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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
23-OctKenley 2Purley Walcountians 3
30-Oct14:15Aldershot And Farnham CannonsKenley 2Heath End
11:30Camberley And Farnborough 3Fleet And Ewshot 2Watchetts Drive
11:45Guildford M5 KrakensEpsom MavericksBroadwater School - Pitch 2
10:30Horley 2Aldershot And Farnham 3Copthorne Prep School
15:30Purley Walcountians 3Woking 5Purley Walcountians Hockey Club
Sunbury & Walton Hawks 4Reigate Priory 4
06-Nov10:45Aldershot And Farnham 3Purley Walcountians 3Heath End
16:15Epsom MavericksHorley 2Epsom HC - Old Schools Lane
10:45Fleet And Ewshot 2Kenley 2Army Hockey Centre - Pitch 1
10:00Guildford M5 KrakensAldershot And Farnham CannonsBroadwater School - Pitch 1
12:30Reigate Priory 4Camberley And Farnborough 3St Bedes School
15:30Woking 5Sunbury & Walton Hawks 4Woking HC - Pitch 2
13-Nov16:00Aldershot And Farnham CannonsFleet And Ewshot 2Heath End
10:00Camberley And Farnborough 3Woking 5Watchetts Drive
12:00Horley 2Guildford M5 KrakensCopthorne Prep School
16:00Kenley 2Reigate Priory 4Warlingham County Secondary School
15:30Purley Walcountians 3Epsom MavericksPurley Walcountians Hockey Club
Sunbury & Walton Hawks 4Aldershot And Farnham 3
20-Nov10:45Aldershot And Farnham 3Camberley And Farnborough 3Heath End
13:00Epsom MavericksSunbury & Walton Hawks 4Epsom HC - Old Schools Lane
14:30Guildford M5 KrakensPurley Walcountians 3Broadwater School - Pitch 1
10:30Horley 2Aldershot And Farnham CannonsCopthorne Prep School
16:00Reigate Priory 4Fleet And Ewshot 2Royal Alexandra & Albert School
14:30Woking 5Kenley 2Woking HC - Pitch 1
27-Nov16:00Aldershot And Farnham CannonsReigate Priory 4Heath End
11:30Camberley And Farnborough 3Epsom MavericksWatchetts Drive
10:45Fleet And Ewshot 2Woking 5Army Hockey Centre - Pitch 1
11:30Kenley 2Aldershot And Farnham 3Warlingham County Secondary School
16:00Purley Walcountians 3Horley 2
Sunbury & Walton Hawks 4Guildford M5 Krakens
04-Dec10:45Aldershot And Farnham 3Fleet And Ewshot 2Heath End
16:15Epsom MavericksKenley 2Epsom HC - Old Schools Lane
13:15Guildford M5 KrakensCamberley And Farnborough 3Broadwater School - Pitch 2
12:00Horley 2Sunbury & Walton Hawks 4Copthorne Prep School
15:30Purley Walcountians 3Aldershot And Farnham Cannons
11:00Woking 5Reigate Priory 4Woking HC - Pitch 2
11-Dec16:00Aldershot And Farnham CannonsWoking 5Heath End
11:30Camberley And Farnborough 3Horley 2Watchetts Drive
10:45Fleet And Ewshot 2Epsom MavericksArmy Hockey Centre - Pitch 1
11:30Kenley 2Guildford M5 KrakensWarlingham County Secondary School
14:00Reigate Priory 4Aldershot And Farnham 3St Bedes School
Sunbury & Walton Hawks 4Purley Walcountians 3
15-Jan16:00Aldershot And Farnham CannonsSunbury & Walton Hawks 4Heath End
13:00Camberley And Farnborough 3Purley Walcountians 3Watchetts Drive
10:45Fleet And Ewshot 2Guildford M5 KrakensArmy Hockey Centre - Pitch 1
Kenley 2Horley 2
Reigate Priory 4Epsom Mavericks
16:00Woking 5Aldershot And Farnham 3Woking HC - Pitch 1
22-Jan10:45Aldershot And Farnham 3Aldershot And Farnham CannonsHeath End
Epsom MavericksWoking 5
Guildford M5 KrakensReigate Priory 4
13:30Horley 2Fleet And Ewshot 2Copthorne Prep School
15:30Purley Walcountians 3Kenley 2
Sunbury & Walton Hawks 4Camberley And Farnborough 3
29-Jan10:45Aldershot And Farnham 3Epsom MavericksHeath End
10:00Camberley And Farnborough 3Aldershot And Farnham CannonsWatchetts Drive
10:45Fleet And Ewshot 2Purley Walcountians 3Army Hockey Centre - Pitch 1
Kenley 2Sunbury & Walton Hawks 4
10:30Reigate Priory 4Horley 2Copthorne Prep School
17:00Woking 5Guildford M5 KrakensWoking HC - Pitch 2
05-Feb14:15Aldershot And Farnham CannonsEpsom MavericksHeath End
10:00Camberley And Farnborough 3Kenley 2Watchetts Drive
Guildford M5 KrakensAldershot And Farnham 3
12:00Horley 2Woking 5Copthorne Prep School
15:30Purley Walcountians 3Reigate Priory 4
Sunbury & Walton Hawks 4Fleet And Ewshot 2
12-Feb10:45Aldershot And Farnham 3Horley 2Heath End
