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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
30-Oct16:15Brighton & Hove 5East Grinstead 3Brighton And Hove HC - Pitch 2
13:30Crowborough 1Crawley 2Beacon Academy
15:00Lewes 4Mid Sussex 2Southdown Club Cockshut Road
10:30South Saxons 3Hailsham 2Horntye Park Sports Complex
15:00St Francis 1Worthing 3The Triangle
10:00Worthing 4Eastbourne 4Angmering School
06-Nov12:00Crawley 2St Francis 1Hazelwick School
13:30Crowborough 1Worthing 4Beacon Academy
12:00East Grinstead 3Eastbourne 4East Grinstead Sports Club
14:00Hailsham 2Brighton & Hove 5Hailsham Community College
13:30Mid Sussex 2South Saxons 3The Triangle
10:00Worthing 3Lewes 4Angmering School
13-Nov16:15Brighton & Hove 5Mid Sussex 2Brighton And Hove HC - Pitch 2
16:30Eastbourne 4Hailsham 2Eastbourne Coll - P1 (Beresford)
16:30Lewes 4Crawley 2Falmer Sports Complex
15:00South Saxons 3Worthing 3Horntye Park Sports Complex
15:00St Francis 1Crowborough 1The Triangle
11:30Worthing 4East Grinstead 3Angmering School
20-Nov12:00Crawley 2South Saxons 3Hazelwick School
13:30Crowborough 1Lewes 4Beacon Academy
14:00Hailsham 2East Grinstead 3Hailsham Community College
13:30Mid Sussex 2Eastbourne 4The Triangle
15:00St Francis 1Worthing 4The Triangle
11:30Worthing 3Brighton & Hove 5Angmering School
27-Nov13:15Brighton & Hove 5Crawley 2Brighton And Hove HC - Pitch 2
10:00East Grinstead 3Mid Sussex 2East Grinstead Sports Club
15:00Eastbourne 4Worthing 3Eastbourne Coll - P1 (Beresford)
15:00Lewes 4St Francis 1Southdown Club Cockshut Road
15:00South Saxons 3Crowborough 1Horntye Park Sports Complex
16:00Worthing 4Hailsham 2Angmering School
04-Dec12:00Crawley 2Eastbourne 4Hazelwick School
12:00Crowborough 1Brighton & Hove 5Lingfield College
16:30Lewes 4Worthing 4Southdown Club Cockshut Road
13:30Mid Sussex 2Hailsham 2The Triangle
15:00St Francis 1South Saxons 3The Triangle
11:30Worthing 3East Grinstead 3Angmering School
11-Dec11:45Brighton & Hove 5St Francis 1Brighton And Hove HC - Pitch 2
East Grinstead 3Crawley 2
11:45Eastbourne 4Crowborough 1Eastbourne Saffrons Sports Club
12:30Hailsham 2Worthing 3Hailsham Community College
10:30South Saxons 3Lewes 4Horntye Park Sports Complex
11:30Worthing 4Mid Sussex 2Angmering School
15-Jan15:00Brighton & Hove 5Lewes 4Brighton And Hove HC - Pitch 1
East Grinstead 3Crowborough 1
15:00Eastbourne 4St Francis 1Eastbourne Saffrons Sports Club
Hailsham 2Crawley 2
13:30Mid Sussex 2Worthing 3The Triangle
15:00Worthing 4South Saxons 3Littlehampton Academy
22-Jan12:00Crawley 2Mid Sussex 2Hazelwick School
13:30Crowborough 1Hailsham 2Beacon Academy
15:00Lewes 4Eastbourne 4Southdown Club Cockshut Road
South Saxons 3Brighton & Hove 5
15:00St Francis 1East Grinstead 3The Triangle
13:00Worthing 3Worthing 4Angmering School
29-Jan16:15Brighton & Hove 5Worthing 4Brighton And Hove HC - Pitch 2
East Grinstead 3Lewes 4
Eastbourne 4South Saxons 3Eastbourne Coll - P1 (Beresford)
Hailsham 2St Francis 1
13:30Mid Sussex 2Crowborough 1The Triangle
15:00Worthing 3Crawley 2Littlehampton Academy
05-Feb13:30Brighton & Hove 5Eastbourne 4Brighton And Hove HC - Pitch 1
13:30Crowborough 1Worthing 3Beacon Academy
13:30Lewes 4Hailsham 2Falmer Sports Complex
South Saxons 3East Grinstead 3
15:00St Francis 1Mid Sussex 2The Triangle
10:00Worthing 4Crawley 2Angmering School
12-Feb12:00Crawley 2Crowborough 1Hazelwick School
East Grinstead 3Brighton & Hove 5
15:00Eastbourne 4Worthing 4Eastbourne Saffrons Sports Club
