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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
30-Oct12:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2Marton Furness 4St Hilds Church of England School
15:00Marton Furness 3Stockton 4Kings Academy
14:00Norton 3Durham City 4Norton Hockey Club
12:00Richmond (Yorkshire) 2Redcar 1Richmond School
13:00Stockton 5Darlington 2Yarm School
12:00Stokesley Men's 3Norton 2Macmillian Academy
06-Nov12:30Darlington 2Richmond (Yorkshire) 2Carmel College
Durham City 4Stockton 5
12:00Marton Furness 4Norton 3Kings Academy
12:00Norton 2Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2Norton Hockey Club
16:00Redcar 1Marton Furness 3Norton Hockey Club
14:30Stockton 4Stokesley Men's 3Yarm School
13-Nov14:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2Stockton 4St Hilds Church of England School
15:00Marton Furness 3Darlington 2Kings Academy
14:00Norton 2Marton Furness 4Norton Hockey Club
12:00Richmond (Yorkshire) 2Durham City 4Richmond School
14:30Stockton 5Norton 3Yarm School
12:00Stokesley Men's 3Redcar 1Macmillian Academy
20-Nov12:30Darlington 2Stokesley Men's 3Carmel College
Durham City 4Marton Furness 3
12:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2Redcar 1St Hilds Church of England School
12:00Marton Furness 4Stockton 5Kings Academy
12:00Norton 3Richmond (Yorkshire) 2Norton Hockey Club
Stockton 4Norton 2
27-Nov12:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2Darlington 2St Hilds Church of England School
12:00Marton Furness 3Norton 3Kings Academy
14:00Norton 2Redcar 1Norton Hockey Club
12:00Richmond (Yorkshire) 2Stockton 5Richmond School
13:00Stockton 4Marton Furness 4Yarm School
15:30Stokesley Men's 3Durham City 4Macmillian Academy
04-Dec12:30Darlington 2Norton 2Carmel College
Durham City 4Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2
12:00Marton Furness 4Richmond (Yorkshire) 2Kings Academy
14:00Norton 3Stokesley Men's 3Norton Hockey Club
16:00Redcar 1Stockton 4Norton Hockey Club
Stockton 5Marton Furness 3
11-Dec12:30Darlington 2Stockton 4Carmel College
Durham City 4Norton 2
14:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2Norton 3St Hilds Church of England School
12:00Marton Furness 4Redcar 1Kings Academy
12:00Richmond (Yorkshire) 2Marton Furness 3Richmond School
13:45Stockton 5Stokesley Men's 3Macmillian Academy
15-Jan12:00Marton Furness 3Marton Furness 4Kings Academy
12:00Norton 2Norton 3Norton Hockey Club
Redcar 1Darlington 2
Stockton 4Durham City 4
Stockton 5Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2
15:30Stokesley Men's 3Richmond (Yorkshire) 2Macmillian Academy
22-Jan12:30Darlington 2Marton Furness 4Carmel College
Durham City 4Redcar 1
12:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2Richmond (Yorkshire) 2St Hilds Church of England School
15:00Marton Furness 3Stokesley Men's 3Kings Academy
14:00Norton 3Stockton 4Norton Hockey Club
Stockton 5Norton 2
29-Jan11:00Darlington 2Durham City 4Carmel College
14:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2Marton Furness 3St Hilds Church of England School
12:00Marton Furness 4Stokesley Men's 3Kings Academy
12:00Norton 2Richmond (Yorkshire) 2Norton Hockey Club
Redcar 1Norton 3
Stockton 4Stockton 5
05-FebDurham City 4Marton Furness 4
12:00Marton Furness 3Norton 2Kings Academy
14:00Norton 3Darlington 2Norton Hockey Club
12:00Richmond (Yorkshire) 2Stockton 4Richmond School
Stockton 5Redcar 1
15:30Stokesley Men's 3Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2Macmillian Academy
12-Feb12:30Darlington 2Stockton 5Carmel College
Durham City 4Norton 3
12:00Marton Furness 4Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2Kings Academy
12:00Norton 2Stokesley Men's 3Norton Hockey Club
