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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
30-Oct13:00Bournemouth 5Andover 4
14:00Gillingham 3ByeGillingham School
15:00Poole 4 DevelopmentWimborne Wayfarers 2Ashdown Leisure Centre
15:30Romsey 4New Forest 2The Romsey School
13:15Swanage & Wareham 2Trojans 6
06-Nov12:45Andover 4Poole 4 DevelopmentJohn Hanson Community School
New Forest 2Bye
13:15Swanage & Wareham 2Gillingham 3
15:00Trojans 6Bournemouth 5Trojans HC
13:30Wimborne Wayfarers 2Romsey 4Queen Elizabeth's Leisure Centre
13-Nov13:00Bournemouth 5Swanage & Wareham 2
ByeWimborne Wayfarers 2
12:00Gillingham 3New Forest 2Gillingham School
15:00Poole 4 DevelopmentTrojans 6Ashdown Leisure Centre
16:15Romsey 4Andover 4The Romsey School
20-NovAndover 4ByeJohn Hanson Community School
13:00Bournemouth 5Gillingham 3
13:15Swanage & Wareham 2Poole 4 Development
16:30Trojans 6Romsey 4Trojans HC
15:00Wimborne Wayfarers 2New Forest 2Queen Elizabeth's Leisure Centre
27-NovByeTrojans 6
12:00Gillingham 3Wimborne Wayfarers 2Gillingham School
10:15New Forest 2Andover 4Lymington Health & Leisure
15:00Poole 4 DevelopmentBournemouth 5Ashdown Leisure Centre
12:00Romsey 4Swanage & Wareham 2The Romsey School
04-Dec15:00Wimborne Wayfarers 2Trojans 6Queen Elizabeth's Leisure Centre
15-JanByeSwanage & Wareham 2
12:00Gillingham 3Poole 4 DevelopmentGillingham School
10:15New Forest 2Trojans 6Lymington Health & Leisure
14:00Romsey 4Bournemouth 5The Romsey School
13:30Wimborne Wayfarers 2Andover 4
22-Jan12:45Andover 4Gillingham 3John Hanson Community School
13:00Bournemouth 5Bye
15:00Poole 4 DevelopmentRomsey 4Ashdown Leisure Centre
13:15Swanage & Wareham 2New Forest 2
13:30Trojans 6Wimborne Wayfarers 2Trojans HC
29-Jan14:15Andover 4Trojans 6John Hanson Community School
ByePoole 4 Development
10:15New Forest 2Bournemouth 5Lymington Health & Leisure
14:00Romsey 4Gillingham 3The Romsey School
13:30Wimborne Wayfarers 2Swanage & Wareham 2
05-Feb13:00Bournemouth 5Wimborne Wayfarers 2
14:00Gillingham 3Trojans 6Gillingham School
15:00Poole 4 DevelopmentNew Forest 2Ashdown Leisure Centre
14:00Romsey 4ByeThe Romsey School
13:15Swanage & Wareham 2Andover 4
12-Feb12:45Andover 4Bournemouth 5John Hanson Community School
ByeGillingham 3
11:45New Forest 2Romsey 4Lymington Health & Leisure
13:30Trojans 6Swanage & Wareham 2Trojans HC
13:30Wimborne Wayfarers 2Poole 4 Development
26-Feb13:00Bournemouth 5Trojans 6
ByeNew Forest 2
12:00Gillingham 3Swanage & Wareham 2Gillingham School
15:00Poole 4 DevelopmentAndover 4Ashdown Leisure Centre
14:00Romsey 4Wimborne Wayfarers 2The Romsey School
05-Mar14:15Andover 4Romsey 4John Hanson Community School
11:45New Forest 2Gillingham 3Lymington Health & Leisure
13:15Swanage & Wareham 2Bournemouth 5
15:00Trojans 6Poole 4 DevelopmentTrojans HC
13:30Wimborne Wayfarers 2ByeQueen Elizabeth's Leisure Centre
12-MarByeAndover 4
12:00Gillingham 3Bournemouth 5Gillingham School
10:15New Forest 2Wimborne Wayfarers 2Lymington Health & Leisure
15:00Poole 4 DevelopmentSwanage & Wareham 2Ashdown Leisure Centre
14:00Romsey 4Trojans 6The Romsey School
19-Mar14:15Andover 4New Forest 2John Hanson Community School
13:00Bournemouth 5Poole 4 Development
13:15Swanage & Wareham 2Romsey 4
Trojans 6Bye
15:00Wimborne Wayfarers 2Gillingham 3
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
25-Sep12:45Andover 424Wimborne Wayfarers 2John Hanson Community School
13:00Bournemouth 509Romsey 4
15:00Poole 4 Development35Gillingham 3Ashdown Leisure Centre
Swanage & Wareham 2Bye
10:00Trojans 620New Forest 2Trojans HC
02-OctByeBournemouth 5
12:00Gillingham 321Andover 4Gillingham School
12:45New Forest 264Swanage & Wareham 2Lymington Health & Leisure
13:30Romsey 421Poole 4 DevelopmentThe Romsey School
09-Oct13:00Bournemouth 503New Forest 2
14:00Gillingham 3 (HWO)50Romsey 4Gillingham School
15:00Poole 4 Development05Bye (AWO)Ashdown Leisure Centre
13:15Swanage & Wareham 226Wimborne Wayfarers 2
10:00Trojans 615Andover 4Trojans HC
16-Oct14:15Andover 444Swanage & Wareham 2John Hanson Community School
ByeRomsey 4
11:45New Forest 261Poole 4 DevelopmentLymington Health & Leisure
13:30Trojans 611Gillingham 3Trojans HC
13:30Wimborne Wayfarers 221Bournemouth 5Queen Elizabeth's Leisure Centre
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Gillingham 34310135810W W W D
New Forest 2430115789L W W W
Wimborne Wayfarers 2330012579W W W
Romsey 4320111656W W L
Andover 44112121114L L W D
Trojans 6311146-24W L D
Swanage & Wareham 230121016-61L L D
Poole 4 Development4004518-130L L L L
Bournemouth 53003114-130L L L