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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
30-OctAshford (Kent) 6Sevenoaks 9
10:30Burnt Ash (Bexley) 7ByeHurstmere School
10:45Gillingham Anchorians 5Marden Russets 8
10:00K Sports (Cobdown) 4Herne Bay 5Cobdown Sports & Social Club
16:00Maidstone 5Old Williamsonian's 7Maidstone Hockey Club
16:00Tunbridge Wells DevelopmentGravesham & Wellcome 5Kent College
06-Nov15:00Burnt Ash (Bexley) 7K Sports (Cobdown) 4Dartford Science & Technology College
ByeGillingham Anchorians 5
16:15Gravesham & Wellcome 5Maidstone 5Gravesend Rugby Club
10:00Marden Russets 8Tunbridge Wells DevelopmentMarden Sports Club - Pitch 2
10:30Old Williamsonian's 7Ashford (Kent) 6Old Williamsonians Clubhouse
10:30Sevenoaks 9Herne Bay 5Sevenoaks School - Pitch 1
13-NovAshford (Kent) 6Gravesham & Wellcome 5
10:45Gillingham Anchorians 5Burnt Ash (Bexley) 7
15:15Herne Bay 5Old Williamsonian's 7Herne Bay HC - Pitch 2
12:00K Sports (Cobdown) 4Sevenoaks 9Cobdown Sports & Social Club
16:00Maidstone 5Marden Russets 8Maidstone Hockey Club
Tunbridge Wells DevelopmentBye
20-Nov10:30Burnt Ash (Bexley) 7Tunbridge Wells DevelopmentHurstmere School
ByeMaidstone 5
16:45Gillingham Anchorians 5K Sports (Cobdown) 4
16:15Gravesham & Wellcome 5Herne Bay 5Gravesend Rugby Club
10:00Marden Russets 8Ashford (Kent) 6Marden Sports Club - Pitch 2
10:30Old Williamsonian's 7Sevenoaks 9Old Williamsonians Clubhouse
27-NovAshford (Kent) 6Bye
11:30Herne Bay 5Marden Russets 8Herne Bay HC - Pitch 1
10:00K Sports (Cobdown) 4Old Williamsonian's 7Cobdown Sports & Social Club
16:00Maidstone 5Burnt Ash (Bexley) 7Maidstone Hockey Club
13:30Sevenoaks 9Gravesham & Wellcome 5Weald Grammar School Sevenoaks
14:30Tunbridge Wells DevelopmentGillingham Anchorians 5Kent College
04-Dec13:30Burnt Ash (Bexley) 7Ashford (Kent) 6Dartford Science & Technology College
ByeHerne Bay 5
10:45Gillingham Anchorians 5Maidstone 5
16:15Gravesham & Wellcome 5Old Williamsonian's 7Gravesend Rugby Club
10:00Marden Russets 8Sevenoaks 9Marden Sports Club - Pitch 1
13:00Tunbridge Wells DevelopmentK Sports (Cobdown) 4Kent College
11-DecAshford (Kent) 6Gillingham Anchorians 5
15:15Herne Bay 5Burnt Ash (Bexley) 7Herne Bay HC - Pitch 2
10:00K Sports (Cobdown) 4Gravesham & Wellcome 5Cobdown Sports & Social Club
16:00Maidstone 5Tunbridge Wells DevelopmentMaidstone Hockey Club
10:30Old Williamsonian's 7Marden Russets 8Old Williamsonians Clubhouse
12:00Sevenoaks 9ByeSevenoaks HC - Holly Bush Lane
15-JanAshford (Kent) 6Tunbridge Wells Development
16:15Gravesham & Wellcome 5Marden Russets 8Gravesend Rugby Club
11:30Herne Bay 5Gillingham Anchorians 5Herne Bay HC - Pitch 1
12:00K Sports (Cobdown) 4Maidstone 5Cobdown Sports & Social Club
10:30Old Williamsonian's 7ByeOld Williamsonians Clubhouse
12:00Sevenoaks 9Burnt Ash (Bexley) 7Sevenoaks HC - Holly Bush Lane
22-Jan15:00Burnt Ash (Bexley) 7Old Williamsonian's 7Dartford Science & Technology College
ByeGravesham & Wellcome 5
13:45Gillingham Anchorians 5Sevenoaks 9
16:00Maidstone 5Ashford (Kent) 6Maidstone Hockey Club
Marden Russets 8K Sports (Cobdown) 4
Tunbridge Wells DevelopmentHerne Bay 5
29-JanAshford (Kent) 6K Sports (Cobdown) 4
16:15Gravesham & Wellcome 5Burnt Ash (Bexley) 7Gravesend Rugby Club
15:15Herne Bay 5Maidstone 5Herne Bay HC - Pitch 2
Marden Russets 8Bye
10:30Old Williamsonian's 7Gillingham Anchorians 5Old Williamsonians Clubhouse
10:30Sevenoaks 9Tunbridge Wells DevelopmentSevenoaks HC - Holly Bush Lane
05-FebAshford (Kent) 6Herne Bay 5
15:00Burnt Ash (Bexley) 7Marden Russets 8Hurstmere School
12:15Gillingham Anchorians 5Gravesham & Wellcome 5
10:00K Sports (Cobdown) 4ByeCobdown Sports & Social Club
16:00Maidstone 5Sevenoaks 9Maidstone Hockey Club
Tunbridge Wells DevelopmentOld Williamsonian's 7
12-FebByeBurnt Ash (Bexley) 7
16:15Gravesham & Wellcome 5Tunbridge Wells DevelopmentGravesend Rugby Club
15:15Herne Bay 5K Sports (Cobdown) 4Herne Bay HC - Pitch 2
Marden Russets 8Gillingham Anchorians 5
