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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
30-Oct13:30BournemouthStaines 1Bournemouth Sports Club: Pitch 1Jason Horne, Nigel Buckley
11:30Maidenhead 1HenleyAltwood SchoolMatthew Golesworthy, Mike Boyne
14:30Oxford OBU 1BanburyOxford Brookes UniversityDaniel Bein, Keith Duffy
16:30Oxford UniversityWinchesterIffley Road Sports CentreAndy Mansfield, Huw Richards
16:00Reading 2SloughReading HC - Pitch 1 - Sonning Lane WaterSteve Godwin, Graeme Cooke
13:30TrojansMilton KeynesTrojans HCDavid Lane, Tim R Clay
06-Nov12:30BanburyOxford UniversityNorth Oxfordshire Academy
13:30HenleyOxford OBU 1Henley HC
13:15Maidenhead 1TrojansAltwood School
14:00SloughBournemouthSlough Hockey Club
13:30Staines 1Milton KeynesStaines & Laleham Sports Association Ltd
14:00WinchesterReading 2Kings School (Winchester)
13-Nov13:30BournemouthWinchesterBournemouth Sports Club: Pitch 1
12:30Milton KeynesSloughMilton Keynes Sports Club - 1
14:30Oxford OBU 1Maidenhead 1Oxford Brookes University
16:30Oxford UniversityHenleyIffley Road Sports Centre
11:30Reading 2BanburyReading HC - Pitch 2 - Sonning Lane Sand
13:30TrojansStaines 1Trojans HC
20-Nov12:30BanburyBournemouthNorth Oxfordshire Academy
13:30HenleyReading 2Henley HC
13:15Maidenhead 1Oxford UniversityAltwood School
14:30Oxford OBU 1TrojansOxford Brookes University
14:00SloughStaines 1Slough Hockey Club
14:00WinchesterMilton KeynesKings School (Winchester)
27-Nov13:30BournemouthHenleyBournemouth Sports Club: Pitch 1
12:30Milton KeynesBanburyMilton Keynes Sports Club - 1
12:30Oxford UniversityOxford OBU 1Iffley Road Sports Centre
16:00Reading 2Maidenhead 1Reading HC - Pitch 1 - Sonning Lane Water
13:30Staines 1WinchesterStaines & Laleham Sports Association Ltd
13:30TrojansSloughTrojans HC
04-Dec12:30BanburyStaines 1North Oxfordshire Academy
13:30HenleyMilton KeynesHenley HC
13:15Maidenhead 1BournemouthAltwood School
14:30Oxford OBU 1Reading 2Oxford Brookes University
16:30Oxford UniversityTrojansIffley Road Sports Centre
14:00WinchesterSloughKings School (Winchester)
11-Dec13:30BournemouthOxford OBU 1Bournemouth Sports Club: Pitch 1
12:30Milton KeynesMaidenhead 1Milton Keynes Sports Club - 1
12:00SloughBanburySlough Hockey Club
13:30Staines 1HenleyStaines & Laleham Sports Association Ltd
13:30TrojansWinchesterTrojans HC
15-Jan13:30BournemouthOxford UniversityBournemouth Sports Club: Pitch 1
11:45HenleySloughHenley HC
12:30Milton KeynesOxford OBU 1Milton Keynes Sports Club - 1
13:30Staines 1Maidenhead 1Staines & Laleham Sports Association Ltd
12:00TrojansReading 2Trojans HC
14:00WinchesterBanburyKings School (Winchester)
22-Jan12:30BanburyTrojansNorth Oxfordshire Academy
13:30HenleyWinchesterHenley HC
11:30Maidenhead 1SloughAltwood School
14:30Oxford OBU 1Staines 1Oxford Brookes University
16:30Oxford UniversityMilton KeynesIffley Road Sports Centre
13:00Reading 2BournemouthReading HC - Pitch 1 - Sonning Lane Water
29-Jan12:30BanburyHenleyNorth Oxfordshire Academy
13:30BournemouthTrojansBournemouth Sports Club: Pitch 1
12:30Milton KeynesReading 2Milton Keynes Sports Club - 1
12:00SloughOxford OBU 1Slough Hockey Club
13:30Staines 1Oxford UniversityStaines & Laleham Sports Association Ltd
14:00WinchesterMaidenhead 1Kings School (Winchester)
05-Feb13:30BournemouthMilton KeynesBournemouth Sports Club: Pitch 1
13:15Maidenhead 1BanburyAltwood School
14:30Oxford OBU 1WinchesterOxford Brookes University
16:30Oxford UniversitySloughIffley Road Sports Centre
11:30Reading 2Staines 1Reading HC - Pitch 2 - Sonning Lane Sand
13:30TrojansHenleyTrojans HC
12-Feb12:30BanburyOxford OBU 1North Oxfordshire Academy
13:30HenleyMaidenhead 1Henley HC
12:30Milton KeynesTrojansMilton Keynes Sports Club - 1
14:00SloughReading 2Slough Hockey Club
