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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
30-Oct15:00Ben RhyddingNewcastle UniversityBen Rhydding HC - Pitch 1Darran Illidge, Lee Cooper
14:00BriggHarrogateBrigg Recreation GroundJeremy Hall, chris Blogg
13:15Durham University 3City Of YorkUniversity of Durham - Pitch 2Mike Trubshaw, David Eldridge
12:15Leeds 2Stockton 1Weetwood - Top PitchSamuel Church, Dominic Dunn
18:30LindumChesterfieldLindum Sports AssociationIan Henderson, David Elworthy
13:30Sheffield University Bankers 1ByeNorton Sports Centre (Sheffield)
14:00Whitley Bay & TynemouthSheffield Hallam 2The Parks - Pitch 1Mark Davidson, Mike Lakinski
06-NovByeWhitley Bay & Tynemouth
ChesterfieldSheffield University Bankers 1
12:15City Of YorkLeeds 2York University - Pitch 1
12:30HarrogateDurham University 3
15:00Newcastle UniversityBriggNewcastle University Sports Ground
13:15Sheffield Hallam 2Ben RhyddingAbbeydale Sports Club Ltd
13:00Stockton 1LindumYarm School
13-NovBen RhyddingBye
14:00BriggSheffield Hallam 2Brigg Recreation Ground
11:45Durham University 3Newcastle UniversityUniversity of Durham - Pitch 2
12:30HarrogateCity Of York
13:30LindumLeeds 2Lindum Sports Association
13:30Sheffield University Bankers 1Stockton 1Norton Sports Centre (Sheffield)
14:00Whitley Bay & TynemouthChesterfieldThe Parks - Pitch 1
ChesterfieldBen Rhydding
12:15City Of YorkLindumYork University - Pitch 1
Leeds 2Sheffield University Bankers 1
13:15Newcastle UniversityHarrogateNewcastle University Sports Ground
15:00Sheffield Hallam 2Durham University 3Abbeydale Sports Club Ltd
10:30Whitley Bay & TynemouthStockton 1The Parks - Pitch 1
27-Nov14:30Ben RhyddingStockton 1Ben Rhydding HC - Pitch 1
14:00BriggChesterfieldBrigg Recreation Ground
Durham University 3Bye
12:30HarrogateSheffield Hallam 2
13:15Newcastle UniversityCity Of YorkNewcastle University Sports Ground
13:30Sheffield University Bankers 1LindumNorton Sports Centre (Sheffield)
14:00Whitley Bay & TynemouthLeeds 2The Parks - Pitch 1
ChesterfieldDurham University 3
12:15City Of YorkSheffield University Bankers 1York University - Pitch 1
Leeds 2Ben Rhydding
13:30LindumWhitley Bay & TynemouthLindum Sports Association
13:15Sheffield Hallam 2Newcastle UniversityAbbeydale Sports Club Ltd
13:00Stockton 1BriggYarm School
11-DecChesterfieldSheffield Hallam 2
City Of YorkBye
Leeds 2Harrogate
13:30LindumDurham University 3Lindum Sports Association
13:30Sheffield University Bankers 1BriggNorton Sports Centre (Sheffield)
13:00Stockton 1Newcastle UniversityYarm School
14:00Whitley Bay & TynemouthBen RhyddingThe Parks - Pitch 1
15-Jan14:30Ben RhyddingCity Of YorkBen Rhydding HC - Pitch 1
14:00BriggWhitley Bay & TynemouthBrigg Recreation Ground
12:00Durham University 3Sheffield University Bankers 1University Of Durham - Pitch 1
13:15Newcastle UniversityLeeds 2Newcastle University Sports Ground
Sheffield Hallam 2Stockton 1
22-Jan14:30Ben RhyddingBriggBen Rhydding HC - Pitch 1
ChesterfieldCity Of York
Leeds 2Sheffield Hallam 2
13:30LindumNewcastle UniversityLindum Sports Association
