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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
30-Oct12:00Canterbury 2Tunbridge WellsPolo Farm - Pitch 1Chris Rockingham, Surinder Bodwal
15:00EastbourneBlackheath & Elthamians 1Eastbourne Saffrons Sports ClubGeorge Deaves, Malcolm Wain
14:45Guildford M1HorshamBroadwater School - Pitch 1Simon Keys, Chris Burton-Brown
13:00Old BordenianWokingBorden Grammar SchoolAdrian Russell-Smith, Graham Baldwin
14:30Old Georgians 2Sevenoaks 2St Georges College - Pitch 1Paul Chapman-Hatchett, Simon Begg
13:30Old WilliamsoniansLewesOld Williamsonians ClubhouseAlan Sargent, Philip Hook
06-Nov11:30Blackheath & Elthamians 1Old Georgians 2College Meadow Pavilion
12:00Canterbury 2Old BordenianPolo Farm - Pitch 1
11:30HorshamWokingChrists Hospital - Pitch 1
15:00LewesGuildford M1Southdown Club Cockshut Road
16:30Sevenoaks 2Old WilliamsoniansSevenoaks HC - Holly Bush Lane
11:30Tunbridge WellsEastbourneTonbridge School - Pitch 2 - Rowans Astro
13-Nov13:15EastbourneCanterbury 2Eastbourne Saffrons Sports Club
14:45Guildford M1Sevenoaks 2Broadwater School - Pitch 1
16:00Old BordenianHorsham
14:30Old Georgians 2Tunbridge WellsSt Georges College - Pitch 1
13:30Old WilliamsoniansBlackheath & Elthamians 1Old Williamsonians Clubhouse
15:30WokingLewesWoking HC - Pitch 1
20-Nov11:30Blackheath & Elthamians 1Guildford M1College Meadow Pavilion
12:00Canterbury 2Old Georgians 2Polo Farm - Pitch 1
11:45EastbourneOld BordenianEastbourne Saffrons Sports Club
13:30LewesHorshamSouthdown Club Cockshut Road
12:00Sevenoaks 2WokingSevenoaks HC - Holly Bush Lane
11:30Tunbridge WellsOld WilliamsoniansTonbridge School - Pitch 2 - Rowans Astro
27-Nov14:45Guildford M1Tunbridge WellsBroadwater School - Pitch 1
11:30HorshamSevenoaks 2Christs Hospital - Pitch 1
15:30Old BordenianLewesBorden Grammar School
14:30Old Georgians 2EastbourneSt Georges College - Pitch 1
13:30Old WilliamsoniansCanterbury 2Old Williamsonians Clubhouse
15:30WokingBlackheath & Elthamians 1Woking HC - Pitch 1
04-Dec12:00Blackheath & Elthamians 1HorshamCollege Meadow Pavilion
14:00Canterbury 2Guildford M1Polo Farm - Pitch 1
11:45EastbourneOld WilliamsoniansEastbourne Saffrons Sports Club
14:30Old Georgians 2Old BordenianSt Georges College - Pitch 1
16:30Sevenoaks 2LewesSevenoaks HC - Holly Bush Lane
11:30Tunbridge WellsWokingTonbridge School - Pitch 2 - Rowans Astro
11-Dec14:45Guildford M1EastbourneBroadwater School - Pitch 1
11:30HorshamTunbridge WellsChrists Hospital - Pitch 1
13:30LewesBlackheath & Elthamians 1Southdown Club Cockshut Road
15:30Old BordenianSevenoaks 2Borden Grammar School
13:30Old WilliamsoniansOld Georgians 2Old Williamsonians Clubhouse
15:00WokingCanterbury 2Woking HC - Pitch 1
15-JanGuildford M1Old Georgians 2
11:30HorshamCanterbury 2Christs Hospital - Pitch 1
12:00LewesTunbridge WellsSouthdown Club Cockshut Road
13:00Old BordenianOld WilliamsoniansBorden Grammar School
16:30Sevenoaks 2Blackheath & Elthamians 1Sevenoaks HC - Holly Bush Lane
14:30WokingEastbourneWoking HC - Pitch 1
22-JanBlackheath & Elthamians 1Old Bordenian
14:00Canterbury 2LewesPolo Farm - Pitch 1
15:00EastbourneHorshamEastbourne Saffrons Sports Club
Old Georgians 2Woking
13:30Old WilliamsoniansGuildford M1Old Williamsonians Clubhouse
Tunbridge WellsSevenoaks 2
29-JanBlackheath & Elthamians 1Tunbridge Wells
Guildford M1Old Bordenian
11:30HorshamOld Georgians 2Christs Hospital - Pitch 1
15:00LewesEastbourneSouthdown Club Cockshut Road
15:00Sevenoaks 2Canterbury 2Sevenoaks HC - Holly Bush Lane
12:45WokingOld WilliamsoniansWoking HC - Pitch 1
05-Feb12:00Canterbury 2Blackheath & Elthamians 1Polo Farm - Pitch 1
15:00EastbourneSevenoaks 2Eastbourne Saffrons Sports Club
Guildford M1Woking
13:00Old BordenianTunbridge WellsBorden Grammar School
14:30Old Georgians 2LewesSt Georges College - Pitch 1
13:30Old WilliamsoniansHorshamOld Williamsonians Clubhouse