Epsom MavericksGuildford M5 Krakens
10:45Fleet And Ewshot 2Camberley And Farnborough 3Army Hockey Centre - Pitch 1
Kenley 2Aldershot And Farnham Cannons
Reigate Priory 4Sunbury & Walton Hawks 4
15:30Woking 5Purley Walcountians 3Woking HC - Pitch 2
26-Feb16:00Aldershot And Farnham CannonsGuildford M5 KrakensHeath End
11:30Camberley And Farnborough 3Reigate Priory 4Watchetts Drive
10:30Horley 2Epsom MavericksCopthorne Prep School
Kenley 2Fleet And Ewshot 2
15:30Purley Walcountians 3Aldershot And Farnham 3
Sunbury & Walton Hawks 4Woking 5
05-Mar10:45Aldershot And Farnham 3Sunbury & Walton Hawks 4Heath End
Epsom MavericksPurley Walcountians 3
10:45Fleet And Ewshot 2Aldershot And Farnham CannonsArmy Hockey Centre - Pitch 1
Guildford M5 KrakensHorley 2
Reigate Priory 4Kenley 2
11:00Woking 5Camberley And Farnborough 3Woking HC - Pitch 2
12-Mar16:00Aldershot And Farnham CannonsHorley 2Heath End
10:00Camberley And Farnborough 3Aldershot And Farnham 3Watchetts Drive
10:45Fleet And Ewshot 2Reigate Priory 4Army Hockey Centre - Pitch 1
Kenley 2Woking 5
15:30Purley Walcountians 3Guildford M5 Krakens
Sunbury & Walton Hawks 4Epsom Mavericks
19-Mar10:45Aldershot And Farnham 3Kenley 2Heath End
Epsom MavericksCamberley And Farnborough 3
Guildford M5 KrakensSunbury & Walton Hawks 4
12:00Horley 2Purley Walcountians 3Copthorne Prep School
Reigate Priory 4Aldershot And Farnham Cannons
Woking 5Fleet And Ewshot 2
26-Mar16:00Aldershot And Farnham CannonsPurley Walcountians 3Heath End
10:00Camberley And Farnborough 3Guildford M5 KrakensWatchetts Drive
10:45Fleet And Ewshot 2Aldershot And Farnham 3Army Hockey Centre - Pitch 1
Kenley 2Epsom Mavericks
Reigate Priory 4Woking 5
Sunbury & Walton Hawks 4Horley 2
02-Apr10:45Aldershot And Farnham 3Reigate Priory 4Heath End
Epsom MavericksFleet And Ewshot 2
Guildford M5 KrakensKenley 2
10:30Horley 2Camberley And Farnborough 3Copthorne Prep School
15:30Purley Walcountians 3Sunbury & Walton Hawks 4
11:00Woking 5Aldershot And Farnham CannonsWoking HC - Pitch 2
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
25-Sep10:45Aldershot And Farnham 331Woking 5Heath End
15:30Epsom Mavericks25Reigate Priory 4Therfield School
16:15Guildford M5 Krakens42Fleet And Ewshot 2Broadwater School - Pitch 1
16:30Horley 231Kenley 2Worth School
15:30Purley Walcountians 341Camberley And Farnborough 3
Sunbury & Walton Hawks 401Aldershot And Farnham Cannons
02-Oct16:00Aldershot And Farnham Cannons13Aldershot And Farnham 3Heath End
14:30Camberley And Farnborough 360Sunbury & Walton Hawks 4Watchetts Drive
12:30Fleet And Ewshot 251Horley 2Army Hockey Centre - Pitch 1
14:00Reigate Priory 442Guildford M5 KrakensSt Bedes School
11:00Woking 504Epsom MavericksWoking HC - Pitch 2
09-Oct14:15Aldershot And Farnham Cannons04Camberley And Farnborough 3Heath End
16:15Epsom Mavericks17Aldershot And Farnham 3Epsom HC - Old Schools Lane
14:45Guildford M5 Krakens70Woking 5Broadwater School - Pitch 2
11:30Horley 201Reigate Priory 4St Bedes School
15:30Purley Walcountians 321Fleet And Ewshot 2
Sunbury & Walton Hawks 4 (HWO)50Kenley 2St Paul's Catholic College
16-Oct10:45Aldershot And Farnham 322Guildford M5 KrakensHeath End
15:30Epsom Mavericks34Aldershot And Farnham CannonsTherfield School
10:45Fleet And Ewshot 231Sunbury & Walton Hawks 4Army Hockey Centre - Pitch 1
14:30Kenley 210Camberley And Farnborough 3Warlingham County Secondary School
12:30Reigate Priory 412Purley Walcountians 3St Bedes School
11:00Woking 523Horley 2Woking HC - Pitch 2
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Aldershot And Farnham 343101551010W W W D
Reigate Priory 4430111659W W W L
Purley Walcountians 333008359W W W
Guildford M5 Krakens421115877W L W D
Camberley And Farnborough 3420211566L W W L
Fleet And Ewshot 2420211836L W L W
Horley 2420279-26W L L W
Aldershot And Farnham Cannons4202610-46W L L W
Sunbury & Walton Hawks 44103610-43L L W L
Epsom Mavericks41031016-63L W L L
Kenley 2310228-63L L W
Woking 54004317-140L L L L