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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
23-OctHartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 1Durham University 5
Tynedale 1Newcastle University 4
24-Oct16:00Durham University 5Durham City 2University Of Durham - Pitch 1
14:00Newcastle University 4Newcastle Medics 2
30-Oct12:30Darlington 1Tynedale 1Carmel College
14:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 1Hild Bede 1St Hilds Church of England School
13:30Marton Furness 2Stokesley Men's 2Kings Academy
14:30Newcastle Medics 2NewcastleJesmond Park Academy
10:00Newcastle University 4Durham City 2Newcastle University Sports Ground
10:15Stockton 3Durham University 5Macmillian Academy
31-Oct16:00Durham University 5Hild Bede 1University of Durham - Pitch 2
06-NovDurham City 2Marton Furness 2
16:30Durham University 5Darlington 1University Of Durham - Pitch 1
14:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 1Newcastle University 4St Hilds Church of England School
12:30NewcastleHild Bede 1Jesmond Park Academy
15:30Stokesley Men's 2Stockton 3Macmillian Academy
Tynedale 1Newcastle Medics 2
07-NovHild Bede 1Newcastle Medics 2
13-Nov12:30Darlington 1Stokesley Men's 2Carmel College
13:30Marton Furness 2Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 1Kings Academy
14:30NewcastleTynedale 1Jesmond Park Academy
14:30Newcastle Medics 2Durham University 5Westgate Centre For Sport
16:30Newcastle University 4Hild Bede 1Newcastle University Sports Ground
13:00Stockton 3Durham City 2Yarm School
20-NovDurham City 2Darlington 1
10:00Durham University 5Tynedale 1University of Durham - Pitch 2
14:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 1Stockton 3St Hilds Church of England School
Hild Bede 1Marton Furness 2
12:30NewcastleNewcastle University 4Jesmond Park Academy
15:30Stokesley Men's 2Newcastle Medics 2Macmillian Academy
27-Nov10:00Durham University 5NewcastleUniversity of Durham - Pitch 2
14:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 1Darlington 1St Hilds Church of England School
13:30Marton Furness 2Newcastle University 4Kings Academy
16:00Newcastle Medics 2Durham City 2Westgate Centre For Sport
10:15Stockton 3Hild Bede 1Macmillian Academy
Tynedale 1Stokesley Men's 2
04-DecDurham City 2Tynedale 1
Hild Bede 1Darlington 1
14:30NewcastleMarton Furness 2Jesmond Park Academy
14:30Newcastle Medics 2Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 1Westgate Centre For Sport
15:00Newcastle University 4Stockton 3Newcastle University Sports Ground
13:45Stokesley Men's 2Durham University 5Macmillian Academy
11-DecDurham City 2Durham University 5
13:30Marton Furness 2Stockton 3Kings Academy
14:30NewcastleStokesley Men's 2Jesmond Park Academy
16:30Newcastle University 4Darlington 1Newcastle University Sports Ground
Tynedale 1Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 1
15-Jan12:30Darlington 1Marton Furness 2Carmel College
15:00Durham University 5Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 1University of Durham - Pitch 2
Hild Bede 1Tynedale 1
14:30Newcastle Medics 2Newcastle University 4Westgate Centre For Sport
Stockton 3Newcastle
12:00Stokesley Men's 2Durham City 2Macmillian Academy
22-JanDurham City 2Newcastle
14:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 1Stokesley Men's 2St Hilds Church of England School
Hild Bede 1Durham University 5
13:30Marton Furness 2Newcastle Medics 2Kings Academy
Newcastle University 4Tynedale 1
Stockton 3Darlington 1
29-JanDurham City 2Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 1
12:00Durham University 5Newcastle University 4University of Durham - Pitch 2
12:30NewcastleDarlington 1Jesmond Park Academy
13:00Newcastle Medics 2Stockton 3Westgate Centre For Sport
10:15Stokesley Men's 2Hild Bede 1Macmillian Academy
Tynedale 1Marton Furness 2
05-Feb12:30Darlington 1Newcastle Medics 2Carmel College
Hild Bede 1Durham City 2
13:30Marton Furness 2Durham University 5Kings Academy
NewcastleHartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 1Jesmond Park Academy