13:30Staines 1BournemouthStaines & Laleham Sports Association Ltd
14:00WinchesterOxford UniversityKings School (Winchester)
26-Feb13:30BournemouthSloughBournemouth Sports Club: Pitch 1
12:30Milton KeynesStaines 1Milton Keynes Sports Club - 1
14:30Oxford OBU 1HenleyOxford Brookes University
16:30Oxford UniversityBanburyIffley Road Sports Centre
13:00Reading 2WinchesterReading HC - Pitch 1 - Sonning Lane Water
13:30TrojansMaidenhead 1Trojans HC
05-Mar12:30BanburyReading 2North Oxfordshire Academy
13:30HenleyOxford UniversityHenley HC
13:15Maidenhead 1Oxford OBU 1Altwood School
12:00SloughMilton KeynesSlough Hockey Club
13:30Staines 1TrojansStaines & Laleham Sports Association Ltd
14:00WinchesterBournemouthKings School (Winchester)
12-Mar13:30BournemouthBanburyBournemouth Sports Club: Pitch 1
12:30Milton KeynesWinchesterMilton Keynes Sports Club - 1
16:30Oxford UniversityMaidenhead 1Iffley Road Sports Centre
11:30Reading 2HenleyReading HC - Pitch 1 - Sonning Lane Water
13:30Staines 1SloughStaines & Laleham Sports Association Ltd
13:30TrojansOxford OBU 1Trojans HC
19-Mar12:30BanburyMilton KeynesNorth Oxfordshire Academy
13:30HenleyBournemouthHenley HC
13:15Maidenhead 1Reading 2Altwood School
14:30Oxford OBU 1Oxford UniversityOxford Brookes University
14:00SloughTrojansSlough Hockey Club
14:00WinchesterStaines 1Kings School (Winchester)
26-Mar13:30BournemouthMaidenhead 1Bournemouth Sports Club: Pitch 1
12:30Milton KeynesHenleyMilton Keynes Sports Club - 1
11:30Reading 2Oxford OBU 1Reading HC - Pitch 1 - Sonning Lane Water
14:00SloughWinchesterSlough Hockey Club
13:30Staines 1BanburyStaines & Laleham Sports Association Ltd
13:30TrojansOxford UniversityTrojans HC
02-Apr12:30BanburySloughNorth Oxfordshire Academy
13:30HenleyStaines 1Henley HC
13:15Maidenhead 1Milton KeynesAltwood School
14:30Oxford OBU 1BournemouthOxford Brookes University
16:30Oxford UniversityReading 2Iffley Road Sports Centre
14:00WinchesterTrojansKings School (Winchester)
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
25-Sep12:30Banbury63WinchesterNorth Oxfordshire Academy
11:30Maidenhead 116Staines 1Altwood School
11:30Oxford OBU 141Milton KeynesOxford Brookes University
16:30Oxford University40BournemouthIffley Road Sports Centre
11:30Reading 231TrojansReading HC - Pitch 1 - Sonning Lane Water
26-Sep14:30Slough23HenleySlough Hockey Club
02-Oct13:30Bournemouth12Reading 2Bournemouth Sports Club: Pitch 1
12:30Milton Keynes11Oxford UniversityMilton Keynes Sports Club - 1
12:00Slough11Maidenhead 1Slough Hockey Club
13:30Staines 132Oxford OBU 1Staines & Laleham Sports Association Ltd
13:30Trojans45BanburyTrojans HC
14:00Winchester40HenleyKings School (Winchester)
09-Oct13:30Henley22BanburyHenley HC
11:30Maidenhead 174WinchesterAltwood School
14:30Oxford OBU 131SloughOxford Brookes University
16:30Oxford University21Staines 1Iffley Road Sports Centre
11:30Reading 241Milton KeynesReading HC - Pitch 1 - Sonning Lane Water
13:30Trojans11BournemouthTrojans HC
16-Oct13:30Henley52TrojansHenley HC
12:30Milton Keynes15BournemouthMilton Keynes Sports Club - 1
12:00Slough12Oxford UniversitySlough Hockey Club
13:30Staines 112Reading 2Staines & Laleham Sports Association Ltd
14:00Winchester23Oxford OBU 1Kings School (Winchester)
23-Oct16:00Reading 221Oxford UniversityReading HC - Pitch 1 - Sonning Lane Water
26-Oct20:00BanburyMaidenhead 1North Oxfordshire Academy
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Reading 25500135815W W W W W
Oxford University5311105510W D W W L
Oxford OBU 1430112759W L W W
Banbury321013947W W D
Henley4211101007W L D W
Staines 1420211746W W L L
Bournemouth411278-14L L D W
Maidenhead 13111911-24L D W
Winchester41031316-33L W L L
Slough401359-41L D L L
Trojans4013814-61L L D L
Milton Keynes4013414-101L D L L