1
13:30PrestonDidsbury Northern 1Preston Sports Club
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
25-Sep18:00Timperley41Alderley EdgeTimperley HC - Pitch 1
26-Sep14:00Didsbury Northern 121WakefieldArmitage - Pitch 2
14:00DoncasterPrestonDoncaster Town Cricket Club
13:00Durham University 221Beeston 2University Of Durham - Pitch 1
14:30Leeds25Belper Men's 1Weetwood - Top Pitch
02-Oct18:00Timperley42WakefieldTimperley HC - Pitch 1
03-Oct14:30Alderley Edge03Didsbury Northern 1The Edge
14:00Beeston 212DoncasterNottingham Hockey Centre - Pitch 1
12:15Belper Men's 120Durham University 2Belper Meadows Sports Club
14:00Preston04LeedsPreston Sports Club
09-Oct16:30Alderley Edge12PrestonThe Edge
18:00Leeds01Durham University 2Weetwood - Top Pitch
13:30Wakefield11DoncasterWakefield HC Blue - Pitch 1
10-Oct14:00Beeston 214Belper Men's 1Nottingham Hockey Centre - Pitch 1
14:30Timperley23Didsbury Northern 1Timperley HC - Pitch 1
16-Oct13:30Doncaster51Alderley EdgeDoncaster Town Cricket Club
14:00Durham University 222WakefieldUniversity Of Durham - Pitch 1
17-Oct12:15Belper Men's 1TimperleyBelper Meadows Sports Club
14:00Didsbury Northern 1LeedsArmitage - Pitch 2
13:30PrestonBeeston 2Preston Sports Club
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Belper Mens 1330011389W W W
Didsbury Northern 133008359W W W
Doncaster32108357W D W
Durham University 242115507W L W D
Timperley320110646W W L
Leeds31026603L W L
Preston210125-33L W
Wakefield402269-32L L D D
Beeston 2300338-50L L L
Alderley Edge4004314-110L L L L