Redcar 1Richmond (Yorkshire) 2
Stockton 4Marton Furness 3
26-Feb14:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2Norton 2St Hilds Church of England School
15:00Marton Furness 3Redcar 1Kings Academy
14:00Norton 3Marton Furness 4Norton Hockey Club
12:00Richmond (Yorkshire) 2Darlington 2Richmond School
Stockton 5Durham City 4
12:00Stokesley Men's 3Stockton 4Macmillian Academy
05-Mar12:30Darlington 2Marton Furness 3Carmel College
Durham City 4Richmond (Yorkshire) 2
12:00Marton Furness 4Norton 2Kings Academy
12:00Norton 3Stockton 5Norton Hockey Club
Redcar 1Stokesley Men's 3
Stockton 4Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2
12-Mar15:00Marton Furness 3Durham City 4Kings Academy
14:00Norton 2Stockton 4Norton Hockey Club
Redcar 1Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2
12:00Richmond (Yorkshire) 2Norton 3Richmond School
Stockton 5Marton Furness 4
12:00Stokesley Men's 3Darlington 2Macmillian Academy
19-Mar12:30Darlington 2Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2Carmel College
Durham City 4Stokesley Men's 3
15:00Marton Furness 4Stockton 4Kings Academy
12:00Norton 3Marton Furness 3Norton Hockey Club
Redcar 1Norton 2
Stockton 5Richmond (Yorkshire) 2
26-Mar14:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2Durham City 4St Hilds Church of England School
12:00Marton Furness 3Stockton 5Kings Academy
14:00Norton 2Darlington 2Norton Hockey Club
12:00Richmond (Yorkshire) 2Marton Furness 4Richmond School
Stockton 4Redcar 1
12:00Stokesley Men's 3Norton 3Macmillian Academy
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
18-Sep12:00Marton Furness 3 (HWO)50Richmond (Yorkshire) 2Kings Academy
12:00Norton 221Durham City 4Norton Hockey Club
14:00Norton 317Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2Norton Hockey Club
Redcar 140Marton Furness 4
10:00Stockton 411Darlington 2Macmillian Academy
15:15Stokesley Men's 326Stockton 5Macmillian Academy
25-SepDarlington 202Redcar 1
10:30Durham City 413Stockton 4Durham School
Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2 (HWO)50Stockton 5
15:00Marton Furness 425Marton Furness 3Kings Academy
14:00Norton 307Norton 2Norton Hockey Club
Richmond (Yorkshire) 2Stokesley Men's 3
02-Oct12:00Marton Furness 411Darlington 2Kings Academy
12:00Norton 263Stockton 5Norton Hockey Club
Redcar 111Durham City 4
12:00Richmond (Yorkshire) 213Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2Richmond School
14:30Stockton 420Norton 3Yarm School
15:30Stokesley Men's 305Marton Furness 3Macmillian Academy
09-Oct13:45Durham City 411Darlington 2Durham School
15:00Marton Furness 350Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2Kings Academy
13:30Norton 312Redcar 1Norton Hockey Club
12:00Richmond (Yorkshire) 205Norton 2 (AWO)Richmond School
14:30Stockton 514Stockton 4Yarm School
15:30Stokesley Men's 302Marton Furness 4Macmillian Academy
16-Oct11:00Darlington 2Norton 3Carmel College
12:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 270Stokesley Men's 3St Hilds Church of England School
15:00Marton Furness 423Durham City 4Kings Academy
12:00Norton 202Marton Furness 3Norton Hockey Club
16:00Redcar 1 (HWO)50Stockton 5
12:30Stockton 412Richmond (Yorkshire) 2Yarm School
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Marton Furness 355002222015W W W W W
Redcar 154101421213W W D W W
Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 254012271512W W W L W
Norton 254012061412W W W W L
Stockton 45311115610D W W W L
Durham City 4512279-25L L D D W
Marton Furness 45113713-64L L D W L
Darlington 2403135-23D L D D
Richmond (Yorkshire) 24103314-113L L L W
Stockton 551041022-123W L L L L
Norton 34004218-160L L L L
Stokesley Mens 34004220-180L L L L