10:30Old Williamsonian's 7Maidstone 5Old Williamsonians Clubhouse
10:30Sevenoaks 9Ashford (Kent) 6Sevenoaks HC - Holly Bush Lane
26-FebAshford (Kent) 6Old Williamsonian's 7
10:45Gillingham Anchorians 5Bye
15:15Herne Bay 5Sevenoaks 9Herne Bay HC - Pitch 2
12:00K Sports (Cobdown) 4Burnt Ash (Bexley) 7Cobdown Sports & Social Club
16:00Maidstone 5Gravesham & Wellcome 5Maidstone Hockey Club
Tunbridge Wells DevelopmentMarden Russets 8
05-Mar10:30Burnt Ash (Bexley) 7Gillingham Anchorians 5Hurstmere School
ByeTunbridge Wells Development
16:15Gravesham & Wellcome 5Ashford (Kent) 6Gravesend Rugby Club
Marden Russets 8Maidstone 5
16:30Old Williamsonian's 7Herne Bay 5Old Williamsonians Clubhouse
10:30Sevenoaks 9K Sports (Cobdown) 4Weald Grammar School Sevenoaks
12-MarAshford (Kent) 6Marden Russets 8
11:30Herne Bay 5Gravesham & Wellcome 5Herne Bay HC - Pitch 1
10:00K Sports (Cobdown) 4Gillingham Anchorians 5Cobdown Sports & Social Club
16:00Maidstone 5ByeMaidstone Hockey Club
13:30Sevenoaks 9Old Williamsonian's 7Sevenoaks HC - Holly Bush Lane
Tunbridge Wells DevelopmentBurnt Ash (Bexley) 7
19-Mar16:30Burnt Ash (Bexley) 7Maidstone 5Dartford Science & Technology College
ByeAshford (Kent) 6
16:45Gillingham Anchorians 5Tunbridge Wells Development
16:15Gravesham & Wellcome 5Sevenoaks 9Gravesend Rugby Club
Marden Russets 8Herne Bay 5
16:30Old Williamsonian's 7K Sports (Cobdown) 4Old Williamsonians Clubhouse
26-MarAshford (Kent) 6Burnt Ash (Bexley) 7
15:15Herne Bay 5ByeHerne Bay HC - Pitch 2
10:00K Sports (Cobdown) 4Tunbridge Wells DevelopmentCobdown Sports & Social Club
16:00Maidstone 5Gillingham Anchorians 5Maidstone Hockey Club
16:30Old Williamsonian's 7Gravesham & Wellcome 5Old Williamsonians Clubhouse
10:30Sevenoaks 9Marden Russets 8Weald Grammar School Sevenoaks
02-AprBurnt Ash (Bexley) 7Herne Bay 5
ByeSevenoaks 9
16:45Gillingham Anchorians 5Ashford (Kent) 6
16:15Gravesham & Wellcome 5K Sports (Cobdown) 4Gravesend Rugby Club
Marden Russets 8Old Williamsonian's 7
Tunbridge Wells DevelopmentMaidstone 5
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
25-Sep15:00Burnt Ash (Bexley) 7 (HWO)50Sevenoaks 9King Henry School (Erith) - Pitch 1
ByeOld Williamsonian's 7
Gillingham Anchorians 522Herne Bay 5
16:00Maidstone 512K Sports (Cobdown) 4Maidstone Hockey Club
10:00Marden Russets 813Gravesham & Wellcome 5Marden Sports Club - Pitch 2
Tunbridge Wells Development05Ashford (Kent) 6 (AWO)
02-Oct16:00Ashford (Kent) 626Maidstone 5Ball Lane
16:15Gravesham & Wellcome 5ByeGravesend Rugby Club
15:30Herne Bay 514Tunbridge Wells DevelopmentHerne Bay HC - Pitch 2
12:00K Sports (Cobdown) 424Marden Russets 8Cobdown Sports & Social Club
16:30Old Williamsonian's 734Burnt Ash (Bexley) 7Old Williamsonians Clubhouse
10:30Sevenoaks 9 (HWO)50Gillingham Anchorians 5Weald Grammar School Sevenoaks
09-Oct16:30Burnt Ash (Bexley) 713Gravesham & Wellcome 5Dartford Science & Technology College
ByeMarden Russets 8
10:45Gillingham Anchorians 505Old Williamsonian's 7 (AWO)
16:00K Sports (Cobdown) 451Ashford (Kent) 6Cobdown Sports & Social Club
16:00Maidstone 513Herne Bay 5Maidstone Hockey Club
13:00Tunbridge Wells Development (HWO)50Sevenoaks 9Kent College
16-OctByeK Sports (Cobdown) 4
16:15Gravesham & Wellcome 502Gillingham Anchorians 5Gravesend Rugby Club
15:15Herne Bay 513Ashford (Kent) 6Herne Bay HC - Pitch 2
10:00Marden Russets 810Burnt Ash (Bexley) 7Marden Sports Club - Pitch 1
16:30Old Williamsonian's 712Tunbridge Wells DevelopmentOld Williamsonians Clubhouse
15:00Sevenoaks 972Maidstone 5Weald Grammar School Sevenoaks
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Tunbridge Wells Development430111749L W W W
Burnt Ash (Bexley) 7420210736W W L L
K Sports (Cobdown) 432019636W L W
Gravesham & Wellcome 532016426W W L
Marden Russets 832016516L W W
Sevenoaks 94202121206L W L W
Ashford (Kent) 642021112-16W L L W
Herne Bay 54112710-34D L W L
Gillingham Anchorians 54112412-84D L L W
Old Williamsonians 731029633L W L
Maidstone 541031014-43L W L L