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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
23-Oct12:00Southampton University 3Basingstoke 3The Wide Lane Pavilion
30-Oct13:00Alton 2Trojans 4Eggars School
12:15Basingstoke 3Gosport BoroughBasingstoke Hockey Club - Pitch 1
12:00Chichester FriarsBournemouth 4Chichester College
12:45New ForestFareham 5Lymington Health & Leisure
13:30Southampton University 3Winchester AcademyThe Wide Lane Pavilion
13:30Wimborne WayfarersRomsey 2Queen Elizabeth's Leisure Centre
06-Nov15:00Bournemouth 4New Forest
15:15Chichester FriarsBasingstoke 3Chichester High School For Girls
15:00Fareham 5Wimborne WayfarersHenry Cort Community School
12:30Romsey 2Southampton University 3The Romsey School
10:30Trojans 4Gosport BoroughTrojans HC
15:00Winchester AcademyAlton 2University Of Winchester
13-Nov12:30Alton 2Romsey 2Amery Hill School
13:45Basingstoke 3Trojans 4Basingstoke Hockey Club - Pitch 1
12:15Gosport BoroughWinchester AcademySt Vincent College
11:15New ForestChichester FriarsLymington Health & Leisure
15:00Southampton University 3Fareham 5The Wide Lane Pavilion
13:30Wimborne WayfarersBournemouth 4
20-Nov15:00Bournemouth 4Southampton University 3
Chichester FriarsWimborne Wayfarers
11:30Fareham 5Alton 2Henry Cort Community School
11:45New ForestBasingstoke 3Lymington Health & Leisure
12:30Romsey 2Gosport BoroughThe Romsey School
15:00Winchester AcademyTrojans 4University Of Winchester
27-Nov13:00Alton 2Bournemouth 4Eggars School
11:45Basingstoke 3Winchester AcademyBasingstoke Hockey Club - Pitch 1
12:15Gosport BoroughFareham 5St Vincent College
12:00Southampton University 3Chichester FriarsThe Wide Lane Pavilion
16:30Trojans 4Romsey 2Trojans HC
13:30Wimborne WayfarersNew Forest
04-Dec15:00Bournemouth 4Gosport Borough
Chichester FriarsAlton 2
11:30Fareham 5Trojans 4Henry Cort Community School
10:30New ForestSouthampton University 3Lymington Health & Leisure
12:30Romsey 2Winchester AcademyThe Romsey School
13:30Wimborne WayfarersBasingstoke 3
11-Dec13:00Alton 2New ForestEggars School
10:15Basingstoke 3Romsey 2Basingstoke Hockey Club - Pitch 1
12:15Gosport BoroughChichester FriarsSt Vincent College
12:00Southampton University 3Wimborne WayfarersThe Wide Lane Pavilion
16:30Trojans 4Bournemouth 4Trojans HC
15:00Winchester AcademyFareham 5University Of Winchester
18-Dec13:00Alton 2Southampton University 3Eggars School
15-Jan11:00Alton 2Wimborne WayfarersAmery Hill School
10:15Basingstoke 3Southampton University 3Basingstoke Hockey Club - Pitch 1
12:15Gosport BoroughNew ForestSt Vincent College
12:30Romsey 2Fareham 5The Romsey School
16:00Trojans 4Chichester FriarsThornden School
15:00Winchester AcademyBournemouth 4University Of Winchester
22-Jan15:00Bournemouth 4Romsey 2
Chichester FriarsWinchester Academy
11:30Fareham 5Basingstoke 3Henry Cort Community School
10:15New ForestTrojans 4Lymington Health & Leisure
12:00Southampton University 3Alton 2The Wide Lane Pavilion
13:30Wimborne WayfarersGosport Borough
29-Jan13:00Alton 2Basingstoke 3Eggars School
15:00Fareham 5Bournemouth 4Henry Cort Community School
12:15Gosport BoroughSouthampton University 3St Vincent College
12:30Romsey 2Chichester FriarsThe Romsey School
14:00Trojans 4Wimborne WayfarersSouthampton Sports Centre - Pitch 2
15:00Winchester AcademyNew ForestUniversity Of Winchester
05-Feb13:00Alton 2Gosport BoroughEggars School
12:15Basingstoke 3Bournemouth 4Basingstoke Hockey Club - Pitch 1
Chichester FriarsFareham 5
10:15New ForestRomsey 2Lymington Health & Leisure
13:30Southampton University 3Trojans 4The Wide Lane Pavilion
13:30Wimborne WayfarersWinchester Academy
12-Feb15:00Bournemouth 4Chichester Friars
16:30Fareham 5New ForestHenry Cort Community School
