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This site has been setup by England Hockey as an interim measure whilst the live data feed between the new GMS system and the England Hockey and Area websites is finalised. The information is updated every 15 minutes as new results are recorded. Tables have also now been added to division records.

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue Officials
23-Oct15:30Woking 4Addiscombe 1Woking HC - Pitch 2
30-Oct10:30Ashford (Middlesex) 1Kenley 1Ashford (Middx) Hockey Club
10:00Cranleigh 1Horley 1Cranleigh School - Pitch 1
09:45Epsom 4Aldershot And Farnham Women 3Epsom HC - Old Schools Lane
10:15Guildford 4Woking 4Broadwater School - Pitch 2
10:30Oxted 2Addiscombe 1Oxted School
12:30Royal Holloway 1Reigate Priory 3
06-Nov12:30Addiscombe 1Epsom 4Russell School Trust
14:15Aldershot And Farnham Women 3Guildford 4Heath End
12:00Horley 1Kenley 1Copthorne Prep School
10:30Oxted 2Ashford (Middlesex) 1Oxted School
10:00Reigate Priory 3Cranleigh 1Cranleigh School - Pitch 1
12:30Woking 4Royal Holloway 1Woking HC - Pitch 2
13-Nov10:30Ashford (Middlesex) 1Horley 1Ashford (Middx) Hockey Club
Cranleigh 1Woking 4
09:45Epsom 4Oxted 2Epsom HC - Old Schools Lane
11:30Guildford 4Addiscombe 1Broadwater School - Pitch 1
11:30Kenley 1Reigate Priory 3Warlingham County Secondary School
12:30Royal Holloway 1Aldershot And Farnham Women 3
20-Nov15:30Addiscombe 1Royal Holloway 1Woldingham School
14:15Aldershot And Farnham Women 3Cranleigh 1Heath End
14:00Epsom 4Ashford (Middlesex) 1Therfield School
10:30Oxted 2Guildford 4Oxted School
14:00Reigate Priory 3Horley 1St Bedes School
12:30Woking 4Kenley 1Woking HC - Pitch 2
27-Nov10:30Ashford (Middlesex) 1Reigate Priory 3Ashford (Middx) Hockey Club
Cranleigh 1Addiscombe 1
10:15Guildford 4Epsom 4Broadwater School - Pitch 2
12:00Horley 1Woking 4Copthorne Prep School
14:30Kenley 1Aldershot And Farnham Women 3Warlingham County Secondary School
12:30Royal Holloway 1Oxted 2
04-Dec15:30Addiscombe 1Kenley 1Russell School Trust
14:15Aldershot And Farnham Women 3Horley 1Heath End
Epsom 4Royal Holloway 1
11:45Guildford 4Ashford (Middlesex) 1Broadwater School - Pitch 2
10:30Oxted 2Cranleigh 1Oxted School
11:00Woking 4Reigate Priory 3Woking HC - Pitch 1
11-Dec10:30Ashford (Middlesex) 1Woking 4Ashford (Middx) Hockey Club
11:30Cranleigh 1Epsom 4Cranleigh School - Pitch 1
10:30Horley 1Addiscombe 1Copthorne Prep School
16:00Kenley 1Oxted 2Croydon High School For Girls
12:30Reigate Priory 3Aldershot And Farnham Women 3St Bedes School
Royal Holloway 1Guildford 4
15-Jan11:00Ashford (Middlesex) 1Royal Holloway 1Ashford (Middx) Hockey Club
Cranleigh 1Guildford 4
12:00Horley 1Oxted 2Copthorne Prep School
Kenley 1Epsom 4
Reigate Priory 3Addiscombe 1
15:30Woking 4Aldershot And Farnham Women 3Woking HC - Pitch 2
22-Jan12:30Addiscombe 1Woking 4Russell School Trust
14:15Aldershot And Farnham Women 3Ashford (Middlesex) 1Heath End
10:30Epsom 4Horley 1Copthorne Prep School
Guildford 4Kenley 1
Oxted 2Reigate Priory 3
Royal Holloway 1Cranleigh 1
29-Jan16:00Aldershot And Farnham Women 3Addiscombe 1Heath End
Cranleigh 1Ashford (Middlesex) 1
12:00Horley 1Guildford 4Copthorne Prep School
Kenley 1Royal Holloway 1
Reigate Priory 3Epsom 4
15:30Woking 4Oxted 2Woking HC - Pitch 2
05-Feb10:30Ashford (Middlesex) 1Addiscombe 1Ashford (Middx) Hockey Club
Cranleigh 1Kenley 1
Epsom 4Woking 4
Guildford 4Reigate Priory 3