12-FebBlackheath & Elthamians 1Eastbourne
11:30HorshamGuildford M1Christs Hospital - Pitch 1
13:30LewesOld WilliamsoniansSouthdown Club Cockshut Road
13:30Sevenoaks 2Old Georgians 2Sevenoaks HC - Holly Bush Lane
Tunbridge WellsCanterbury 2
12:45WokingOld BordenianWoking HC - Pitch 1
26-Feb11:45EastbourneTunbridge WellsEastbourne Saffrons Sports Club
Guildford M1Lewes
13:00Old BordenianCanterbury 2Borden Grammar School
18:00Old Georgians 2Blackheath & Elthamians 1St Georges College - Pitch 1
13:30Old WilliamsoniansSevenoaks 2Old Williamsonians Clubhouse
05-MarBlackheath & Elthamians 1Old Williamsonians
12:00Canterbury 2EastbournePolo Farm - Pitch 1
11:30HorshamOld BordenianChrists Hospital - Pitch 1
15:00LewesWokingSouthdown Club Cockshut Road
12:00Sevenoaks 2Guildford M1Sevenoaks HC - Holly Bush Lane
Tunbridge WellsOld Georgians 2
12-MarGuildford M1Blackheath & Elthamians 1
11:30HorshamLewesChrists Hospital - Pitch 1
13:00Old BordenianEastbourneBorden Grammar School
14:30Old Georgians 2Canterbury 2St Georges College - Pitch 1
13:30Old WilliamsoniansTunbridge WellsOld Williamsonians Clubhouse
WokingSevenoaks 2
19-MarBlackheath & Elthamians 1Woking
12:00Canterbury 2Old WilliamsoniansPolo Farm - Pitch 1
11:45EastbourneOld Georgians 2Eastbourne Saffrons Sports Club
15:00LewesOld BordenianSouthdown Club Cockshut Road
16:30Sevenoaks 2HorshamSevenoaks HC - Holly Bush Lane
Tunbridge WellsGuildford M1
26-MarGuildford M1Canterbury 2
11:30HorshamBlackheath & Elthamians 1
12:00LewesSevenoaks 2Southdown Club Cockshut Road
13:00Old BordenianOld Georgians 2Borden Grammar School
13:30Old WilliamsoniansEastbourneOld Williamsonians Clubhouse
15:30WokingTunbridge WellsWoking HC - Pitch 2
02-AprBlackheath & Elthamians 1Lewes
12:00Canterbury 2WokingPolo Farm - Pitch 1
15:00EastbourneGuildford M1Eastbourne Saffrons Sports Club
16:00Old Georgians 2Old WilliamsoniansSt Georges College - Pitch 1
15:00Sevenoaks 2Old BordenianSevenoaks HC - Holly Bush Lane
Tunbridge WellsHorsham
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
25-Sep12:00Blackheath & Elthamians 130Sevenoaks 2College Meadow Pavilion
12:00Canterbury 253HorshamPolo Farm - Pitch 1
11:45Eastbourne31WokingEastbourne Saffrons Sports Club
14:30Old Georgians 203Guildford M1St Georges College - Pitch 1
16:30Old Williamsonians01Old BordenianOld Williamsonians Clubhouse
13:00Tunbridge Wells70LewesTonbridge School - Pitch 2 - Rowans Astro
02-Oct14:45Guildford M151Old WilliamsoniansBroadwater School - Pitch 1
11:30Horsham65EastbourneChrists Hospital - Pitch 1
12:00Lewes02Canterbury 2Southdown Club Cockshut Road
13:00Old Bordenian02Blackheath & Elthamians 1Borden Grammar School
15:00Sevenoaks 247Tunbridge WellsSevenoaks HC - Holly Bush Lane
16:00Woking22Old Georgians 2Woking HC - Pitch 1
09-Oct12:00Canterbury 221Sevenoaks 2Polo Farm - Pitch 1
11:45Eastbourne62LewesEastbourne Saffrons Sports Club
11:30Old Bordenian03Guildford M1Borden Grammar School
14:30Old Georgians 232HorshamSt Georges College - Pitch 1
13:30Old Williamsonians53WokingOld Williamsonians Clubhouse
11:30Tunbridge Wells21Blackheath & Elthamians 1Tonbridge School - Pitch 2 - Rowans Astro
16-Oct12:00Blackheath & Elthamians 1Canterbury 2College Meadow Pavilion
11:30Horsham90Old WilliamsoniansBroadbridge Heath Leisure Centre
13:30Lewes44Old Georgians 2Southdown Club Cockshut Road
13:30Sevenoaks 2EastbourneSevenoaks HC - Holly Bush Lane
13:00Tunbridge Wells21Old BordenianTonbridge School - Pitch 2 - Rowans Astro
14:30Woking23Guildford M1Woking HC - Pitch 1
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Tunbridge Wells44001861212W W W W
Guildford M144001431112W W W W
Canterbury 233009459W W W
Horsham4202201376L W L W
Eastbourne320114956W L W
Blackheath & Elthamians 132016246W W L
Old Georgians 24121911-25L D W D
Old Bordenian410327-53W L L L
Old Williamsonians4103618-123L L W L
Woking4013813-51L D L L
Lewes4013619-131L L L D
Sevenoaks 23003512-70L L L