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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
23-OctOxford 9Buckingham 2
30-OctBuckingham 2Leighton Buzzard Fledglings
ByeMilton Keynes Ronin
10:15Oxford 9Banbury 5Headington School
16:00Thame 4Bicester 4Thame Leisure Centre
11:00Wootton Wanderers 3Aylesbury DevelopmentNorthampton High School
06-Nov15:00Aylesbury DevelopmentOxford 9RAF Halton
11:15Banbury 5ByeBloxham School - Pitch 1
14:30Bicester 4Wootton Wanderers 3The Cooper School
15:30Milton Keynes RoninLeighton Buzzard FledglingsMilton Keynes Sports Club - 1
14:30Thame 4Buckingham 2Thame Leisure Centre
13-NovBuckingham 2Milton Keynes Ronin
ByeAylesbury Development
15:30Leighton Buzzard FledglingsBanbury 5Leighton Buzzard Hockey Club
10:00Oxford 9Bicester 4Oxford Brookes University
12:30Wootton Wanderers 3Thame 4Northampton High School
20-Nov15:00Aylesbury DevelopmentLeighton Buzzard FledglingsRAF Halton
11:15Banbury 5Milton Keynes RoninBloxham School - Pitch 1
14:30Bicester 4ByeThe Cooper School
16:00Thame 4Oxford 9Thame Leisure Centre
15:30Wootton Wanderers 3Buckingham 2Northampton High School
27-NovBuckingham 2Banbury 5
ByeThame 4
15:30Leighton Buzzard FledglingsBicester 4Leighton Buzzard Hockey Club
15:30Milton Keynes RoninAylesbury DevelopmentMilton Keynes Sports Club - 1
10:00Oxford 9Wootton Wanderers 3Oxford Brookes University
04-DecMilton Keynes RoninThame 4
15-Jan11:15Banbury 5Aylesbury DevelopmentBloxham School - Pitch 1
Buckingham 2Oxford 9
ByeWootton Wanderers 3
15:30Leighton Buzzard FledglingsThame 4Leighton Buzzard Hockey Club
15:30Milton Keynes RoninBicester 4Milton Keynes Sports Club - 1
22-Jan16:00Aylesbury DevelopmentBuckingham 2Aylesbury Vale Academy
14:30Bicester 4Banbury 5The Cooper School
14:45Oxford 9ByeHeadington School
14:30Thame 4Milton Keynes RoninThame Leisure Centre
11:00Wootton Wanderers 3Leighton Buzzard FledglingsNorthampton High School
29-Jan14:30Aylesbury DevelopmentBicester 4Aylesbury Vale Academy
11:15Banbury 5Thame 4Bloxham School - Pitch 1
ByeBuckingham 2
15:30Leighton Buzzard FledglingsOxford 9Leighton Buzzard Hockey Club
15:30Milton Keynes RoninWootton Wanderers 3Milton Keynes Sports Club - 1
05-FebBuckingham 2Bicester 4
ByeLeighton Buzzard Fledglings
14:45Oxford 9Milton Keynes RoninHeadington School
11:30Thame 4Aylesbury DevelopmentThame Leisure Centre
11:00Wootton Wanderers 3Banbury 5Northampton High School
12-Feb15:00Aylesbury DevelopmentWootton Wanderers 3RAF Halton
11:15Banbury 5Oxford 9Bloxham School - Pitch 1
11:30Bicester 4Thame 4The Cooper School
17:00Leighton Buzzard FledglingsBuckingham 2Leighton Buzzard Hockey Club
15:30Milton Keynes RoninByeMilton Keynes Sports Club - 1
26-FebBuckingham 2Thame 4
ByeBanbury 5
15:30Leighton Buzzard FledglingsMilton Keynes Ronin
10:15Oxford 9Aylesbury DevelopmentHeadington School
11:00Wootton Wanderers 3Bicester 4Northampton High School
05-MarAylesbury DevelopmentBye
11:15Banbury 5Leighton Buzzard FledglingsBloxham School - Pitch 1
14:30Bicester 4Oxford 9The Cooper School
15:30Milton Keynes RoninBuckingham 2Milton Keynes Sports Club - 1
13:00Thame 4Wootton Wanderers 3Thame Leisure Centre
12-MarBuckingham 2Wootton Wanderers 3
ByeBicester 4
15:30Leighton Buzzard FledglingsAylesbury DevelopmentLeighton Buzzard Hockey Club
15:30Milton Keynes RoninBanbury 5Milton Keynes Sports Club - 1
10:00Oxford 9Thame 4Oxford Brookes University
19-Mar16:00Aylesbury DevelopmentMilton Keynes RoninAylesbury Vale Academy
11:15Banbury 5Buckingham 2Bloxham School - Pitch 1
11:30Bicester 4Leighton Buzzard FledglingsThe Cooper School
Thame 4Bye
11:00Wootton Wanderers 3Oxford 9Northampton High School
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
25-Sep15:00Aylesbury Development41Banbury 5RAF Halton
14:30Bicester 426Milton Keynes RoninThe Cooper School
14:30Thame 441Leighton Buzzard FledglingsThame Leisure Centre
Wootton Wanderers 3Bye
02-Oct11:15Banbury 553Bicester 4Bloxham School - Pitch 1
Buckingham 230Aylesbury Development
ByeOxford 9
14:00Leighton Buzzard Fledglings (HWO)50Wootton Wanderers 3Leighton Buzzard Hockey Club
09-Oct14:30Bicester 4015Aylesbury DevelopmentThe Cooper School
Buckingham 2Bye
14:45Oxford 970Leighton Buzzard FledglingsHeadington School
16:00Thame 432Banbury 5Thame Leisure Centre
11:00Wootton Wanderers 333Milton Keynes RoninCaroline Chisholm School
16-Oct16:00Aylesbury Development30Thame 4Aylesbury Vale Academy
11:15Banbury 525Wootton Wanderers 3Bloxham School - Pitch 1
14:30Bicester 400Buckingham 2The Cooper School
Leighton Buzzard FledglingsBye
15:30Milton Keynes Ronin32Oxford 9Milton Keynes Sports Club - 1
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Aylesbury Development4301224189W L W W
Milton Keynes Ronin321012757W D W
Thame 432017616W W L
Buckingham 221103034W D
Wootton Wanderers 33111810-24L D W
Oxford 921019363W L
Banbury 541031015-53L W L L
Leighton Buzzard Fledglings3102611-53L W L
Bicester 44013526-211L L L D