Oxted 2Aldershot And Farnham Women 3
Royal Holloway 1Horley 1
12-Feb12:30Addiscombe 1Oxted 2Russell School Trust
16:00Aldershot And Farnham Women 3Epsom 4Heath End
10:30Horley 1Cranleigh 1Copthorne Prep School
Kenley 1Ashford (Middlesex) 1
Reigate Priory 3Royal Holloway 1
14:00Woking 4Guildford 4Woking HC - Pitch 2
26-Feb10:30Ashford (Middlesex) 1Oxted 2Ashford (Middx) Hockey Club
Cranleigh 1Reigate Priory 3
Epsom 4Addiscombe 1
Guildford 4Aldershot And Farnham Women 3
Kenley 1Horley 1
Royal Holloway 1Woking 4
05-Mar15:30Addiscombe 1Guildford 4Russell School Trust
14:15Aldershot And Farnham Women 3Royal Holloway 1Heath End
12:00Horley 1Ashford (Middlesex) 1Copthorne Prep School
Oxted 2Epsom 4
Reigate Priory 3Kenley 1
16:00Woking 4Cranleigh 1Woking HC - Pitch 1
12-Mar10:30Ashford (Middlesex) 1Epsom 4Ashford (Middx) Hockey Club
Cranleigh 1Aldershot And Farnham Women 3
Guildford 4Oxted 2
12:00Horley 1Reigate Priory 3Copthorne Prep School
Kenley 1Woking 4
Royal Holloway 1Addiscombe 1
19-Mar12:30Addiscombe 1Cranleigh 1Russell School Trust
14:15Aldershot And Farnham Women 3Kenley 1Heath End
Epsom 4Guildford 4
Oxted 2Royal Holloway 1
Reigate Priory 3Ashford (Middlesex) 1
Woking 4Horley 1
26-Mar10:30Ashford (Middlesex) 1Guildford 4Ashford (Middx) Hockey Club
Cranleigh 1Oxted 2
10:30Horley 1Aldershot And Farnham Women 3Copthorne Prep School
Kenley 1Addiscombe 1
Reigate Priory 3Woking 4
Royal Holloway 1Epsom 4
02-Apr12:30Addiscombe 1Horley 1Russell School Trust
14:15Aldershot And Farnham Women 3Reigate Priory 3Heath End
Epsom 4Cranleigh 1
Guildford 4Royal Holloway 1
Oxted 2Kenley 1
12:30Woking 4Ashford (Middlesex) 1Woking HC - Pitch 2
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Date Time Home Team - - Away Team Venue
25-Sep15:30Addiscombe 115Reigate Priory 3Russell School Trust
14:15Aldershot And Farnham Women 303Woking 4Heath End
11:15Epsom 441Kenley 1Epsom HC - Old Schools Lane
09:45Guildford 471Cranleigh 1Charterhouse School - Pitch B
10:30Oxted 2100Horley 1Oxted School
Royal Holloway 1117Ashford (Middlesex) 1
02-Oct10:30Ashford (Middlesex) 1101Aldershot And Farnham Women 3Ashford (Middx) Hockey Club
14:30Cranleigh 150Royal Holloway 1
09:45Horley 134Epsom 4Epsom HC - Old Schools Lane
11:30Kenley 116Guildford 4Warlingham County Secondary School
12:30Reigate Priory 321Oxted 2St Bedes School
09-Oct15:30Addiscombe 120Aldershot And Farnham Women 3Russell School Trust
10:30Ashford (Middlesex) 1120Cranleigh 1Ashford (Middx) Hockey Club
09:45Epsom 423Reigate Priory 3Epsom HC - Old Schools Lane
10:00Guildford 4 (HWO)50Horley 1Broadwater School - Pitch 1
10:30Oxted 230Woking 4Oxted School
15:00Royal Holloway 134Kenley 1
16-Oct12:30Addiscombe 117Ashford (Middlesex) 1Woldingham School
16:00Aldershot And Farnham Women 310Oxted 2Heath End
12:00Horley 1 (HWO)50Royal Holloway 1Worth School
11:30Kenley 154Cranleigh 1Warlingham County Secondary School
11:00Reigate Priory 301Guildford 4Reigate Grammar - Hartswood
12:30Woking 400Epsom 4Woking HC - Pitch 2
Area Division Home Team Away Team Date
Ashford (Middlesex) 144004634312W W W W
Guildford 444001921712W W W W
Reigate Priory 3430110559W W W L
Epsom 4421110737W W L D
Oxted 24202143116W L W L
Kenley 142021117-66L L W W
Woking 431113304W L D
Addiscombe 13102412-83L W L
Horley 14103819-113L L L W
Aldershot And Farnham Women 34103215-133L L L W
Cranleigh 141031024-143L W L L
Royal Holloway 14004431-270L L L L