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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
23-OctChester 7Oxton 5
30-Oct13:30Bebington 4Chester 7The Oval
15:00Chester 6Neston 7University Of Chester
13:00Neston 8Northop Hall 2Neston High School
Prescot 1Bye
13:45Wrexham Glyndwr 1Clwb Hoci Eirias 3Glyndwr University
06-NovByeChester 6
Chester 7Northop Hall 2
15:15Clwb Hoci Eirias 3Bebington 4
13:00Neston 7Wrexham Glyndwr 1Neston High School
13:30Oxton 5Neston 8West Kirby Grammar School
13-Nov13:30Bebington 4Neston 7The Oval
Chester 6Oxton 5
11:30Neston 8Chester 7Neston High School
14:00Northop Hall 2Clwb Hoci Eirias 3Hawarden High School
Winnington Park 4Bye
20-NovByeBebington 4
Chester 6Neston 8
15:15Clwb Hoci Eirias 3Chester 7
14:30Neston 7Northop Hall 2Neston High School
12:00Oxton 5Wrexham Glyndwr 1Caldy Pitch
27-Nov13:30Bebington 4Oxton 5The Oval
Chester 7Neston 7
14:30Neston 8Clwb Hoci Eirias 3Neston High School
Woking 6Bye
13:45Wrexham Glyndwr 1Chester 6Glyndwr University
04-Dec13:45Wrexham Glyndwr 1Neston 8Glyndwr University
15-Jan13:30Bebington 4Chester 6The Oval
Chester 7Bye
15:15Clwb Hoci Eirias 3Neston 7
16:30Neston 8Wrexham Glyndwr 1Neston Cricket Club
14:00Northop Hall 2Oxton 5Hawarden High School
22-JanByeUniversity Of Kent 1
Chester 6Northop Hall 2
16:30Neston 7Neston 8Neston Cricket Club
Oxton 5Chester 7
13:45Wrexham Glyndwr 1Bebington 4Glyndwr University
29-Jan13:30Bebington 4Neston 8The Oval
Chester 7Chester 6
15:15Clwb Hoci Eirias 3Oxton 5
Neston 7Bye
14:00Northop Hall 2Wrexham Glyndwr 1Hawarden High School
05-Feb13:30Bebington 4Northop Hall 2The Oval
Chester 6Clwb Hoci Eirias 3
Neston 8Bye
Oxton 5Neston 7
13:45Wrexham Glyndwr 1Chester 7Glyndwr University
12-FebByePrescot 1
Chester 7Bebington 4
15:15Clwb Hoci Eirias 3Wrexham Glyndwr 1
13:00Neston 7Chester 6Neston High School
14:00Northop Hall 2Neston 8Hawarden High School
26-Feb13:30Bebington 4Clwb Hoci Eirias 3The Oval
Chester 6Bye
15:00Neston 8Oxton 5Neston Cricket Club
14:00Northop Hall 2Chester 7Hawarden High School
13:45Wrexham Glyndwr 1Neston 7Glyndwr University
05-MarByeWinnington Park 4
Chester 7Neston 8
15:15Clwb Hoci Eirias 3Northop Hall 2
11:30Neston 7Bebington 4Neston Cricket Club
Oxton 5Chester 6
12-Mar13:30Bebington 4ByeThe Oval
Chester 7Clwb Hoci Eirias 3
11:30Neston 8Chester 6Neston Cricket Club
14:00Northop Hall 2Neston 7Hawarden High School
13:45Wrexham Glyndwr 1Oxton 5Glyndwr University
19-MarByeWoking 6
Chester 6Wrexham Glyndwr 1
15:15Clwb Hoci Eirias 3Neston 8
16:30Neston 7Chester 7Neston Cricket Club
Oxton 5Bebington 4
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
25-SepByeChester 7
12:00Chester 650Bebington 4University Of Chester
16:30Neston 720Clwb Hoci Eirias 3Neston Cricket Club
14:00Oxton 519Northop Hall 2West Kirby Grammar School
02-Oct13:30Bebington 461Wrexham Glyndwr 1The Oval
16:30Neston 817Neston 7Neston Cricket Club
14:00Northop Hall 212Chester 6Hawarden High School
University Of Kent 1Bye
09-OctByeNeston 7
13:30Chester 642Chester 7University Of Chester
14:30Neston 805Bebington 4Neston High School
13:30Oxton 5Clwb Hoci Eirias 3West Kirby Grammar School
13:45Wrexham Glyndwr 110Northop Hall 2Glyndwr University
16-OctByeNeston 8
Chester 704Wrexham Glyndwr 1
15:15Clwb Hoci Eirias 320Chester 6
11:30Neston 7Oxton 5Neston High School
14:00Northop Hall 211Bebington 4Hawarden High School
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Chester 6430111569W W W L
Bebington 4421112757L W W D
Neston 722009186W W
Wrexham Glyndwr 132016606L W W
Northop Hall 2411211564W L L D
Clwb Hoci Eirias 321012203L W
University Of Kent 100000000
Chester 7200228-60L L
Oxton 5100119-80L
Neston 82002112-110L L