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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
23-Oct14:00Durham University 6Danby 1University of Durham - Pitch 2
24-OctDurham City 3Durham University 6
30-OctByeDanby 1
14:00Darlington 2Redcar 1Carmel College
12:00Marton Furness 1Games 1Kings Academy
10:00Norton 1Durham City 3Norton Hockey Club
16:00Redcar 2Durham University 6Norton Hockey Club
10:05South Shields 1Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2The Parks - Pitch 2
10:00Stokesley 4Norton 2Yarm School
06-Nov10:30Danby 1Norton 1
12:00Durham City 3Darlington 2
16:00Durham University 6Marton Furness 1University of Durham - Pitch 2
10:30Games 1South Shields 1Hermitage Academy (Durham)
12:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2Bye
10:00Norton 2Redcar 2Norton Hockey Club
14:00Redcar 1Stokesley 4Norton Hockey Club
13-NovByeGames 1
11:00Darlington 2Danby 1Carmel College
12:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2Norton 1
12:00Marton Furness 1Redcar 2Kings Academy
16:00Redcar 1Norton 2Norton Hockey Club
10:05South Shields 1Durham University 6The Parks - Pitch 2
15:30Stokesley 4Durham City 3Macmillian Academy
20-Nov10:30Danby 1Stokesley 4
10:00Darlington 2Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2
11:00Durham City 3Redcar 1
Durham University 6Bye
10:30Games 1Norton 1Hermitage Academy (Durham)
10:00Norton 2Marton Furness 1Norton Hockey Club
14:00Redcar 2South Shields 1Norton Hockey Club
27-NovByeRedcar 2
11:00Darlington 2Games 1Carmel College
10:30Durham City 3Norton 2
10:00Norton 1Durham University 6Norton Hockey Club
16:00Redcar 1Danby 1Norton Hockey Club
10:05South Shields 1Marton Furness 1The Parks - Pitch 2
16:00Stokesley 4Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2
04-Dec10:30Danby 1Durham City 3
10:00Durham University 6Darlington 2University of Durham - Pitch 2
10:30Games 1Stokesley 4Hermitage Academy (Durham)
12:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2Redcar 1
12:00Marton Furness 1ByeKings Academy
10:00Norton 2South Shields 1Norton Hockey Club
12:00Redcar 2Norton 1Norton Hockey Club
11-DecByeNorton 1
12:00Durham University 6Durham City 3University of Durham - Pitch 2
10:30Games 1Danby 1Hermitage Academy (Durham)
12:00Marton Furness 1Stokesley 4Kings Academy
10:00Norton 2Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2Norton Hockey Club
14:00Redcar 2Redcar 1Norton Hockey Club
11:35South Shields 1Darlington 2The Parks - Pitch 2
15-Jan10:30Danby 1Durham University 6
Darlington 2Bye
Durham City 3Redcar 2
12:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2Games 1
10:00Norton 1Norton 2Norton Hockey Club
Redcar 1Marton Furness 1
10:15Stokesley 4South Shields 1Macmillian Academy
22-JanByeStokesley 4
12:00Durham University 6Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2University of Durham - Pitch 2
Games 1Norton 2Hermitage Academy (Durham)
12:00Marton Furness 1Durham City 3Kings Academy
10:00Norton 1Darlington 2Norton Hockey Club
Redcar 2Danby 1
12:05South Shields 1Redcar 1The Parks - Pitch 2
29-Jan10:30Danby 1Marton Furness 1
Durham City 3South Shields 1
13:00Games 1Durham University 6Boldon School
10:00Norton 2Darlington 2Norton Hockey Club
Redcar 1Bye
Redcar 2Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2
15:30Stokesley 4Norton 1Macmillian Academy
05-FebByeDurham City 3
14:00Darlington 2Stokesley 4Carmel College
10:00Durham University 6Norton 2University of Durham - Pitch 2
12:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2Marton Furness 1