Hailsham 2South Saxons 3
13:30Mid Sussex 2Lewes 4The Triangle
16:00Worthing 3St Francis 1Angmering School
26-Feb13:30Brighton & Hove 5Hailsham 2Brighton And Hove HC - Pitch 1
Eastbourne 4East Grinstead 3Eastbourne Coll - P1 (Beresford)
15:00Lewes 4Worthing 3Southdown Club Cockshut Road
South Saxons 3Mid Sussex 2
15:00St Francis 1Crawley 2The Triangle
10:00Worthing 4Crowborough 1Angmering School
05-Mar12:00Crawley 2Lewes 4Hazelwick School
13:30Crowborough 1St Francis 1Beacon Academy
East Grinstead 3Worthing 4
Hailsham 2Eastbourne 4
13:30Mid Sussex 2Brighton & Hove 5The Triangle
13:00Worthing 3South Saxons 3Angmering School
12-Mar11:45Brighton & Hove 5Worthing 3Brighton And Hove HC - Pitch 2
East Grinstead 3Hailsham 2
15:00Eastbourne 4Mid Sussex 2Eastbourne Saffrons Sports Club
12:00Lewes 4Crowborough 1Falmer Sports Complex
South Saxons 3Crawley 2
16:00Worthing 4St Francis 1Angmering School
19-Mar12:00Crawley 2Brighton & Hove 5Hazelwick School
13:30Crowborough 1South Saxons 3Beacon Academy
Hailsham 2Worthing 4
13:30Mid Sussex 2East Grinstead 3The Triangle
15:00St Francis 1Lewes 4The Triangle
13:00Worthing 3Eastbourne 4Angmering School
26-Mar15:00Brighton & Hove 5Crowborough 1Brighton And Hove HC - Pitch 1
East Grinstead 3Worthing 3
15:00Eastbourne 4Crawley 2Eastbourne Saffrons Sports Club
Hailsham 2Mid Sussex 2
South Saxons 3St Francis 1
11:30Worthing 4Lewes 4Angmering School
02-Apr12:00Crawley 2East Grinstead 3Hazelwick School
13:30Crowborough 1Eastbourne 4Beacon Academy
15:00Lewes 4South Saxons 3Southdown Club Cockshut Road
13:30Mid Sussex 2Worthing 4The Triangle
15:00St Francis 1Brighton & Hove 5The Triangle
11:30Worthing 3Hailsham 2Angmering School
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
25-Sep12:00Crawley 2 (HWO)50Hailsham 2Hazelwick School
13:30Crowborough 135East Grinstead 3Beacon Academy
12:00Lewes 423Brighton & Hove 5Southdown Club Cockshut Road
13:30South Saxons 334Worthing 4Horntye Park Sports Complex
15:00St Francis 152Eastbourne 4The Triangle
11:30Worthing 322Mid Sussex 2Angmering School
02-Oct13:30Brighton & Hove 563South Saxons 3Brighton And Hove HC - Pitch 1
10:30East Grinstead 342St Francis 1East Grinstead Sports Club
16:00Eastbourne 425Lewes 4Eastbourne Coll - P1 (Beresford)
12:30Hailsham 214Crowborough 1Hailsham Community College
13:30Mid Sussex 222Crawley 2The Triangle
16:00Worthing 471Worthing 3Angmering School
09-Oct12:00Crawley 242Worthing 3Hazelwick School
13:30Crowborough 112Mid Sussex 2Beacon Academy
14:00Lewes 416East Grinstead 3Falmer Sports Complex
10:30South Saxons 320Eastbourne 4Horntye Park Sports Complex
15:00St Francis 141Hailsham 2The Triangle
11:30Worthing 421Brighton & Hove 5Angmering School
16-Oct12:00Crawley 244Worthing 4Hazelwick School
11:30East Grinstead 3South Saxons 3East Grinstead Sports Club
16:30Eastbourne 426Brighton & Hove 5Eastbourne Saffrons Sports Club
14:00Hailsham 221Lewes 4Hailsham Community College
13:30Mid Sussex 232St Francis 1The Triangle
10:00Worthing 312Crowborough 1Angmering School
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Worthing 44310179810W W W D
East Grinstead 3330015699W W W
Brighton & Hove 5430116979W W L W
Crawley 2422015878W D W D
Mid Sussex 242209728D D W W
St Francis 14202131036W L W L
Crowborough 1420210916L W L W
South Saxons 33102810-23L L W
Lewes 44103913-43L W L L
Hailsham 24103414-103L L L W
Worthing 34013615-91D L L L
Eastbourne 44004618-120L L L L