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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
30-OctBen Rhydding 4Bridlington 1
11:00Harrogate 4Scarborough 1Harrogate Hockey Club
Leeds 5Aire Valley 2
12:00Spen Valley 1City Of York 4Mirfield Free Grammar
University Of Leeds 3Acomb 1
06-Nov13:30Acomb 1Spen Valley 1Energise Leisure Centre
10:30Aire Valley 2University Of Leeds 3Oakbank Beckfoot
11:00Bridlington 1Harrogate 4Bridlington School
ByeBen Rhydding 4
City Of York 4Bye
Scarborough 1Leeds 5
13-NovBen Rhydding 4City Of York 4
ByeAcomb 1
Leeds 5Bridlington 1
Liverpool Sefton 5Bye
Scarborough 1Aire Valley 2
12:00Spen Valley 1University Of Leeds 3Mirfield Free Grammar
20-Nov13:30Acomb 1Ben Rhydding 4Energise Leisure Centre
10:30Aire Valley 2Spen Valley 1Oakbank Beckfoot
11:00Bridlington 1Scarborough 1Bridlington School
ByeLeeds 5
15:30City Of York 4Harrogate 4York University - Pitch 1
University Of Leeds 3Bye
27-NovBen Rhydding 4University Of Leeds 3
11:00Bridlington 1Aire Valley 2Bridlington School
ByeSpen Valley 1
17:00Harrogate 4Acomb 1Harrogate Hockey Club
Leeds 5City Of York 4
Scarborough 1Bye
04-Dec13:30Acomb 1Leeds 5Energise Leisure Centre
Aire Valley 2Bye
ByeBridlington 1
12:00City Of York 4Scarborough 1Huntington Astro
12:00Spen Valley 1Ben Rhydding 4Mirfield Free Grammar
University Of Leeds 3Harrogate 4
11-Dec13:30Acomb 1Scarborough 1Energise Leisure Centre
Aire Valley 2Bye
ByeBen Rhydding 4
10:30City Of York 4Bridlington 1York University - Pitch 1
12:00Spen Valley 1Harrogate 4Mirfield Free Grammar
University Of Leeds 3Leeds 5
15-JanBen Rhydding 4Aire Valley 2
11:00Bridlington 1Acomb 1Bridlington School
ByeCity Of York 4
Leeds 5Spen Valley 1
Liverpool Sefton 5Bye
Scarborough 1University Of Leeds 3
22-Jan13:30Acomb 1ByeEnergise Leisure Centre
Ben Rhydding 4Harrogate 4
ByeLeeds 5
12:00City Of York 4Aire Valley 2Huntington Astro
12:00Spen Valley 1Scarborough 1Mirfield Free Grammar
University Of Leeds 3Bridlington 1
29-Jan13:30Aire Valley 2Harrogate 4Oakbank Beckfoot
11:00Bridlington 1Spen Valley 1Bridlington School
ByeUniversity Of Leeds 3
15:00City Of York 4Acomb 1Huntington Astro
Leeds 5Ben Rhydding 4
Scarborough 1Bye
05-Feb13:30Acomb 1Aire Valley 2Energise Leisure Centre
Ben Rhydding 4Scarborough 1
ByeBridlington 1
09:30Harrogate 4Leeds 5Harrogate Hockey Club
12:00Spen Valley 1ByeMirfield Free Grammar
University Of Leeds 3City Of York 4
12-Feb13:30Acomb 1University Of Leeds 3Energise Leisure Centre
13:30Aire Valley 2Leeds 5Oakbank Beckfoot
11:00Bridlington 1Ben Rhydding 4Bridlington School
15:30City Of York 4Spen Valley 1York University - Pitch 1
Scarborough 1Harrogate 4
26-FebBen Rhydding 4Bye
ByeCity Of York 4
11:00Harrogate 4Bridlington 1Harrogate Hockey Club
Leeds 5Scarborough 1
12:00Spen Valley 1Acomb 1Mirfield Free Grammar
University Of Leeds 3Aire Valley 2
05-Mar13:30Acomb 1ByeEnergise Leisure Centre
13:30Aire Valley 2Scarborough 1Oakbank Beckfoot
11:00Bridlington 1Leeds 5Bridlington School
ByeLiverpool Sefton 5
13:30City Of York 4Ben Rhydding 4Huntington Astro
University Of Leeds 3Spen Valley 1
12-MarBen Rhydding 4Acomb 1
ByeUniversity Of Leeds 3
17:00Harrogate 4City Of York 4Harrogate Hockey Club
Leeds 5Bye
Scarborough 1Bridlington 1
12:00Spen Valley 1Aire Valley 2Mirfield Free Grammar
19-Mar13:30Acomb 1Harrogate 4Energise Leisure Centre
13:30Aire Valley 2Bridlington 1Oakbank Beckfoot
ByeScarborough 1
16:30City Of York 4Leeds 5Huntington Astro
12:00Spen Valley 1ByeMirfield Free Grammar
University Of Leeds 3Ben Rhydding 4
26-MarBen Rhydding 4Spen Valley 1
11:00Bridlington 1ByeBridlington School
ByeAire Valley 2
11:00Harrogate 4University Of Leeds 3Harrogate Hockey Club
Leeds 5Acomb 1
Scarborough 1City Of York 4
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
18-SepBen Rhydding 4Bye
11:00Bridlington 151City Of York 4Bridlington School
ByeAire Valley 2
Harrogate 402Spen Valley 1
Leeds 5University Of Leeds 3
Scarborough 131Acomb 1
25-Sep13:30Acomb 122Bridlington 1Energise Leisure Centre
10:30Aire Valley 251Ben Rhydding 4Oakbank Beckfoot
ByeLiverpool Sefton 5
City Of York 4Bye
12:00Spen Valley 120Leeds 5Mirfield Free Grammar
University Of Leeds 3Scarborough 1Weetwood - Bottom Pitch
02-Oct12:00Aire Valley 204City Of York 4Oakbank Beckfoot
11:00Bridlington 1 (HWO)50University Of Leeds 3Bridlington School
ByeAcomb 1
11:00Harrogate 473Ben Rhydding 4Harrogate Hockey Club
Leeds 5Bye
13:00Scarborough 111Spen Valley 1Northern Ryedale Leisure Ctr
09-Oct10:30Acomb 112City Of York 4Energise Leisure Centre
13:30Ben Rhydding 406Leeds 5Ben Rhydding HC - Pitch 2
ByeScarborough 1
11:00Harrogate 402Aire Valley 2Harrogate Hockey Club
12:00Spen Valley 142Bridlington 1Mirfield Free Grammar
University Of Leeds 3Bye
16-Oct12:00Aire Valley 2Acomb 1Oakbank Beckfoot
11:00Bridlington 1ByeBridlington School
ByeSpen Valley 1
15:00City Of York 412University Of Leeds 3Huntington Astro
17:30Leeds 5Harrogate 4Weetwood - Top Pitch
14:30Scarborough 1Ben Rhydding 4Scarborough College Ltd
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Spen Valley 1431093610W W D W
Bridlington 1421114777W D W L
Aire Valley 232017526W L W
City Of York 442028806L W W L
Scarborough 121104224W D
Leeds 521016243L W
Harrogate 431027703L W L
University Of Leeds 3210126-43L W
Acomb 1301247-31L D L
Liverpool Sefton 500000000
Ben Rhydding 43003418-140L L L