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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
30-Oct15:15Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 5Thame 3Tring School
14:30Bicester 3Abingdon 3The Cooper School
14:45Oxford 8Aylesbury KitesHeadington School
13:30Oxford Hawks 7Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 4Banbury Road North - Pitch 2
14:00Wootton Wanderers 2Witney 3Northampton High School
06-Nov13:30Abingdon 3Thame 3Tilsley Park - Pitch 1
14:30Aylesbury KitesOxford Hawks 7Aylesbury Vale Academy
16:45Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 4Wootton Wanderers 2Tring School
14:45Oxford 8Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 5Headington School
14:00Witney 3Bicester 3Wood Green School
13-Nov15:15Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 5Abingdon 3Tring School
10:00Bicester 3Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 4The Cooper School
11:00Oxford Hawks 7Oxford 8Banbury Road North - Pitch 2
16:00Thame 3Witney 3Thame Leisure Centre
15:30Wootton Wanderers 2Aylesbury KitesNorthampton High School
20-Nov14:30Aylesbury KitesBicester 3Aylesbury Vale Academy
12:15Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 4Thame 3Tring School
10:00Oxford 8Wootton Wanderers 2Oxford Brookes University
12:00Oxford Hawks 7Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 5Banbury Road North - Pitch 2
14:00Witney 3Abingdon 3Wood Green School
27-Nov13:30Abingdon 3Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 4Tilsley Park - Pitch 1
15:15Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 5Witney 3Tring School
14:30Bicester 3Oxford 8The Cooper School
14:30Thame 3Aylesbury KitesThame Leisure Centre
15:30Wootton Wanderers 2Oxford Hawks 7Northampton High School
04-DecAylesbury KitesAbingdon 3
15-Jan11:30Abingdon 3Aylesbury KitesTilsley Park - Pitch 2
15:15Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 5Wootton Wanderers 2Tring School
11:30Bicester 3Oxford Hawks 7The Cooper School
16:00Thame 3Oxford 8Thame Leisure Centre
14:00Witney 3Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 4Wood Green School
22-Jan14:30Aylesbury KitesWitney 3Aylesbury Vale Academy
13:45Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 4Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 5Tring School
14:45Oxford 8Abingdon 3Headington School
15:00Oxford Hawks 7Thame 3Banbury Road North - Pitch 1
12:30Wootton Wanderers 2Bicester 3Northampton High School
29-Jan11:30Abingdon 3Oxford Hawks 7Tilsley Park - Pitch 2
12:00Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 4Aylesbury KitesRAF Halton
11:30Bicester 3Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 5The Cooper School
13:00Thame 3Wootton Wanderers 2Thame Leisure Centre
15:30Witney 3Oxford 8Wood Green School
05-Feb15:15Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 5Aylesbury KitesTring School
14:30Bicester 3Thame 3The Cooper School
10:00Oxford 8Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 4Oxford Brookes University
16:00Oxford Hawks 7Witney 3Banbury Road North - Pitch 1
12:30Wootton Wanderers 2Abingdon 3Northampton High School
12-Feb10:00Abingdon 3Bicester 3Tilsley Park - Pitch 2
14:30Aylesbury KitesOxford 8Aylesbury Vale Academy
12:15Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 4Oxford Hawks 7Tring School
13:00Thame 3Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 5Thame Leisure Centre
14:00Witney 3Wootton Wanderers 2Wood Green School
26-Feb12:15Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 5Oxford 8Tring School
14:30Bicester 3Witney 3The Cooper School
16:30Oxford Hawks 7Aylesbury KitesBanbury Road North - Pitch 1
14:30Thame 3Abingdon 3Thame Leisure Centre
12:30Wootton Wanderers 2Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 4Northampton High School
05-Mar11:30Abingdon 3Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 5Tilsley Park - Pitch 2
13:00Aylesbury KitesWootton Wanderers 2Aylesbury Vale Academy
13:45Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 4Bicester 3Tring School
14:45Oxford 8Oxford Hawks 7Headington School
15:30Witney 3Thame 3Wood Green School
12-Mar11:30Abingdon 3Witney 3Tilsley Park - Pitch 2
10:45Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 5Oxford Hawks 7Tring School
14:30Bicester 3Aylesbury KitesThe Cooper School
11:30Thame 3Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 4Thame Leisure Centre
12:30Wootton Wanderers 2Oxford 8Northampton High School
19-Mar14:30Aylesbury KitesThame 3Aylesbury Vale Academy
12:00Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 4Abingdon 3RAF Halton
14:45Oxford 8Bicester 3Headington School
16:00Oxford Hawks 7Wootton Wanderers 2Banbury Road North - Pitch 1
14:00Witney 3Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 5Wood Green School
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
25-Sep10:30Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 411Witney 3RAF Halton
14:30Oxford 821Thame 3Oxford Brookes University
10:30Oxford Hawks 712Bicester 3Banbury Road North - Pitch 2
14:00Wootton Wanderers 262Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 5Northampton High School
02-Oct13:30Abingdon 324Oxford 8Tilsley Park - Pitch 1
15:00Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 507Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 4RAF Halton
14:30Bicester 311Wootton Wanderers 2The Cooper School
16:00Thame 306Oxford Hawks 7Thame Leisure Centre
14:00Witney 332Aylesbury KitesWood Green School
09-Oct15:00Aylesbury Kites00Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 4RAF Halton
12:15Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 533Bicester 3Tring School
10:00Oxford 833Witney 3Oxford Brookes University
13:30Oxford Hawks 721Abingdon 3Banbury Road North - Pitch 2
14:00Wootton Wanderers 240Thame 3Northampton High School
16-Oct13:30Abingdon 316Wootton Wanderers 2Tilsley Park - Pitch 1
14:30Aylesbury Kites80Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 5Aylesbury Vale Academy
10:45Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 442Oxford 8Tring School
13:00Thame 370Bicester 3Thame Leisure Centre
15:30Witney 303Oxford Hawks 7Wood Green School
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Wootton Wanderers 243101741310W D W W
Oxford Hawks 7430112399L W W W
Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 4422012398D W D W
Oxford 84211111017W W D L
Witney 3412179-25D W D L
Bicester 34121612-65W D D L
Aylesbury Kites311110374L D W
Thame 34103812-43L L L W
Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead 54013524-191L L D L
Abingdon 33003412-80L L L