16:30Newcastle University 4Stokesley Men's 2Newcastle University Sports Ground
Stockton 3Tynedale 1
12-FebDurham City 2Newcastle University 4
11:30Durham University 5Stockton 3University of Durham - Pitch 2
Hild Bede 1Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 1
12:30NewcastleNewcastle Medics 2Jesmond Park Academy
15:30Stokesley Men's 2Marton Furness 2Macmillian Academy
Tynedale 1Darlington 1
19-FebHild Bede 1Stockton 3
20-Feb11:00Darlington 1Hild Bede 1Carmel College
26-Feb12:30Darlington 1Durham University 5Carmel College
Hild Bede 1Newcastle
13:30Marton Furness 2Durham City 2Kings Academy
14:30Newcastle Medics 2Tynedale 1Westgate Centre For Sport
11:30Newcastle University 4Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 1Newcastle University Sports Ground
Stockton 3Stokesley Men's 2
05-MarDurham City 2Stockton 3
13:15Durham University 5Newcastle Medics 2University of Durham - Pitch 2
14:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 1Marton Furness 2St Hilds Church of England School
Hild Bede 1Newcastle University 4
15:30Stokesley Men's 2Darlington 1Macmillian Academy
Tynedale 1Newcastle
06-Mar14:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 1Newcastle Medics 2St Hilds Church of England School
12-Mar12:30Darlington 1Durham City 2Carmel College
13:30Marton Furness 2Hild Bede 1Kings Academy
13:00Newcastle Medics 2Stokesley Men's 2Westgate Centre For Sport
10:00Newcastle University 4NewcastleNewcastle University Sports Ground
Stockton 3Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 1
Tynedale 1Durham University 5
19-Mar12:30Darlington 1Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 1Carmel College
Durham City 2Newcastle Medics 2
12:30NewcastleDurham University 5Jesmond Park Academy
11:30Newcastle University 4Marton Furness 2Newcastle University Sports Ground
13:45Stokesley Men's 2Tynedale 1Macmillian Academy
26-Mar11:30Durham University 5Stokesley Men's 2University of Durham - Pitch 2
12:00Marton Furness 2NewcastleKings Academy
Stockton 3Newcastle University 4
Tynedale 1Durham City 2
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
18-SepHartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 141Tynedale 1
Stockton 304Marton Furness 2
11:45Stokesley Men's 253NewcastleMacmillian Academy
25-Sep12:00Durham City 234Stokesley Men's 2University of Durham - Pitch 2
13:30Marton Furness 243Darlington 1Kings Academy
14:30Newcastle33Stockton 3Jesmond Park Academy
02-OctDarlington 131Stockton 3
12:30Newcastle52Durham City 2Jesmond Park Academy
Newcastle Medics 234Marton Furness 2
12:00Stokesley Men's 236Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 1Macmillian Academy
09-OctDarlington 122Newcastle
14:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 141Durham City 2St Hilds Church of England School
Hild Bede 112Stokesley Men's 2
13:30Marton Furness 242Tynedale 1Kings Academy
11:30Newcastle University 415Durham University 5Newcastle University Sports Ground
13:00Stockton 353Newcastle Medics 2Yarm School
10-OctTynedale 112Hild Bede 1
16-Oct10:00Durham City 2Hild Bede 1University of Durham - Pitch 2
16:30Durham University 532Marton Furness 2University of Durham - Pitch 2
14:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 152NewcastleSt Hilds Church of England School
14:30Newcastle Medics 2Darlington 1Westgate Centre For Sport
10:15Stokesley Men's 221Newcastle University 4Macmillian Academy
14:45Tynedale 150Stockton 3Jesmond Park Academy
17-Oct11:00Darlington 1Newcastle University 4Carmel College
15:00Newcastle Medics 2Hild Bede 1Westgate Centre For Sport
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 144001971212W W W W
Marton Furness 254011811712W W W W L
Stokesley Mens 254011614212W W L W W
Durham University 522008356W W
Newcastle51221517-25L D W D L
Darlington 131118714L W D
Stockton 35113918-94L D L W L
Hild Bede 121013303L W
Tynedale 14103910-13L L L W
Newcastle Medics 2200269-30L L
Newcastle University 4200227-50L L
Durham City 23003613-70L L L