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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
23-Oct10:00Doncaster 4Doncaster Independent 1Doncaster Town Cricket Club
10:30Huddersfield 1Sheffield Hallam 4Darton Academy
15:00Doncaster 4Leopold 1Doncaster Town Cricket Club
10:30Doncaster Independent 1Chesterfield 2Armthorpe Academy
10:30Dronfield Ladies 1Phoenix (Sheffield) 2Mount St Marys College
10:00Phoenix (Sheffield) 1Huddersfield 1Sheffield Hallam University Sports Park
13:15Sheffield Hallam 4Sheffield University Bankers 3Abbeydale Sports Club Ltd
06-NovByePhoenix (Sheffield) 1
Chesterfield 2Bye
12:00Huddersfield 1Doncaster 4Darton Academy
10:30Leopold 1Dronfield Ladies 1Westfield School
10:00Phoenix (Sheffield) 2Sheffield Hallam 4
10:15Sheffield University Bankers 3Doncaster Independent 1Norton Sports Centre (Sheffield)
13-NovByeSheffield University Bankers 3
Doncaster 4Bye
10:30Doncaster Independent 1Sheffield Hallam 4Armthorpe Academy
13:00Dronfield Ladies 1Huddersfield 1Mount St Marys College
10:30Leopold 1Phoenix (Sheffield) 2Westfield School
11:30Phoenix (Sheffield) 1Chesterfield 2Sheffield Hallam University Sports Park
20-NovByeDronfield Ladies 1
10:00Chesterfield 2Doncaster 4
10:30Huddersfield 1Leopold 1Darton Academy
10:00Phoenix (Sheffield) 2Doncaster Independent 1
Sheffield Hallam 4Bye
15:00Sheffield University Bankers 3Phoenix (Sheffield) 1Westfield School
27-NovByeDoncaster Independent 1
10:30Doncaster 4Sheffield University Bankers 3Doncaster Town Cricket Club
13:15Dronfield Ladies 1Chesterfield 2Mount St Marys College
10:30Huddersfield 1Phoenix (Sheffield) 2Darton Academy
10:30Leopold 1Bye
10:00Phoenix (Sheffield) 1Sheffield Hallam 4Sheffield Hallam University Sports Park
04-DecByeHuddersfield 1
10:00Chesterfield 2Leopold 1
10:30Doncaster Independent 1Phoenix (Sheffield) 1Armthorpe Academy
16:00Phoenix (Sheffield) 2Bye
15:00Sheffield Hallam 4Doncaster 4Abbeydale Sports Club Ltd
10:15Sheffield University Bankers 3Dronfield Ladies 1Norton Sports Centre (Sheffield)
11-DecByePhoenix (Sheffield) 1
10:00Chesterfield 2Huddersfield 1
10:30Doncaster Independent 1Doncaster 4Armthorpe Academy
16:00Phoenix (Sheffield) 2Bye
16:30Sheffield Hallam 4Dronfield Ladies 1Abbeydale Sports Club Ltd
15:00Sheffield University Bankers 3Leopold 1Westfield School
15-JanByeChesterfield 2
Doncaster 4Bye
Dronfield Ladies 1Doncaster Independent 1
12:00Huddersfield 1Sheffield University Bankers 3Darton Academy
10:30Leopold 1Sheffield Hallam 4
10:00Phoenix (Sheffield) 1Phoenix (Sheffield) 2Sheffield Hallam University Sports Park
22-JanByeDronfield Ladies 1
10:00Chesterfield 2Phoenix (Sheffield) 2
10:30Doncaster Independent 1Leopold 1Armthorpe Academy
14:30Phoenix (Sheffield) 1Doncaster 4Sheffield Hallam University Sports Park
Sheffield Hallam 4Huddersfield 1
10:15Sheffield University Bankers 3ByeNorton Sports Centre (Sheffield)
29-JanByeSheffield Hallam 4
10:00Chesterfield 2Sheffield University Bankers 3
Dronfield Ladies 1Phoenix (Sheffield) 1
12:00Huddersfield 1Doncaster Independent 1Darton Academy
10:30Leopold 1Bye
14:30Phoenix (Sheffield) 2Doncaster 4
14:45Sheffield Hallam 4Leopold 1Abbeydale Sports Club Ltd
05-FebByeHuddersfield 1
Doncaster 4Dronfield Ladies 1
10:30Doncaster Independent 1ByeArmthorpe Academy
10:00Phoenix (Sheffield) 1Leopold 1Sheffield Hallam University Sports Park
Sheffield Hallam 4Chesterfield 2
15:00Sheffield University Bankers 3Phoenix (Sheffield) 2Norton Sports Centre (Sheffield)
11:30Chesterfield 2Doncaster Independent 1
12:00Huddersfield 1Phoenix (Sheffield) 1Darton Academy
09:00Leopold 1Doncaster 4
16:00Phoenix (Sheffield) 2Dronfield Ladies 1
10:15Sheffield University Bankers 3Sheffield Hallam 4Norton Sports Centre (Sheffield)
26-FebByeChesterfield 2
Doncaster 4Huddersfield 1
10:30Doncaster Independent 1Sheffield University Bankers 3Armthorpe Academy
Dronfield Ladies 1Leopold 1
10:00Phoenix (Sheffield) 1ByeSheffield Hallam University Sports Park
Sheffield Hallam 4Phoenix (Sheffield) 2
05-MarByeDoncaster 4
10:00Chesterfield 2Phoenix (Sheffield) 1
12:00Huddersfield 1Dronfield Ladies 1Darton Academy
10:00Phoenix (Sheffield) 2Leopold 1
Sheffield Hallam 4Doncaster Independent 1
10:15Sheffield University Bankers 3ByeNorton Sports Centre (Sheffield)
12-MarByeSheffield Hallam 4
Doncaster 4Chesterfield 2
10:30Doncaster Independent 1Phoenix (Sheffield) 2Armthorpe Academy
Dronfield Ladies 1Bye
12:00Leopold 1Huddersfield 1
10:00Phoenix (Sheffield) 1Sheffield University Bankers 3Sheffield Hallam University Sports Park
19-MarByeLeopold 1
10:00Chesterfield 2Dronfield Ladies 1
10:30Doncaster Independent 1ByeArmthorpe Academy
16:00Phoenix (Sheffield) 2Huddersfield 1
Sheffield Hallam 4Phoenix (Sheffield) 1
10:15Sheffield University Bankers 3Doncaster 4Norton Sports Centre (Sheffield)
26-MarByePhoenix (Sheffield) 2
Doncaster 4Sheffield Hallam 4
Dronfield Ladies 1Sheffield University Bankers 3
Huddersfield 1Bye
13:30Leopold 1Chesterfield 2
10:00Phoenix (Sheffield) 1Doncaster Independent 1Sheffield Hallam University Sports Park
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Phoenix (Sheffield) 23300233209W W W
Huddersfield 132105237W W D
Phoenix (Sheffield) 142118717L D W W
Sheffield University Bankers 332016336W L W
Dronfield Ladies 141211112-15D D L W
Leopold 1310268-23L W L
Doncaster Independent 1302146-22D L D
Sheffield Hallam 410105501D
Doncaster 43012310-71D L L
Chesterfield 23003116-150L L L