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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
30-Oct12:30Alford & District 1Sheffield Hallam 3Skegness Grammar School
Barnsley 1Horncastle 1
10:30Chapeltown 1Chesterfield 1Darton Academy
13:30Kingston-upon-Hull 3Lindum 2Hymers Colege
Louth 1Grimsby 1
06-NovByeAlford & District 1
11:30Chesterfield 1Louth 1
Grimsby 1Kingston-upon-Hull 3
11:30Horncastle 1ByeHorncastle Hockey Club
12:00Lindum 2Barnsley 1Lindum Sports Association
10:00Sheffield Hallam 3Chapeltown 1Abbeydale Sports Club Ltd
13-Nov11:00Alford & District 1Horncastle 1Skegness Grammar School
Barnsley 1Kingston-upon-Hull 3
ByeLindum 2
Chapeltown 1Bye
11:30Chesterfield 1Grimsby 1
Louth 1Sheffield Hallam 3
20-NovByeLouth 1
Grimsby 1Barnsley 1
11:30Horncastle 1Chapeltown 1Horncastle Hockey Club
Kingston-upon-Hull 3Bye
12:00Lindum 2Alford & District 1Lindum Sports Association
18:00Sheffield Hallam 3Chesterfield 1Abbeydale Sports Club Ltd
27-Nov12:30Alford & District 1Kingston-upon-Hull 3Skegness Grammar School
ByeBarnsley 1
13:30Chapeltown 1Lindum 2Westfield School
Chesterfield 1Bye
Louth 1Horncastle 1
Sheffield Hallam 3Grimsby 1
04-DecBarnsley 1Alford & District 1
ByeSheffield Hallam 3
Grimsby 1Bye
12:30Horncastle 1Chesterfield 1Horncastle Hockey Club
11:30Kingston-upon-Hull 3Chapeltown 1Sirius Academy North
12:00Lindum 2Louth 1University Of Lincoln Students Union
11-DecBarnsley 1Chapeltown 1
ByeAlford & District 1
Grimsby 1Bye
11:30Horncastle 1Sheffield Hallam 3Horncastle Hockey Club
15:00Kingston-upon-Hull 3Louth 1Hymers Colege
12:00Lindum 2Chesterfield 1Lindum Sports Association
15-Jan14:00Alford & District 1Grimsby 1Skegness Grammar School
ByeHorncastle 1
Chapeltown 1Bye
11:30Chesterfield 1Kingston-upon-Hull 3
Louth 1Barnsley 1
Sheffield Hallam 3Lindum 2
22-Jan12:30Alford & District 1Chapeltown 1Skegness Grammar School
Barnsley 1Chesterfield 1
ByeLouth 1
11:30Horncastle 1Grimsby 1Horncastle Hockey Club
13:30Kingston-upon-Hull 3Sheffield Hallam 3Hymers Colege
Lindum 2ByeLindum Sports Association
29-JanByeKingston-upon-Hull 3
Chesterfield 1Bye
Grimsby 1Chapeltown 1
11:30Horncastle 1Lindum 2Horncastle Hockey Club
Louth 1Alford & District 1
Sheffield Hallam 3Barnsley 1
05-Feb12:30Alford & District 1Chesterfield 1Skegness Grammar School
Barnsley 1Bye
ByeSheffield Hallam 3
12:00Chapeltown 1Louth 1Darton Academy
13:30Kingston-upon-Hull 3Horncastle 1Hymers Colege
12:00Lindum 2Grimsby 1Lindum Sports Association
10:00Chesterfield 1Chapeltown 1
Grimsby 1Louth 1
11:30Horncastle 1Barnsley 1Horncastle Hockey Club
12:00Lindum 2Kingston-upon-Hull 3Lindum Sports Association
Sheffield Hallam 3Alford & District 1
26-FebAlford & District 1Bye
Barnsley 1Lindum 2
ByeHorncastle 1
10:30Chapeltown 1Sheffield Hallam 3Darton Academy
13:30Kingston-upon-Hull 3Grimsby 1Hymers Colege
Louth 1Chesterfield 1
05-MarByeChapeltown 1
Grimsby 1Chesterfield 1
11:30Horncastle 1Alford & District 1Horncastle Hockey Club
15:30Kingston-upon-Hull 3Barnsley 1Tranby School
Lindum 2ByeLindum Sports Association
Sheffield Hallam 3Louth 1
12-Mar12:30Alford & District 1Lindum 2Skegness Grammar School
Barnsley 1Grimsby 1
ByeKingston-upon-Hull 3
15:00Chapeltown 1Horncastle 1Darton Academy
10:00Chesterfield 1Sheffield Hallam 3
Louth 1Bye
19-MarBarnsley 1Bye
ByeChesterfield 1
Grimsby 1Sheffield Hallam 3
11:30Horncastle 1Louth 1Horncastle Hockey Club
15:30Kingston-upon-Hull 3Alford & District 1Tranby School
12:00Lindum 2Chapeltown 1Lindum Sports Association
26-Mar14:00Alford & District 1Barnsley 1
ByeGrimsby 1
10:30Chapeltown 1Kingston-upon-Hull 3Darton Academy
11:30Chesterfield 1Horncastle 1
Louth 1Lindum 2
Sheffield Hallam 3Bye
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Sheffield Hallam 343102011910W D W W
Chesterfield 143101651110D W W W
Lindum 242209548D D W W
Alford & District 1421112847D W W L
Barnsley 14202910-16W W L L
Louth 14202910-16W L L W
Horncastle 1411211744L D L W
Grimsby 1403179-23D D D L
Chapeltown 14013413-91L L D L
Kingston-upon-Hull 34004130-290L L L L