10:00Norton 1Redcar 1Norton Hockey Club
Redcar 2Games 1
14:05South Shields 1Danby 1The Parks - Pitch 2
06-FebByeSouth Shields 1
10:30Danby 1Norton 2
10:00Darlington 2Redcar 2Carmel College
Durham City 3Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2
10:00Norton 1Marton Furness 1Norton Hockey Club
Redcar 1Games 1
10:00Stokesley 4Durham University 6Yarm School
12-Feb10:30Danby 1Bye
Durham City 3Norton 1
14:00Durham University 6Redcar 2University of Durham - Pitch 2
13:00Games 1Marton Furness 1Boldon School
12:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2South Shields 1
10:00Norton 2Stokesley 4Norton Hockey Club
Redcar 1Darlington 2
26-FebByeHartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2
11:00Darlington 2Durham City 3Carmel College
12:00Marton Furness 1Durham University 6Kings Academy
10:00Norton 1Danby 1Norton Hockey Club
Redcar 2Norton 2
10:05South Shields 1Games 1The Parks - Pitch 2
13:45Stokesley 4Redcar 1Macmillian Academy
05-Mar10:30Danby 1Darlington 2
Durham City 3Stokesley 4
16:00Durham University 6South Shields 1University of Durham - Pitch 2
Games 1Bye
10:00Norton 1Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2Norton Hockey Club
10:00Norton 2Redcar 1Norton Hockey Club
Redcar 2Marton Furness 1
06-Mar12:00Durham University 6Redcar 1University Of Durham - Pitch 1
Games 1Durham City 3Boldon School
12:00Marton Furness 1Darlington 2Kings Academy
10:00Norton 2ByeNorton Hockey Club
Redcar 2Stokesley 4
10:05South Shields 1Norton 1The Parks - Pitch 2
12-MarByeDurham University 6
12:00Marton Furness 1Norton 2Kings Academy
10:00Norton 1Games 1Norton Hockey Club
Redcar 1Durham City 3
10:05South Shields 1Redcar 2The Parks - Pitch 2
13:45Stokesley 4Danby 1Macmillian Academy
19-Mar10:30Danby 1Redcar 1
12:00Durham University 6Norton 1University of Durham - Pitch 2
15:00Games 1Darlington 2Boldon School
12:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2Stokesley 4
12:00Marton Furness 1South Shields 1Kings Academy
10:00Norton 2Durham City 3Norton Hockey Club
Redcar 2Bye
26-MarByeMarton Furness 1
11:00Darlington 2Durham University 6Carmel College
Durham City 3Danby 1
10:00Norton 1Redcar 2Norton Hockey Club
Redcar 1Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2
10:05South Shields 1Norton 2The Parks - Pitch 2
13:30Stokesley 4Games 1Macmillian Academy
02-Apr12:00Durham University 6Stokesley 4University of Durham - Pitch 2
10:30Games 1Redcar 1Hermitage Academy (Durham)
12:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2Durham City 3
12:00Marton Furness 1Norton 1Kings Academy
10:00Norton 2Danby 1Norton Hockey Club
Redcar 2Darlington 2
10:05South Shields 1ByeThe Parks - Pitch 2
09-AprByeNorton 2
11:00Darlington 2Marton Furness 1Carmel College
Durham City 3Games 1
10:00Norton 1South Shields 1Norton Hockey Club
Redcar 1Durham University 6
10:00Stokesley 4Redcar 2Yarm School
03-Jun10:30Danby 1Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2
04-Sep12:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2Danby 1
03-Dec12:30Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 2Darlington 2
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Danby 144003012912W W W W
Norton 13300210219W W W
Redcar 1430116889W W W L
Norton 24301101009W L W W
Durham City 3321011567D W W
Stokesley 42200100106W W
Durham University 611005053W
Marton Furness 151041416-23L L L L W
Darlington 2310259-43W L L
Games 14103216-143L W L L
Redcar 24022324-212L D L D
Hartlepool Caledonians & Billingham 24013112-111L L D L
South Shields 15005027-270L L L L L