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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
23-Oct14:00Romsey 3Southampton University 5The Romsey School
30-Oct11:00Poole 3EastleighAshdown Leisure Centre
14:30Salisbury 4Poole 2Salisbury & S. Wilts Sports Club
10:00Trojans 5Southampton University 5Trojans HC
13:00Weymouth 1Romsey 3Redlands Community Sports Hub
15:00Winchester WhippetsSouthampton OttersKings School (Winchester)
06-Nov11:00Poole 2Winchester WhippetsAshdown Leisure Centre
14:00Romsey 3Salisbury 4The Romsey School
16:15Southampton OttersTrojans 5Southampton Sports Centre - Pitch 1
13:30Southampton University 5EastleighThe Wide Lane Pavilion
13:00Weymouth 1Poole 3Redlands Community Sports Hub
13-Nov14:30EastleighSouthampton OttersThornden School
11:00Poole 3Southampton University 5Ashdown Leisure Centre
14:30Salisbury 4Weymouth 1Salisbury & S. Wilts Sports Club
12:00Trojans 5Poole 2Thornden School
15:00Winchester WhippetsRomsey 3Kings School (Winchester)
20-Nov11:00Poole 2EastleighAshdown Leisure Centre
14:00Romsey 3Trojans 5The Romsey School
16:00Salisbury 4Poole 3Salisbury & S. Wilts Sports Club
16:15Southampton OttersSouthampton University 5Southampton Sports Centre - Pitch 1
13:00Weymouth 1Winchester WhippetsRedlands Community Sports Hub
27-Nov14:30EastleighRomsey 3Thornden School
11:00Poole 3Southampton OttersAshdown Leisure Centre
13:30Southampton University 5Poole 2The Wide Lane Pavilion
12:00Trojans 5Weymouth 1Trojans HC
15:00Winchester WhippetsSalisbury 4Kings School (Winchester)
04-Dec13:00Weymouth 1EastleighRedlands Community Sports Hub
18-Dec13:30Southampton University 5Weymouth 1The Wide Lane Pavilion
15-Jan14:30EastleighWeymouth 1Thornden School
11:00Poole 3Winchester WhippetsAshdown Leisure Centre
14:15Southampton OttersPoole 2Southampton Sports Centre - Pitch 2
15:00Southampton University 5Romsey 3The Wide Lane Pavilion
16:30Trojans 5Salisbury 4Trojans HC
22-Jan11:00Poole 2Poole 3Ashdown Leisure Centre
14:00Romsey 3Southampton OttersThe Romsey School
16:00Salisbury 4EastleighSalisbury & S. Wilts Sports Club
13:00Weymouth 1Southampton University 5Redlands Community Sports Hub
15:00Winchester WhippetsTrojans 5Kings School (Winchester)
29-Jan14:30EastleighWinchester WhippetsThornden School
11:00Poole 2Romsey 3Ashdown Leisure Centre
14:15Southampton OttersWeymouth 1Southampton Sports Centre - Pitch 1
12:00Southampton University 5Salisbury 4The Wide Lane Pavilion
12:00Trojans 5Poole 3Thornden School
05-Feb11:00Poole 3Romsey 3Ashdown Leisure Centre
16:00Salisbury 4Southampton OttersSalisbury & S. Wilts Sports Club
16:30Trojans 5EastleighTrojans HC
13:00Weymouth 1Poole 2Redlands Community Sports Hub
15:00Winchester WhippetsSouthampton University 5Kings School (Winchester)
12-Feb14:30EastleighPoole 3Thornden School
11:00Poole 2Salisbury 4Ashdown Leisure Centre
14:00Romsey 3Weymouth 1The Romsey School
14:15Southampton OttersWinchester WhippetsSouthampton Sports Centre - Pitch 1
13:30Southampton University 5Trojans 5The Wide Lane Pavilion
26-Feb14:30EastleighSouthampton University 5Thornden School
11:00Poole 3Weymouth 1Ashdown Leisure Centre
16:00Salisbury 4Romsey 3Salisbury & S. Wilts Sports Club
16:30Trojans 5Southampton OttersTrojans HC
15:00Winchester WhippetsPoole 2Kings School (Winchester)
05-Mar15:00Poole 2Trojans 5Ashdown Leisure Centre
14:00Romsey 3Winchester WhippetsThe Romsey School
16:15Southampton OttersEastleighSouthampton Sports Centre - Pitch 1
10:30Southampton University 5Poole 3The Wide Lane Pavilion
13:00Weymouth 1Salisbury 4Redlands Community Sports Hub
12-Mar14:30EastleighPoole 2Thornden School
11:00Poole 3Salisbury 4Ashdown Leisure Centre
13:30Southampton University 5Southampton OttersThe Wide Lane Pavilion
14:00Trojans 5Romsey 3Southampton Sports Centre - Pitch 2
15:00Winchester WhippetsWeymouth 1Kings School (Winchester)
19-Mar15:00Poole 2Southampton University 5Ashdown Leisure Centre
14:00Romsey 3EastleighThe Romsey School
14:30Salisbury 4Winchester WhippetsSalisbury & S. Wilts Sports Club
14:15Southampton OttersPoole 3Southampton Sports Centre - Pitch 2
13:00Weymouth 1Trojans 5Redlands Community Sports Hub
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
25-Sep11:00Poole 281Southampton OttersAshdown Leisure Centre
13:00Salisbury 407Trojans 5
15:00Winchester Whippets43Poole 3Kings School (Winchester)
02-Oct14:30Eastleigh41Salisbury 4Thornden School
11:00Poole 302Poole 2Ashdown Leisure Centre
14:15Southampton Otters110Romsey 3Southampton Sports Centre - Pitch 2
12:00Trojans 581Winchester WhippetsThornden School
09-Oct11:00Poole 3211Trojans 5Ashdown Leisure Centre
15:30Romsey 304Poole 2The Romsey School
14:30Salisbury 402Southampton University 5
13:00Weymouth 133Southampton OttersRedlands Community Sports Hub
15:00Winchester Whippets31EastleighKings School (Winchester)
16-Oct14:30Eastleigh17Trojans 5Thornden School
11:00Poole 233Weymouth 1Ashdown Leisure Centre
14:00Romsey 320Poole 3The Romsey School
14:15Southampton OttersSalisbury 4Southampton Sports Centre - Pitch 1
10:30Southampton University 564Winchester WhippetsThe Wide Lane Pavilion
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Trojans 544003342912W W W W
Poole 243101741310W W W D
Southampton University 522008446W W
Winchester Whippets42021218-66W L W L
Southampton Otters3111151144L W D
Eastleigh3102611-53W L L
Romsey 33102215-133L L W
Weymouth 120206602D D
Salisbury 43003113-120L L L
Poole 34004519-140L L L L