12:15Gosport BoroughBasingstoke 3St Vincent College
12:30Romsey 2Wimborne WayfarersThe Romsey School
16:30Trojans 4Alton 2Trojans HC
15:00Winchester AcademySouthampton University 3University Of Winchester
26-Feb13:00Alton 2Winchester AcademyEggars School
12:15Basingstoke 3Chichester FriarsBasingstoke Hockey Club - Pitch 1
12:15Gosport BoroughTrojans 4St Vincent College
11:45New ForestBournemouth 4Lymington Health & Leisure
15:00Southampton University 3Romsey 2The Wide Lane Pavilion
13:30Wimborne WayfarersFareham 5
05-Mar15:00Bournemouth 4Wimborne Wayfarers
Chichester FriarsNew Forest
10:00Fareham 5Southampton University 3Henry Cort Community School
12:30Romsey 2Alton 2The Romsey School
16:30Trojans 4Basingstoke 3Trojans HC
15:00Winchester AcademyGosport BoroughUniversity Of Winchester
12-Mar13:00Alton 2Fareham 5Eggars School
15:00Basingstoke 3New ForestBasingstoke Hockey Club - Pitch 1
12:15Gosport BoroughRomsey 2St Vincent College
12:00Southampton University 3Bournemouth 4The Wide Lane Pavilion
15:00Trojans 4Winchester AcademyTrojans HC
13:30Wimborne WayfarersChichester Friars
19-Mar15:00Bournemouth 4Alton 2
Chichester FriarsSouthampton University 3
16:30Fareham 5Gosport BoroughHenry Cort Community School
10:15New ForestWimborne WayfarersLymington Health & Leisure
12:30Romsey 2Trojans 4The Romsey School
15:00Winchester AcademyBasingstoke 3University Of Winchester
26-Mar13:00Alton 2Chichester FriarsEggars School
12:15Basingstoke 3Wimborne WayfarersBasingstoke Hockey Club - Pitch 1
12:15Gosport BoroughBournemouth 4St Vincent College
10:30Southampton University 3New ForestThe Wide Lane Pavilion
15:00Trojans 4Fareham 5Trojans HC
15:00Winchester AcademyRomsey 2University Of Winchester
02-Apr15:00Bournemouth 4Trojans 4
Chichester FriarsGosport Borough
10:00Fareham 5Winchester AcademyHenry Cort Community School
10:30New ForestAlton 2Lymington Health & Leisure
12:30Romsey 2Basingstoke 3The Romsey School
13:30Wimborne WayfarersSouthampton University 3
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
25-Sep15:00Bournemouth 401Winchester Academy
15:15Chichester Friars40Trojans 4Chichester High School For Girls
16:30Fareham 521Romsey 2Henry Cort Community School
10:15New Forest51Gosport BoroughLymington Health & Leisure
13:30Wimborne Wayfarers51Alton 2Queen Elizabeth's Leisure Centre
02-Oct12:15Basingstoke 301Fareham 5Basingstoke Hockey Club - Pitch 1
12:15Gosport Borough06Wimborne WayfarersSt Vincent College
12:00Romsey 242Bournemouth 4The Romsey School
10:30Trojans 415New ForestTrojans HC
15:00Winchester Academy22Chichester FriarsUniversity Of Winchester
09-Oct10:15Basingstoke 306Alton 2Basingstoke Hockey Club - Pitch 1
15:00Bournemouth 401Fareham 5
12:00Chichester Friars30Romsey 2Chichester College
10:15New Forest30Winchester AcademyLymington Health & Leisure
16:30Southampton University 321Gosport BoroughThe Wide Lane Pavilion
13:30Wimborne Wayfarers23Trojans 4Queen Elizabeth's Leisure Centre
16-Oct15:00Bournemouth 450Basingstoke 3
16:30Fareham 515Chichester FriarsHenry Cort Community School
12:15Gosport Borough10Alton 2St Vincent College
12:30Romsey 210New ForestThe Romsey School
18:00Trojans 432Southampton University 3Trojans HC
15:00Winchester Academy18Wimborne WayfarersUniversity Of Winchester
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Chichester Friars43101431110W D W W
Wimborne Wayfarers4301215169W W L W
New Forest4301133109W W W L
Fareham 5430156-19W W W L
Romsey 2420267-16L W L W
Trojans 44202713-66L L W W
Winchester Academy4112413-94W D L L
Alton 231027613L W L
Bournemouth 441037613L L L W
Southampton University 321014403W L
Gosport Borough4103313-103L L L W
Basingstoke 33003012-120L L L