13:30Sheffield University Bankers 1HarrogateNorton Sports Centre (Sheffield)
Stockton 1Bye
14:00Whitley Bay & TynemouthDurham University 3The Parks - Pitch 1
29-JanByeLeeds 2
ChesterfieldStockton 1
12:15City Of YorkBriggYork University - Pitch 1
12:00Durham University 3Ben RhyddingUniversity Of Durham - Pitch 1
12:30HarrogateWhitley Bay & Tynemouth
13:15Newcastle UniversitySheffield University Bankers 1Newcastle University Sports Ground
Sheffield Hallam 2Lindum
05-Feb14:30Ben RhyddingHarrogateBen Rhydding HC - Pitch 1
14:00BriggDurham University 3Brigg Recreation Ground
Leeds 2Chesterfield
13:30Sheffield University Bankers 1Sheffield Hallam 2Norton Sports Centre (Sheffield)
Stockton 1City Of York
14:00Whitley Bay & TynemouthNewcastle UniversityThe Parks - Pitch 1
06-Feb14:30Ben RhyddingLindumBen Rhydding HC - Pitch 1
BriggLeeds 2
16:00Durham University 3Stockton 1University Of Durham - Pitch 1
Newcastle UniversityBye
Sheffield Hallam 2City Of York
14:00Whitley Bay & TynemouthSheffield University Bankers 1The Parks - Pitch 1
12-FebByeSheffield University Bankers 1
12:15City Of YorkDurham University 3York University - Pitch 1
13:15Newcastle UniversityBen RhyddingNewcastle University Sports Ground
Sheffield Hallam 2Whitley Bay & Tynemouth
Stockton 1Leeds 2
26-Feb15:00Ben RhyddingSheffield Hallam 2Ben Rhydding HC - Pitch 1
14:00BriggNewcastle UniversityBrigg Recreation Ground
13:15Durham University 3HarrogateUniversity of Durham - Pitch 2
Leeds 2City Of York
13:30LindumStockton 1Lindum Sports Association
13:30Sheffield University Bankers 1ChesterfieldNorton Sports Centre (Sheffield)
14:00Whitley Bay & TynemouthByeThe Parks - Pitch 1
05-MarByeBen Rhydding
ChesterfieldWhitley Bay & Tynemouth
12:15City Of YorkHarrogateYork University - Pitch 1
Leeds 2Lindum
13:15Newcastle UniversityDurham University 3Newcastle University Sports Ground
Sheffield Hallam 2Brigg
Stockton 1Sheffield University Bankers 1
06-MarByeSheffield Hallam 2
ChesterfieldNewcastle University
12:00City Of YorkWhitley Bay & TynemouthHuntington Astro
Leeds 2Durham University 3
13:30LindumBriggLindum Sports Association
Stockton 1Harrogate
12-Mar14:30Ben RhyddingChesterfieldBen Rhydding HC - Pitch 1
11:45Durham University 3Sheffield Hallam 2University of Durham - Pitch 2
12:30HarrogateNewcastle University
13:30LindumCity Of YorkLindum Sports Association
13:30Sheffield University Bankers 1Leeds 2Norton Sports Centre (Sheffield)
Stockton 1Whitley Bay & TynemouthYarm School
19-MarByeDurham University 3
12:15City Of YorkNewcastle UniversityYork University - Pitch 1
Leeds 2Whitley Bay & Tynemouth
13:30LindumSheffield University Bankers 1Lindum Sports Association
Sheffield Hallam 2Harrogate
Stockton 1Ben Rhydding
26-Mar14:30Ben RhyddingLeeds 2Ben Rhydding HC - Pitch 1
14:00BriggStockton 1Brigg Recreation Ground
13:15Durham University 3ChesterfieldUniversity of Durham - Pitch 2
13:15Newcastle UniversitySheffield Hallam 2Newcastle University Sports Ground
13:30Sheffield University Bankers 1City Of YorkNorton Sports Centre (Sheffield)
14:00Whitley Bay & TynemouthLindumThe Parks - Pitch 1
02-AprByeNewcastle University
12:15City Of YorkSheffield Hallam 2York University - Pitch 1
Leeds 2Brigg
13:30LindumBen RhyddingLindum Sports Association
13:30Sheffield University Bankers 1Whitley Bay & TynemouthNorton Sports Centre (Sheffield)
Stockton 1Durham University 3
09-Apr14:30Ben RhyddingSheffield University Bankers 1Ben Rhydding HC - Pitch 1
14:00BriggLindumBrigg Recreation Ground
12:00Durham University 3Leeds 2University of Durham - Pitch 2
12:30HarrogateStockton 1
Newcastle UniversityChesterfieldNewcastle University Sports Ground
Sheffield Hallam 2Bye
14:00Whitley Bay & TynemouthCity Of YorkThe Parks - Pitch 1
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
18-Sep14:30Ben Rhydding52Whitley Bay & TynemouthBen Rhydding HC - Pitch 1
12:30Brigg30Sheffield University Bankers 1Brigg Recreation Ground
ByeCity Of York
16:00Durham University 313LindumUniversity of Durham - Pitch 2
Harrogate12Leeds 2
13:15Newcastle University10Stockton 1Newcastle University Sports Ground
13:15Sheffield Hallam 201ChesterfieldAbbeydale Sports Club Ltd
12:15City Of York15Ben RhyddingYork University - Pitch 1
12:15Leeds 220Newcastle UniversityWeetwood - Top Pitch
13:30Lindum61HarrogateLindum Sports Association
13:30Sheffield University Bankers 121Durham University 3Norton Sports Centre (Sheffield)
13:45Stockton 132Sheffield Hallam 2Macmillian Academy
14:00Whitley Bay & Tynemouth40BriggThe Parks - Pitch 1
02-Oct14:00Brigg26Ben RhyddingBrigg Recreation Ground
ByeStockton 1
12:15City Of York40ChesterfieldYork University - Pitch 1
14:00Durham University 314Whitley Bay & TynemouthUniversity Of Durham - Pitch 1
12:30Harrogate51Sheffield University Bankers 1
13:15Newcastle University010LindumNewcastle University Sports Ground
15:00Sheffield Hallam 212Leeds 2Abbeydale Sports Club Ltd
09-Oct15:00Ben Rhydding41Durham University 3Ben Rhydding HC - Pitch 1
14:00Brigg43City Of YorkBrigg Recreation Ground
Leeds 2Bye
13:30Lindum90Sheffield Hallam 2Lindum Sports Association
13:30Sheffield University Bankers 110Newcastle UniversityNorton Sports Centre (Sheffield)
12:00Stockton 160ChesterfieldMacmillian Academy
14:00Whitley Bay & Tynemouth21HarrogateThe Parks - Pitch 1
Chesterfield13Leeds 2
12:15City Of York59Stockton 1York University - Pitch 1
13:15Durham University 325BriggUniversity of Durham - Pitch 2
12:30Harrogate23Ben Rhydding
13:15Newcastle University28Whitley Bay & TynemouthNewcastle University Sports Ground
18:00Sheffield Hallam 201Sheffield University Bankers 1Abbeydale Sports Club Ltd
23-Oct13:30Sheffield University Bankers 124Ben RhyddingNorton Sports Centre (Sheffield)
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Ben Rhydding660027101718W W W W W
Lindum44002822612W W W W
Whitley Bay & Tynemouth54012091112L W W W W
Leeds 2440093612W W W W
Stockton 14301188109L W W W
Brigg53021415-19W L L W W
Sheffield University Bankers 16303713-69W L W W L
Harrogate51041014-43L L W L L
City Of York41031318-53L W L L
Chesterfield4103213-113W L L L
Newcastle University5104321-183W L L L L
Durham University 35005618-120L L L L L
Sheffield Hallam 25005316-130L L L L L